Chapter 106 Deep, Forbidden love (12)

When Jinnian’s car entered the city, it was still raining heavily, but he no longer had the courage to continue recalling things from the past. Song Xiangsi had asked him what Qiao Anhao was to him. He hadn’t replied. If he were to reply now… Qiao Anhao.. She was his deep, forbidden love. If he were to go back in time, back to the time of his memories, and someone were to ask him who she was to him, he would say that she was his deepest love. However, somehow, along the years, that love had became forbidden.; From the day he had noticed her to the day they had hid under the deserted home for shelter, to the day she was officially introduced to him by Xu Jiamu… to the day they shared a room, he had been trying desperately to improve himself. He had always believed that to love someone was to protect them from the world and not let them suffer with him. He entered the entertainment industry when he was 18 years old, with a total of f

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