Chapter 108 The Secret that Cannot Be Told (2)

Lu Jinnian’s actions were swift and decisive, not giving Qiao Anhao any room for objection. He pushed her into the front passenger seat and returned to the driver seat. He fasten his seat belt and slammed the accelerator. From the corner of his eye, he could see that Qiao Anhao had not fastened her seat belt. His fingers played with the steering wheel for a while before leaning over to her. Qiao Anhao was shocked by his sudden closeness and since she couldn’t tell his intentions, she moved backwards instinctively. Seeing her actions, Lu Jinnian couldn’t help feeling ridiculed. She hated his closeness so much? His eyes dimmed instantly, his lips clenching tightly. He yanked the seatbelt beside her roughly and fastened it before retreating back swiftly. Back in his seat, his feet slammed into the accelerator once more. The car shot forward and if Qiao Anhao hadn’t had a fastened seatbelt, she would’ve toppled over. This was the first time they had been al

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