Chapter 119 In and Out of Filming (5)

Ever since that day, every time Xu Jiamu had a gathering, he would squeeze out time just to go over, but the number of meetings he had with Qiao Anhao dwindled. And whenever they met, she would not speak to him. The reality that she was leaving his life was much more painful than when he realized that he could not love her five years ago. Emotions flooded into Lu Jinnian’s eyes as he continued to look at Qiao Anhao. Pain, heartache, sadness, helplessness… and a rush of emotions that eventually became misery. Only when she wasn’t looking did he dare to expose his true emotions. Even though he acted like he didn’t care, he did. Deep inside, he cared a lot. He couldn’t help taking a deep breath. Pulling himself out of his misery, he moved, lightly kissing her hair. He wished to be able to tell her “I love you”, but his throat was choked. He tried again, and still he wasn’t able to say it. He stood up slowly and turned to leave the room. Some love j

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