Chapter 120 In and Out of Filming (6)

The second day after returning back to the set, filming resumed as usual, from morning till late at night. It was mainly scenes with Song Xiangsi, Cheng Yang, and Lin Shiyi. Only late at night it was Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao’s turn. This scene was of their back view and happened at night. The second male main lead hadn’t been home for several days and suddenly came back drunk, treating the second female lead as his one true love, kissing and even confessing to her. Everyone in the industry was aware that up to now, even when the scene required, Lu Jinnian would never really kiss the actress. Hence, the director informed Qiao Anhao prior to the scene that they wouldn’t actually be kissing. Even so, it was still the first time she was filming a kiss scene and was jittery the entire day. The moment the director shouted for them to prepare, Qiao Anhao entered the set, sitting down on the sofa to watch the television. When the director shouted start, all th

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