Chapter 121 In and Out of Filming (7)

Lu Jinnian’s face sunk and after he had his makeup done, he seemed to have come to a decision. He told the director beside him, “For the kissing scene, I’m going to really kiss her.” His frosty voice wasn’t loud but it still reached the ears of the crew nearby. Everyone was originally moody due to Lu Jinnian’s performance, but now, they were stunned. For the kissing scene, I’m going to really kiss her… What did that mean? Did it mean… It was clear what he wanted, but no one dared to believe their ears. They simultaneously looked at each other before their gazes fell onto Lu Jinnian and the director. The director had heard Lu Jinnian’s words clearly, but yet he could not believe what he had heard. Kissing was a clear no-no for Lu Jinnian. Previously, a producer had insisted for him to do it, but in the end, Lu Jinnian broke the contract for the drama, got sued, and even paid a huge sum for breaching the contract. The director struggled for a lo

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