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From time to time, there is thunder outside the house. The heavy rain comes as scheduled. The sound of rain seems to fill the whole world. However, in nuoyuan, the host’s mood is not affected by the weather at all, and the family of Qinyue is very warm together.

Jane said “don’t bully my daughter” so naturally.

Qin Yue’s heart is happy. Is that to recognize Xiao ran?

Small ran blinked the big eyes of water spirit. Some didn’t understand what big Ran’s sister just said, and seemed to understand what big Ran’s sister just said.

In her heart, Jane was even more worried. Without thinking about it, she blurted out such words.

This incident came so suddenly that little ran was not prepared for it. Would little ran be willing to admit that she was her mother?

Qin Yue’s attention is on Jianran’s body, and Jianran’s attention is on Xiaoran’s body. Xiaoran looks at her father and her sister. Suddenly, she holds Jianran’s face and barks twice, leaving a circle of saliva marks.

“But there is a mother,” she said softly

In the kindergarten, other children have mothers. She has no mother alone. Now she also has a mother. She is so happy and happy. She feels that there are colorful bubbles around her.

“However, I am a mother.” Jane looked at xiaoranan and said carefully. “Mom.” Xiao ran said with dancing hands and feet, and then he giggled on Jane’s face.

Suddenly I feel happier. I have a loving father, a sister who has been growing up with her, brother lie, and now my mother.

“Well, then.” Jane ran kissed her little Ran Ran, tears could not stop falling from her eyes, “ran, mom loves you.”

“But I love my mother.” Small ran ran with a small hand to wipe away the tears on Jane Ran’s face, and said, “Mom doesn’t cry, dad will be distressed, but also will be distressed.”

“Well, honey, mom doesn’t cry.” Jianran holds Xiaoran tightly. Her tears are not sad, but happy.

She was glad that she finally recognized her daughter and that she had returned to their father and daughter as Qin Yue’s wife and as Xiao Ran’s mother.

Qin Yue holds their mother and daughter together. They are simple and small. Their frozen heart has finally thawed at this moment.

His wife, his daughter, are in his arms. Life is like this. What can I ask for.

At this moment, Jane knows what is real happiness and what is real feeling of having a home.

In the past, Jane Zhengtian was very good to her, but she always felt that kind of care was too deliberate. He always said that he wanted to be good to her, saying that she was his only family member. She has also been touched by the latest

updates, but when she is alone, in the dead of night, she always feels lonely, as if she is the one abandoned by the world.

Qin Yue and Xiao ran never said to be nice to her. He always cared about her with practical actions, accompanied her, and let her know that she was not alone, she had him and their daughter.

“Dad, you’ve got a pain in your arms.”

Small ran soft voice broke the atmosphere, let Qin Yue know, he really too hard, small ran embrace can not move.

“Dad’s sorry.”

“But forgive dad.”

“Well, we forgive dad.”

Their mother and daughter unconsciously formed the same front again. Qin Yue reluctantly shook his head. It seems that later, he has no right to speak at all in this family.

“Small ran said:” Mom, we go to see sister, but ran to tell it, ran and sister have a mother

“OK, let’s go to see my sister.” Jianran holds Xiaoran and goes to see mianmianmian’s sister, completely ignoring the big men around them.

Qin Yue shook his head helplessly again and felt that he was not as important as a dog.

Shortly after I got married with Jane ran, after she came to live in the house, all the focus of Jane ran was on Mianmian and he was completely ignored.

Now once again let him realize that kind of feeling, but the heart is happy and satisfied, there is a simple dislike him, better than she is not around him, let him spend countless lonely nights.

Xiao ran holds Xiaomian in her arms, touches Xiaomian’s head, and seriously introduces: “sister, we have a mother.”

“Wang, Wang, Wang…” It’s a few continuous, barking sounds, shaking its head and wagging its tail, expressing its love for “Mom” in its unique way.

“How lovely it is!” Seeing the continuous, trance like to see another white Pomeranian through it.

See it around her, see it in her arms coquettish, those pictures are definitely not her imagination, before she also raised the same white Pomeranian?

When confused, Jane instinctively looks at Qin Yue sitting beside her. Without her speaking, Qin Yue has understood what she is thinking.

He held her in his arms and said softly, “I’ll tell you more about it later.”

“OK,” she nodded

She doesn’t need to doubt anything, as long as she believes in him, and believes that he won’t hide anything from her, even if he conceals something, it’s good for her.

“Mom, but I want to hug my sister.” Small Ran Ran embraces and pours into Jane Ran’s arms together, and rolls in her mother’s arms as much as she can. Having a mother is different from having only a father.

“Well, my mother will hold her arms and hold them for a long time every day.” Simple ran gently stroked small ran, lips slightly up, gently smiling.

“Well, I’ll take charge of learning Taekwondo with my mother and see who can learn it faster.” Qin Yue holds Xiaoran in her arms and doesn’t want her to continue to toss about Jianran.

“OK, but she will teach her mother and make her as good as Ranan.” Little ran answered softly. “You have four members in your family who abuse me.”

Qin Xiaobao’s voice came coldly. They looked back and saw her coming downstairs in a mess of hair. She didn’t wake up.

“Little aunt, however, and sister have a mother, mother flew back.” Small ran proudly introduced to the little aunt, big ran elder sister is not sister, but mother.

“The little aunt congratulated Xiao Ranran.” Qin Xiaobao came to knead Xiao Ran’s red face and said hello to Jane, “sister in law, welcome home.”

It’s not just the people in this home, but the heart also comes back. The identity of the heroine of Enoch garden appears here.

Back to brother and little ran.

Qin Xiaobao is also really happy for their family. At the same time, he wishes them all the best in the future and no bad things will happen again.

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