Chapter 13 Small Acts of Love (3)

Maybe because she was caught red-handed, she didn’t dare to look at Lu Jinnian through the mirror again. Instead, she sat as straight as a rod, staring at herself unwaveringly, applying her cream. Qiao Anhao silently decided that she would apply it really slowly, so even if Lu Jinnian were to wake up, he would have fallen back asleep by the time she finished. She took great care to apply the facial cream. When she stood up finished, she took a sneak peak at Lu Jinnian in the mirror. He was still lying on the bed, looking at his phone intently. As soon as Qiao Anhao caught sight of Lu Jinnian, she started getting flustered. Silently, she walked to the side of the bedroom to switch off the lights. She then took great pains to ensure that her footsteps were soft as she crept over to her side of the bed. Just as she was about to lift the blanket on her side of the bed to lie down, she suddenly thought of something and rushed towards the changing room. Carrying a human sized teddy bear, she walked out. Qiao Anhao returned to the bed with the huge teddy bear. Lu Jinnian lifted his head impassively, sweeping over her with a frosty glare. Qiao Anhao’s heart thumped uncontrollably. Not even daring to breathe, she clutched the teddy bear tighter and hurriedly made her way to her side of the bed. She placed the bear in between her and Lu Jinnian, separating the two of them. Only then was she able to relax. She took a deep breath and slowly found a more comfortable position in the bed, hardly daring to move. She had bought the bear after got married and had shared the same bed twice. Every time she got too close to Lu Jinnian, her heart would beat rapidly. Afterwards, she would get helplessly nervous and anxious. The very first time they had shared a bed, her posture was very formal and stiff. But when she fell asleep, having relaxed slightly, her posture started getting haywire. Unconsciously, she had reached over and touched Lu Jinnian. That night, he had pushed her away aggressively. The second night, he had pushed her off the bed before leaving the room. After that night, she realized the extent of his hatred. Even if it wasn’t intentional, he found her touch repulsive. In order to prevent such an incident from repeating itself, she specifically bought the 1.8 m teddy bear the next day. And the next time they shared a bed, she placed the teddy bear between them to prevent any unintentional touches through the night. The bedroom was dimly lit, causing one’s vision to be blurred and hearing to be enhanced, Qiao Anhao lay on one side of the bear with both eyes shut. But she wasn’t able to fall asleep. She could clearly smell the fresh scent coming from Lu Jinnian, which squeezed her heart. .

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