Chapter 111 The Secret that Cannot Be Told (5)

Lu Jinnian nodded, not speaking. Gradually, the song ended, changing to another one. After this song, Qiao Anhao quickly figured out the next song. It was “Love Letter” by Zhang Xueyou. She didn’t really like the song, but as she listened to its name and the lyrics, she suddenly remembered that she had once written a love letter as well. Love letter is something that belongs to high school and regardless of whether one is a male or a female, whether the male chases the female or the other way around, it is always popular. One would write their feelings on a pink paper and get someone to pass it to the person heshe likes or would themselves place the letter in the person’s cabinet after school when everyone had left. But Qiao Anhao’s letter wasn’t written in high school. In high school, she never had the courage to confess, since she didn’t know Lu Jinnian’s feelings and was afraid that a failed confession would mean that they couldn’t even be friends. Beside

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