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C58 Wife Jane Xin

“Your matters are my matters. It is only natural for me to do things for you.” Jian Xin smiled gently, giving people a kind of sickly, weak beauty, as if a breeze could blow her away.

Gu Nanjing supported Jian Xin, his smile gentle and considerate: “Since you’re here, you should stay well. When we’re done, we’ll return to the capital together. “

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.” Jian Xin nodded thoughtfully.

Gu Nanjing said, “Then I’ll accompany you back to your room first.”

Jian Xin shook his head: “Don’t you still have things to do? “You don’t need to worry about me. You can go back to your room first. I’ll take care of my own business.”

The moment Jian Xin said this, she hugged her and fiercely kissed her, saying gently: “Xinxin, you are always so considerate, how can you not be pained by me?”

Jian Xin laughed softly as her soft, small hands patted Gu Nanjing’s chest, “As your fiancee, it is natural for me to take care of you and help you resolve your worries. “Don’t mind me being nosy.”

Gu Nanjing couldn’t help but hug her and kiss her, “I’ll have someone send you upstairs to rest. If your health is not good, then don’t run around. “

Jian Xin looked at him with affection: “I want to watch you leave.”

“Then I’ll leave first. You should go up earlier as well.” After giving some more instructions, Gu Nanjing left with his people.

Looking at Gu Nanjing’s fading background, Jian Xin’s smiling eyes gradually dimmed. She clenched her fists and muttered, “A Jing, I followed by your side for three years, and you still haven’t forgotten about me due to your miscarriage. What do you think I should do?”

Jiangbei City.

At a luxurious restaurant.

Qin Xiaobao took the menu and randomly glanced at it. All of these dishes were expensive, and very good.

She waved for the waiter to come over and began with the most expensive dish, ordering over ten dishes in a row.

Zhong Kun who was beside him wanted to speak up several times, but in the end, he held back and did not.

Qin Xiaobao knew what he wanted to say. At most, she would just say, “Polaris, how can you finish so many dishes? Young Master’s money isn’t obtained for free, just save it for the sake of saving it. Maybe next time, he will agree to create a special movie for you. “

Qin Xiaobao understood the people around her very well. In fact, they were the ones that Leo had sent to spy on her, and they couldn’t even be considered to be her people.

It was fine that that old-fashioned elder brother at home looked at her, but she didn’t expect that everyone around her listened to her stubborn elder brother. They still had to care about her, even if it meant that she didn’t have any freedom.

Besides, who said she was going to use Leo’s money? She didn’t want to use his money. She was still angry with him.

When she thought about the day Leo threw her into the pool and almost drowned her, she couldn’t help but feel angry.

Hmph, if he wanted to fight with her, he would make sure that she wouldn’t make a ruckus like this. He had to firmly remember this lesson and not bully her again in the future.

She decided to fight back and take revenge, which was why she purposely spread the rumours about Leo being a good woman.

She wanted those girls to stay away from him, and she didn’t want anyone to marry him. When that happened, he would know how precious it was that he and her little sister liked him.

Only, Qin Xiaobao never thought that by spreading such rumors, she would attract the Gu’s’s young master, Gu Nanjing.

Towards this Gu Nanjing, Qin Xiaobao’s only impression was that one of the writers under his company was a plagiarist named Yu Ma.

By copying someone else’s story, you can even reasonably say that this is a tribute to the classics.

Qin Xiaobao had seen shameless people before, but she had never seen such a shameless person. More importantly, not only did the entertainment company under Gu’s not deal with this person, they even praised him greatly.

This kind of shameless person was the one that Qin Xiaobao would hate to see the most, so she decided to make good use of this opportunity to deliver herself to him.

Just as she was thinking, the person who wanted to see her had arrived and was walking towards her.

Seeing the black suit and the righteous Gu Nanjing, Qin Xiaobao ruthlessly looked down on him in her heart.

Although she hated Gu Nanjing, she couldn’t show it on her face. She smiled and waved: “Young Master Gu, over here.”

Gu Nanjing looked over, and frowned without leaving a trace. Qin Xiaobao knew that he definitely hated her face.

She admitted that she had specially made the face, because the makeup was too thick, when she smiled, the makeup would fall, a very spectacular sight.

If an unrivaled beautiful young girl like her didn’t make herself look ugly, then it would be a tragedy if this unprincipled young master of the Gu family took a fancy to her.

“Are you Polaris?” Gu Nanjing took care of Qin Xiaobao from head to toe, and his eyes clearly did not believe that the Sheng Tian’s Leo Qin would have such a strong appetite. Other than the makeup on his face, the girl was clearly a clown.

Qin Xiaobao laughed until her eyebrows curved, “It’s me, it’s me, it’s me. “How about it? Do you want to take a photo with a famous celebrity like me?”

Gu Nanjing coldly snorted in his heart. He really wasn’t interested in this kind of “big star”. Putting aside his thin and weak body, his face that was covered in thick makeup was also very appetizing.

Gu Nanjing immediately stated his purpose for coming here, “Polaris, my secretary should have already told you the purpose of my meeting with you.”

Qin Xiaobao’s face was changing too much. To be able to look as beautiful as a ghost film acting female ghost, Gu Nanjing did not turn around to leave, but it was more than enough for him to endure.

Qin Xiaobao blinked her enchanting phoenix eyes. “Don’t tell me that you’re saying it while you’re eating? I’ve already ordered my dishes, so you should at least let me eat first. “

Gu Nanjing said, “You can tell me the news first, then you can eat it slowly. I’ll pay for all the expenses anyway. “

“You’ll pay for the expenses?” Qin Xiaobao went closer and deliberately showed her pink face in front of Gu Nanjing, “Even if I am going to die from eating, I won’t be able to eat much money from you, and you want to get the information you want from me just like this?”

“If you have any conditions, just say it.” Gu Nanjing retreated backwards without leaving a trace. The powder on his face really made his nauseous.

Qin Xiaobao raised her hand and made a number: “Give me this number, there will be any kind of news you want.”

“A hundred thousand?”

“A hundred thousand?” Do you think I need food? ” Qin Xiaobao waved her hand in front of Gu Nanjing, “This is a million.”

“You’re asking too much.” The one who spoke was Hong Lin Jiang who stood behind Gu Nanjing.

“Young Master Gu, are you the one who decides in the end, or is the one behind you the one to make the decision?” Qin Xiaobao was a person who did not fear big trouble, other than Qin Yue, she had never been afraid of anyone else.

If he could get cooperation with the Sheng Tian, then this one million yuan was nothing at all. The key was to see if this little girl could give him any useful information.

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