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C94 Absurd Decisions

They all knew that Qin Yue had just called Jian Ran and after that phone call, the Boss Qin willfully asked to return to Jiangbei.

They had followed Qin Yue for so many years, but they had never seen Qin Yue act so willfully before.

With such a big business deal, the leaders of the western provinces had all arrived. However, their Boss Qin had failed at such a crucial moment.

Could it be that their Boss Qin’s feelings for Jian Ran were not only the same as before, but had moved the feelings of a man and a woman?

After sending Jane’s mother to the special ward, the doctor sighed, “Miss Jian, if your mother wakes up, you must not let her suffer any more. There is also the issue of domestic violence, which cannot be tolerated. It is best to seek the law to protect yourself. “

Jian Ran had also thought of using the law to protect his mother, but when his mother was young, she always married and married.

No matter what that man did to her, she had never thought of resisting, much less using legal means to protect herself.

His mother was not even fifty years old, but her face and body seemed so old.

Looking at his mother who was lying on the sickbed with a pale face and almost frowned, Jian Ran couldn’t help but reach out and gently caress his mother’s skeletal face.

“Mom …” After three years, Jian Ran choked with sobs when she heard this title again. She didn’t know what else to say.

“Of course …” A voice that sounded like the sound of mosquitoes came out of her mother’s mouth. She waved her hand and said, “Rest assured, run, run …”

“Mom …” Jian Ran rushed forward and hugged his mother tightly, “Of course there’s nothing wrong, of course there won’t be any more problems. Mommy, don’t worry. “

It was unknown if it was because she heard what Jian Ran said that caused her to loosen her eyebrows slightly, as if she wasn’t as upset anymore.

However, her sleeping state was extremely unstable, and from time to time, she would wave her hands in panic, repeatedly shouting, “Of course, run!”

Seeing her mother in such pain, Jian Ran really wanted to help her mother feel some pain. However, she could only imagine that she couldn’t do anything in reality.

Seeing the injuries on his mother’s body, Jian Ran didn’t dare to think about what kind of life his mother had lived for the past three years.

After being framed three years ago, she had left, leaving her mother in that hellish place, leading a dark life.

Why had she not understood her mother’s feelings of grievance and pain when she said those words? If she had known long ago how forced her mother was, she would have definitely left with her mother.

But taking her mother away was easier said than done. She wanted to take her mother away, but her mother might not want to leave with her.

“Hello, Mrs. Qin!” A doctor knocked on the door and came in, then politely nodded to Jian Ran, “Boss Qin has arranged for us to come over to tell you about Mistress Jane’s condition.

Jian Ran nodded her head: “Please do not hide anything, tell me everything.”

The doctor looked at Jane on the bed and said, “We’ve just analyzed your mother’s condition. Her body is injured, and it’s easy to recover from it. What we are going to talk about now is the knot in her heart, and it will take a lot of time and effort to get it out of her. “

Jian Ran looked at his mother as well, thinking back to when his mother had continuously urged her to run quickly. She believed that her mother must have passed the three years she had left the capital under torture.

Thinking about what Gu Nanjing had said a few days ago, when she had left, his mother became sick. It seemed like Gu Nanjing was not lying to her about this matter.

The doctor continued, “Mrs. Qin, you don’t have to worry about these things. Boss Qin has already arranged for the best psychiatrist to come here. When the time comes, we will help Mrs. Jane recover. “

However, Qin Yue had only talked to her once, asking her to stay at that hospital. In less than an hour or two later, she had managed to arrange everything so perfectly for her.

At this moment, even if he wasn’t by her side, Jian Ran could still feel his existence and concern.

Just as the doctors left, the mother who was half asleep on the sickbed once again silently cried, “Of course, mother has let you down, mother has let you down …”

Jane’s mother kept repeating this sentence, and she knew how much she regretted not helping her daughter in the past three years.

Knowing that his mother was still unconscious, Jian Ran put her hand under her blanket and smiled as much as she could, “Mother, I was wrong in blaming you. You didn’t let me down.”

Jane’s mother waved her hands again and said in a daze, “Naturally, do not go back to the capital. Do not ever go back to that family again.”

“Mom …” At this moment, the stone that was pressed down on Jian Ran’s heart was truly taken away.

She only knew that she had misunderstood her mother. Her mother had not come to advise her, but rather to protect her.

“Of course … Are you willing to forgive your mother? ” Her mother suddenly opened her eyes, looking at Jian Ran in front of her, and asked carefully.

If Jian Ran was not willing to forgive her, then she didn’t even know if she still had the courage to live.

Jian Ran nodded as tears flowed down her face, “I was wrong about mother. Mother, don’t blame me.”

Her mother touched Jian Ran’s face and laughed: “I seem to be getting more and more beautiful.”

“It’s because mother is so beautiful that she gave birth to such a beautiful daughter.” Jian Ran wiped her tears and said with a smile.

The two children of the Jian family, Jian Ran looked even more like her mother, and Jian Xin looked even more like her father.

In the past, Jian Ran had often heard some people discussing how daughters were better off than fathers. She didn’t know if this was the reason why, from a young age, their fathers had more expectations for Jian Xin than for him.

Jian Ran could also feel that although she and Jian Xin were both born of a mother, her mother’s heart was leaning towards her.

“Of course … “When mother saw that you were still fine, she relaxed …” Jane’s mother pursed her lips and smiled. Her sunken eyes also shined brightly. She then muttered, “Of course, I’m fine. I’m relieved.”

“Mom, of course nothing will happen to you.” Jian Ran looked at his mother, and especially at his mother’s prominent face, her heart ached again.

“Of course …” Jane’s mother called out Jian Ran’s name, weakly laughed, laughed, and closed her eyes again.

Jian Ran held tightly onto his mother’s hand: “Mom, you sleep in peace. Of course you’ll always be here to accompany you. When you open your eyes, you’ll be able to see it.”

Just as Jian Ran finished speaking, she heard someone knocking on the door, and just as she was about to say please come in, Qin Yue had already pushed the door open and walked in.

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