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From Grandpa Qin, Qin Yue immediately told Liu Yong, “go and find out, no matter how much manpower, material and financial resources are spent, they will find out for me.”

Liu Yong nodded repeatedly and said: “President Qin, I have sent people out. According to your orders, I’ll check it first from Mrs. Xiao’s own father and Jane Zhengtian. “

Qin Yue nodded: “check more from several lines. Xiao old side, Jian Zhengtian side, Zhan family side, and the past of the old man. We can’t let go of any clues. “

The old man has always been cruel to Jianran. He just heard that the old man mentioned Jianran’s father. Qin Yue should have no problem starting from here.

But for the sake of preservation, the clues of Xiao family and Jian Zhengtian are not enough. He has to spread out some nets. He can’t let go of any fish that missed.

“Yes,” Liu Yong replied

Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi are the most trusted subordinates of Qin and Yue. They often follow him, and their division of labor is different.

Liu Yong is in charge of such things as finding secrets. Xu Huiyi is mainly responsible for logistics.

The division of labor between the two men is different, but for Qin and Yue, they are both right-hand men, who are very important to him.

Just as the sun is still shining, the sky is suddenly covered with dark clouds and thunder. It looks like it will rain heavily soon.

Qin Yue’s mood at this time is just like the dark clouds in the sky. The dark pressure makes him unable to breathe. It also indicates that there will be a storm in his life.

No matter how fierce the storm came, what he had to do was to protect his wife and children. No matter how long grandpa Qin’s claws and teeth were stretched out, he would not let the old man succeed.


When Jane came back to nuoyuan, she learned that Xiao ran didn’t go to kindergarten and was taking a nap at home.

When she went upstairs, she saw lie standing at the door of xiaoranran’s room. The tall and thin man stood upright and pushed. Just looking at his back, he always felt that he didn’t look like a child born by an ordinary family.

Jane ran walked over and smiled softly to lie: “it’s Xiaoran who is pestering you to accompany her, and won’t let you go back to your room to sleep?”

Hearing Jane’s voice, she turned around and nodded to her. It was a greeting. Then she turned around and left.

It’s not that Xiao ran pesters him to accompany her, but that he doesn’t trust to leave Xiao ran alone in the room.

What happened yesterday is still fresh in his mind. He can’t take it lightly until it is completely solved.

Jane went back to the room, sat down beside Xiao ran, and once again saw the lovely little guy, Jane’s heart was a kind of emotion.

She unconsciously stroked her abdomen. She used to think that the scar on her abdomen was too ugly to wear sexy clothes.

When I was doing underwear design in Milan, sometimes the model didn’t arrive in time. Someone suggested that she go to the show. She wanted to go, but when she thought about the abdominal scar, she immediately dismissed the idea.

Now I know that the scar is left by taking Xiaoran. Jane doesn’t feel ugly at all, but she feels very proud. This can prove that she is Xiaoran’s mother, and Xiaoran is the only one she has with her hard pregnancy.

The little ran in the bed slept soundly and didn’t notice her sitting beside her.

Jane can’t help but reach out and pinch her little face. How can she tell Xiao ran that she is just her mother?

Thinking of the previous days, Xiao ran cried and asked her mother not to let her near, so she felt sad.

So now she tells Xiaoran that Xiaoran will believe that she is her mother?

It’s hard to think that you have missed your child’s growth for so many years and that you don’t know that your child is around you.

However, I’m glad that Qin Yue didn’t give up on her. I’m glad that Qin Yue has found her back so that she can participate in their father and daughter’s later lives.

Just thinking about it, Xiaoran blinked her eyelashes, opened her eyes, and looked at her confused and lovely appearance. It should be that her brain hasn’t turned around yet.

She blinked again and confirmed that what she saw in front of her was her big sister. She smiled sweetly and said softly, “sister.”

“Well, I woke up.” Jane lowered her head and kissed her. Then she said, “would you like to wash your face, sister?”

“Good.” Xiao ran opens her arms and cleverly asks her sister to hold her.

Open your eyes and you can see Da Ranran’s elder sister. It seems that brother lie is really powerful.

Brother lie said that he would change big Ran’s elder sister into her eyes. She woke up and saw big Ran’s elder sister. As expected, she saw big Ran’s elder sister.

I don’t know how much I adore my brother.

Xiaoranan is very smelly, and the skills of smelly beauty are learned from her little aunt. She always feels that she is the most beautiful and lovely child in the world.

When Jane helped her wash her face, she opened her eyes to look at herself in the mirror, deliberately squeezed her face and made a grimace. She felt that she had a good sleep.

Jane ran seemed to understand her inner thoughts, and she could not help laughing: “our little Ran is the most beautiful and lovely.”

“Sister is as beautiful as Ran Ran.” Little ran looks at big Ran’s sister from the mirror. The more she looks, the more she thinks big Ran’s sister looks as beautiful as herself.

“Well, I’m the same size.”

However, when they were talking hard, a low, sexy and gentle voice came to their mother and daughter’s ears.

Suddenly hear Qin Yue say “my big ran”, Jane can’t help but blush, small voice way: “who is your big ran?”

Qin Yue came over and took her hand with the wedding ring: “it’s been locked up by me, but what’s my nature?”

“Ran Ran is Dad’s ran, ran is Dad’s ran.” Xiao ran nodded to express his satisfaction.

“Well, it’s my daughter’s best.” Qin Yue held little Ranran in her hands, kissed her, and said, “does Ranran miss her father?”

“Yes! However, I miss my father, and my teeth hurt. ” “Small Ran Ran soft to talk at the same time, but also reached out to touch the small front teeth,” Dad look

“OK, Dad.” Qin Yue took a look at Xiao ran carefully, pretending to be surprised and said, “however, your teeth don’t want to hurt like Dad, they are bitten by insects. You see there are two little insects on it. “

“Dad, don’t bite me.”

Hearing that his teeth were bitten by a bug, Xiaoran was shocked and wanted to cry, but he didn’t want to lose face in front of his sister. A little face was red and the crystal tears rolled in his eyes.

Qin Yue did not stop teasing xiaoranran like this. This little guy would be cheated every time, and then he would spend time coaxing her.

But today, there is Jianran here. How can he tolerate his bullying his daughter? He grabs Xiaoran and hugs her. He stares at Qin Yue fiercely: “don’t bully my daughter.”

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