C42 So it was a misunderstanding

“Jian Ran, you don’t believe me that much?” Qin Yue looked at Jian Ran. His deep gaze was even more unfathomable, as if he was carrying too many complex emotions.

Looking at his deep gaze, Jian Ran thought about Qin Yue’s every move during this period of time. She suspected that she had thought too much into it, and couldn’t judge him as having sex with another woman just because of her back.

But after thinking about it again, Jian Ran hesitated. It was just like how she had never thought that Gu Nanjing would betray their relationship.

In the end, she was disgraced and could not leave her hometown and leave her hometown.

Jian Ran didn’t want to repeat the events that happened in the past to him. Taking advantage that she still didn’t have any feelings for Qin Yue and the two of them weren’t worried about each other, it was better for the two of them to part than anything else.

After thinking about it carefully, Jian Ran said, “Qin Yue, it’s not that I don’t want to believe you, but that I really can’t do it. Besides, you and I have no feelings, and few people know about our marriage. Divorce doesn’t affect either of us much. Furthermore, with your identity, marrying after getting divorced is not a problem at all. “

When Jian Ran said these words, she was very rational and clear-headed. She didn’t detect even the slightest bit of emotion, and only she herself knew that her heart wasn’t feeling well.

In this period of time, Qin Yue was extremely outstanding in every aspect of her heart, and was completely her ideal husband’s candidate. She thought that the two of them would be able to continue walking together.

“That’s how you see our relationship in your heart?” Qin Yue frowned, and said gloomily.

Jian Ran bit her lips and nodded.

Suddenly, Qin Yue held Jian Ran’s head, he lowered his head and bit her lips, and like a vampire, he sucked her blood.

Jian Ran felt pain, and couldn’t push him away, so she pinched him hard. She used a lot of strength, causing Qin Yue to feel pain, but she still didn’t let go.

After a long while, to the point where Jian Ran believed that she was about to suffocate to death in Qin Yue’s embrace, he finally let her go.

He looked at her, his eyes unreadable.

“Qin Yue, do you think that this will solve the problem? We are adults. Please face the problem head-on and don’t just run away. ” Jian Ran’s tone was tough, but her gaze was still soft as she looked at him.

Since she had spoken today, she wanted a clear answer, and he had avoided the question in such a way.

Jian Ran’s calmness and her indifferent attitude made Qin Yue very angry. He thought that even if this marriage between the two of them did not have any love, it would not be so fragile.

He didn’t even know why she’d suddenly mentioned the word breakup.

“Jian Ran, it seems that you have never taken my words seriously before.” With that said, Qin Yue turned around and returned to the study room.

Looking at his back, Jian Ran stared blankly for a good while.

What did he say?

He hadn’t said much, but Jian Ran could still remember the majority of it.

The second night they lived together, he had held her hand and talked for a long time. No matter what happened in the future, he would not easily break up with her.

Qin Yue was not a impulsive person, so he would definitely think deeply before doing anything.

Jian Ran hesitated again, could it really be that she was overthinking it? That figure was coincidentally just like Qin Yue, but it was actually not him.

Jian Ran took out her cell phone and went through Weibo again. The strange thing was that the news of him being number one this morning hadn’t left any traces behind, and made Jian Ran feel like she had imagined all those things that had happened.

“Why is it so strange?” Jian Ran could not believe it, she continued to search the entire web for the key words, but she still failed to find anything, “Could it really be my imagination?”

At the same time, Qin Yue also received a call from Xu Huiyi, telling him the gossip story that Qin Xiaobao had made. However, he had already dealt with it completely at Sheng Tian Entertainment.

He should have known that Qin Xiaobao, that geezer, wouldn’t do those ridiculous things for no reason at all. Turns out that he was once again fooled by that little girl before he knew it.

However, he now understood why Jian Ran would say those words. Her gloomy mood instantly lightened.

Just as Jian Ran was hesitating about what to do next, Qin Yue came out of the study room with a smile on his handsome face. Jian Ran was baffled.

He said, “Because you saw the morning news?”

Jian Ran nodded.

He smiled. “You think I’m the man in the picture?”

Jian Ran: “Isn’t it you?”

Qin Yue walked to her side and forcefully pulled her into his embrace. “Do you still remember that ignorant little sister I mentioned to you before?”

Of course Jian Ran remembered, she also remembered the expression on Qin Yue’s face when she mentioned that ignorant little sister.

Thinking about it this way, Jian Ran suddenly realized something. “Are you saying that the girl called Polaris is your younger sister?”

“Then can I understand that you’re actually jealous of me for throwing a tantrum today?” Qin Yue replied with a question with a smirk on his face.

Jian Ran, “…”

“Ugh …”

Jian Ran felt that it was shameful, she didn’t even try to clarify the situation properly before making a ruckus with Qin Yue for so long, she was too far away from the standard of a good wife.

Qin Yue laughed lowly: “Then do you still want to be angry with me?”

Jian Ran did not make a sound, and only cuddled up obediently in his embrace. Listening to his steady and powerful heartbeat, she carefully reached out and hugged his waist.

Qin Yue lowered his head, reached out, and pinched her chin, causing her to slightly raise her head: “Look at me and answer my question.”

His warm breath sprayed onto her face, causing Jian Ran’s delicate face to redden unknowingly. She replied softly, “I’m not angry.”


“I’m just sad.”

Qin Yue understood her, because she had been hurt so ruthlessly before. There would definitely be some suspicions and fear in her heart.

He kissed her forehead, “Jian Ran, no matter what, don’t be afraid.

“I’m not.” Jian Ran said softly.

He had said that he wouldn’t force her to do something she didn’t want to do, but it wasn’t that she didn’t want to, she was just worried and scared.

Jian Ran looked extremely awkward, but at the same time, she looked extremely adorable.

He smiled and asked, “What are you not?”

“I still have to run some errands tomorrow, so I’m going to rest first.” Jian Ran randomly found a reason and quickly escaped.

Qin Yue was normally a very attractive man, when he was gentle, it would be easy for others to resist him.

Before truly making preparations to be his wife, Jian Ran felt that it would be safer to stay away from him.

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