Chapter 14 Need to Change Image

Karin feels that she is like a fool as when Charlie closes to her ears, and asks, Whether sleeping together is familiar, she unexpectedly nods her head.

Seeing the narrow smile in his eyes, she was deeply ashamed…

Faced with a table of food, she does not have the mood to enjoy it, and after she finished the dinner. She says immediately, “Mr. Charlie, thank you for your hospitality. I have to leave now.”

“I send you there.”

Charlie stands up and leaves the box ahead of her.

“No. I don’t want to bother you. I can take a taxi by myself.”

She catches up with him, grabs his arm, and tries to keep the most euphemistic smile to cover up the panic in her heart.

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, I have time today.”

Charlie gives her a slight glance, and walks straight to the hotel’s exit. Standing on the sides of the gate are the waiters at the hotel, who see him coming out, and says in unison, “Mr. Charlie, be careful on the road.”

Karin bows her head and walks out awkwardly. The pomp is a bit exaggerated for her.

A luxurious limo has been parked outside the door. He gentlemanly opens the door, and Karin wants to say something. Looking back, she sees that the waiters at the hotel are looking at her with doubtful eyes, and she quickly gets on the car.

“Where do you work?” Charlie starts the engine and asks softly.

“Starbucks Cafe at 1325 Bahnhofstrasse.” She stares straight ahead and replies flatly.

“You work at Starbucks on Bahnhofstrasse?” Charlie raises an eyebrow in surprise.”I often go to that cafe. Why haven’t I seen you?”

She smiles, “Maybe I don’t look very attractive.”

“No, it’s because I don’t pay much attention to others.”

“Well, I know.”

“You know? Don’t you want to say that I have no eyes?”

“No, actually… I’ve met you, right where I work.”

Charlie brakes suddenly, “Have you seen me? When?”

“It’s been more than a month. I saw a person whose back looks like you. When I chased out, you have already left.”

“What are you doing over there?”


“No wonder.” He suddenly understands, “I used to pay at the coffee shop at the end of the year, so I never had to go to the cashier.”

“You won’t even recognize me when you arrive.”


“Because…” She pauses, “Our cafe chief says, you never look at girls.”

Charlie chuckles, “I really don’t know whether your foreman’s evaluation of me is negative or derogatory. It seems I need to change my image.”

“How can you change it?” She couldn’t help but tease, “Should you just whistle when you see a girl?”

“If I change to that, it will be difficult for many people to adapt.”

“Oh… if you really want to change, look at the girls more when you go to our cafe in the future.”

Charlie meaningfully yells at her, “Including you?”

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