Chapter 112 The Secret that Cannot Be Told (6)

“Yea,” Qiao Anhao replied before explaining, “I went to make a new Identification card in the afternoon, so I forgot to call.” “Yea,” Lu Jinnian mimicked her. After a while, he spoke again, “It’s late now, sleep early. A girl shouldn’t go to sleep so late.” Even though it was a relatively normal sentence, Qiao Anhao could detect a trace of concern. After hanging up, she was more sure that Lu Jinnian indeed liked her, and so she thought for a whole night before deciding to write him a love letter. At that time, she decided to first finish writing her letter. The next time she visited Hangzhou and they had a meal together, she would secretly throw it in his coat when he went to the toilet. That love letter used up almost all of her brain cells. After one whole week, she finished an 800 word letter. Since it was so long ago, she couldn’t remember the content of it, but she remembered that it was tender, sensational, and she had even added the lyrics of Jay

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