Chapter 110 The Secret that Cannot Be Told (4)

Qiao Anhao swallowed the rest of her sentence before looking at Lu Jinnian in shock. At some point, Lu Jinnian’s face had became eerily cold, colder than when she had first boarded the car. She bit her lip, not daring to speak. Silence fell in the car once again, the same pressure from before suffocating her once again. In order to loosen herself, she directed her attention to the advertisement that was on air. However, after only two minutes of it, a song started to play, and it was a familiar tune. It was an old song that Qiao Anhao used to love, just that after leaving her school days for so long, she couldn’t remember its name. The intro melody was slightly long, but gradually, the singer’s voice would come through. After listening to the first word, she could tell that it was a song from Jay Chou. “After finishing the coffee, the feelings that I had suppressed, The past that I’ve tried so hard to relive could be seen on my face. Rainy days ar

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