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Mr. Pei is very tall and big. Naturally, his weight is not light. Qin Xiaobao can’t carry him alone, so he has to ask Zhong Kun for help. Wen Z

and Zhong Kun.

When it comes to Zhong Kun, Qin Xiaobao has the impulse to cut people down.

He has been with her for many years, but he is still like a piece of wood, asking him to help carry people. He can only carry people. What’s so much nonsense?

He even preached to her that it’s wrong to take away people’s dizziness in this way. In case the other party’s family called the police, they

Hearing this, Qin Xiaobao couldn’t hear any more. She decided to change a bodyguard and assistant. Wherever Zhong Kun came from, she would send him back.


Does she have so much trouble?

But every time something happened, the police had to send her home obediently, as if they were the one who did the wrong thing.

It took Qin Xiaobao a long time to get rid of Pei, the third son in the north of the river who could not be provoked, and beat Pei into a pig’s head.

In this way, Qin Xiaobao thinks it’s not enough to relieve his anger. He asks Zhong Kun to bring it. He writes two lines on Pei’s swollen face – bastard, your aunt is the third person in Jiangbei.

After all this, Qin Xiaobao shook his hair happily and said in a loud voice: “Zhong Kun, driving back. Leave the pig here for a night’s sleep. “

Zhong Kun hesitated and said, “polars, isn’t that good? In case… “

Qin Xiaobao is about to kick Zhong Kun: “shut up, if you say another word to me today, I will dismiss you immediately.”

Zhong Kun covers his mouth and dare not say a word again. He can only carry Qin Xiaobao away.

The complacent Qin Xiaobao didn’t know that her car had just left, and the unconscious man immediately opened his eyes. He turned over and sat up neatly, clapped his hands, and immediately someone appeared beside him: “Mr. Pei, are you ok?”

“She can’t hurt me with her little tripod like kung fu.” Mr. Pei patted the dust on his body and said, “no one is allowed to divulge any information about this matter without my order.”

He has been looking for more than ten years, gone to many countries, and mistakenly recognized countless people. This time, he found the real person, and some of them couldn’t believe it was true.

It’s definitely an accident, not an accident, to find Qin Xiaobao. He occasionally saw her in a video of an award ceremony and saw her familiar face. He thought that she might be the person she was looking for at the first time.

In order to hide her life experience, the old man of Qin family made secret efforts one after another. It took him two years to solve the secrets of one after another. O

it’s exciting to find someone who has been looking for more than ten years, so it doesn’t matter if he makes her angry.

It’s just that he found her, so others may find her, so he has to speed up his pace, find out what he didn’t know before, and return her parents’ innocence, so that he can let Qin Xiaobao’s life experience be published.

Before doing these things, he should go to meet Xiao Yuanfeng’s own daughter – Jane

After revenge, Qin Xiaobao ‘s mood can not say comfortable, go back on the way to call Zhan Nianbei show off.

“Zhan Nianbei, guess what I just did?”

The people over there didn’t pay attention.

“Zhan Nianbei, that day I was drugged. Mr. Pei asked me to have coffee. I was on my appointment.”

The people over there still ignored her.

Qin Xiaobao flat mouth, said: “he asked me to drink coffee, I gave him medicine in the coffee, he was dizzy.”

The voice of a cold breath came from the people over there.

Zhan Nianbei finally had a reaction. Qin Xiaobao said more proudly, “I not only drugged him, but also dragged him to the countryside to have a fat beating, which made him unrecognizable even to his mother.”

There was no response from the people over there. Qin Xiaobao had to wonder if he was listening to her.

Qin Xiaobao shouted back in a loud voice: “Zhan Nianbei, I’m talking to you. What’s the matter with you?”

For a long time, the voice of Zhan Nianbei came from the phone: “Qin Xiaobao, don’t you often say that you have grown up. So please remember, no matter what happened, wipe your ass clean. Don’t bother your brother and me, especially me. “

Before the last word was finished, Zhan Nianbei hung up and Qin Xiaobao smashed his cell phone on the window.

Zhong Kun said he took a look at Qin Xiaobao in the rearview mirror. He wanted to say something, but when he saw her fierce appearance, he said nothing.

When talking to Qin Xiaobao at this time, it’s just like asking for hardship, so he’d better learn to be smart.

Qin Xiaobao was more angry, and said angrily, “Zhong Kun, even you don’t care about me?”

He’s such a hard master to serve. She just warned him not to talk to her. At the moment, if he didn’t talk, he would be scolded by her.

Zhong Kun complains: “polars, you don’t allow me to say a word.”

“I told you not to say it. When have you been so obedient?” Qin Xiaobao also realized that he had gone too far, but he couldn’t help apologizing to Zhong Kun. The more he said, the quieter he was. Finally, he just looked out of the window, left and right, deliberately not to see Zhong Kun.

After calming down, Qin Xiaobao involuntarily thought of what Mr. Pei said to her today.

Who are her biological parents?

Why did they abandon her?

Over the years, she said she didn’t think about them, but occasionally she thought, maybe they didn’t really want to abandon her. They had unspeakable difficulties.

But what pains can we abandon our children?

In Qin Xiaobao’s view, there is nothing to let parents abandon their children except death.

Is it because her parents left the world and couldn’t take care of her anymore that she was adopted by the Qin family?

She was adopted by the Qin family when she was very young. She has no memory of the previous events.

She didn’t know what her parents looked like, what they did, why they abandoned her.

Qin’s family raised her and loved her. She has become an integral part of Qin’s family, so she should love Qin’s people and not think about her own parents.

But today, hearing from Mr. Pei, her heart is also in turmoil. She is also an ordinary person, and she still wants to know who her own biological parents are.

However, on second thoughts, Grandpa, parents, they have never mentioned their own parents to her. It’s probably not a good thing.

She still doesn’t want to fall into Pei’s scheme. She doesn’t want to think about her own parents. It’s important to find a way to catch up with Zhan Nianbei.

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