Chapter 14 An Unwanted Visitor

Students who had survived the horrible attacks had gathered on the deck, and their faces still looked ghastly. It had been said that the ferocious sea monsters kept killing from the top floor to the third floor before being confronted by the knights. A large chunk of students in the fourth and fifth floors had, therefore, been severely injured or killed, while students at the bottom two decks had had a relatively low death toll.

“Thank God you’re fine! These freaks just scared the sh*t out of me.” Robinson was relieved after finding Glenn and the others of the group.

“And how could I, the greatest student from Tamborosen city, be served as food for these b*tches?” Robinson drew on and began to introduce survivors who were with him at the time.

Glenn for a moment sighed at the decree of fate that Robinson had just been arranged to a lower floor, where living conditions were a little less favorable, and thus had been spared from a gruesome butchering.

Soon, the group went looking for Wade but he was nowhere to be found on the deck. The group thought that he must have gone in the attacks. Contrary to the rescuers’ anxiety, Sam, who was intact, was staring coldly out into the sea, showing no intention to talk with the group.

Robinson satirized in a low voice, “A bootlicker that can do nothing but suck up Sorcerer Apollo and Dior’s asses.”

And Robinson was mad at Sam for a good reason. Ever since Sorcerer Apollo had left for the Underground World, Sam had not treated him nor Glenn nor Lafite seriously, and last time, when Chris and Nina were involved in a fight with the Triad, he turned his back to them.

But Chris was unconcerned with such trivia. He had his sister in his arms, whose eye was badly hurt.

“Don’t worry, my darling. It’s going to be fine. I will ask the finest sorcerer to cure your eye the moment we reach the Sorcerer Continent.” Chris comforted her.

His sister Nina managed a smile on her face and said:

“Don’t try to dupe me. Those sorcerers are not going to treat me for no reason. But it is okay, my dear brother. I can live with one eye. Don’t you see Sorcerer Dior has one eye, too?”

Her mention of Sorcerer Dior brought everybody’s attention to Dior, who had been busy calculating the death tolls. He still hadn’t put on his eye patch, and thus the students could have a closer look at his spinning mechanical eye.

‘How creepy is that! If Nina had an eye like that, how sad would she be!’ the rest of the group thought in their minds excerpt for Chris.

“No! That is not going to happen. I will have your eye cured. I swear!” said Chris determinedly.

Half an hour later, Lafite and her savior Glenn were leaning shoulder-to-shoulder at a mast for some rest.

Glenn was still quite embarrassed about Lafite’s enthusiastic embrace back in the lifeboat, and he couldn’t stop his face from turning red whenever he relived the hug scene. Lafite was a little bashful, too because she had embraced Glenn first.

But both kept silent and sat there quietly, and neither of them seemed to have the intention to mention what looked like a short-lasting illusory romance, despite the fact that they had enjoyed the intimacy.

Then a voice broke Glenn and Lafite’s little affection. A student with the Calamity Report had announced that 32 knights and 107 students had died in the disaster, and a majority of the deceased students had been from the fourth and fifth floors.

Flanking Sorcerer Dior were the two Legend Knights – the boatswain and Barron. The boatswain was fine but Barron had a deep cut in his shirtless back, but he seemed to be unconcerned about it.

But there was something that he was worried about. He had noticed that Dior was bothered by something, which was betrayed by a little wrinkle on his forehead, a habit that would have been noticed by nobody but Barron, who had been with him for over a decade.

“Master, what’s the matter?” he asked the sorcerer, thinking that now the leviathan had been defeated, then Dior shouldn’t be worried at all.

“Something is wrong with this attack,” Dior said seriously.

“You mean we are being targeted by other sorcerers? And the monsters were given orders to attack us?” Barron had a wild guess.

“It’s likely.”

Barron’s face fell at the comment. As a knight on the Sorcerer Continent, he was fully aware of the serious consequences of being targeted by some sorcerer lurking around, particularly when at sea.

“They did the ‘things’ for you or for the school?” Barron asked nervously.

“I’m not sure, but it may be for them!” Dior shook his head and then threw a glance at Kyrie and Bionna.

“For them?” Barron was shocked at this unbelievable answer.

‘Kyrie and Bionna are great students and have some unusual powers but are these gifts worth such a big fight with a crew of knights and Sorcerer Dior?’ Barron thought in his mind but he restrained from saying it out.

“It’s a guess.” Dior paused for a while, and then continued with a sigh. “My power has been used up in the fight. But we’ve earned some time. Now, we wait and see.”

“But I would need you to do one thing for me if the guess was true.” Dior showed a wicked expression on his face.

“At your pleasure, Master!” Barron kneeled.

Dior inclined his body to Barron and whispered: “Kill Kyrie and Bionna!”

“They are geniuses. Very gifted. That means they are certainly going to win the Holy Tower tryouts. So if we are not going to have them, we should make sure our opponents won’t, either.”

As mid-day drew near, the sun began scorching the deck and hot waves from the sea forced most of the students back to their cabins. And Robinson had come for Glenn and they were resting on the deck.

“Hey, Glenn. Where do you think Sorcerer Dior will live today, since his cabin has been broken? And where will those two?” By saying “those two”, he meant Kyrie and Bionna.

“I don’t know. Probably somewhere on the fifth,” replied Glenn, who showed no interest in the conversation.

“That’s what I thought.” Robinson grinned.

As Glenn and Robinson were chattering on, a shade was cast over them. They were taking relish in the sudden coolness before they heard a flurry of annoying sounds of flapping and croaking. They then turned their head up to the sky.

A person was riding a cloud of crows in the sky.

The person shouted at the vessel after he pulled up over the ship: “sorcerers on board, come out to greet.”

The voice sounded like that of Apollo, which was too hoarse to recognize the sex of the speaker.

Dior appeared on the deck with a stick in his left hand. He looked up at the crow person and immediately figured out who the pretentious stranger was.

“A level two sorcerer!” He went into great shock.

“Haha! There seemed to be some gifted students here. Now I will take the ship. And you, go away!” The person ordered in a manner that showed no respect for Dior.

Sorcerer Dior’s face fell.

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