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Under Qin Yue’s control, she was totally unable to resist. Not only did she not have the strength to resist, but her lips were blocked by him. She could not utter a syllable.

His kiss, very domineering, very strong, with a kind of ferocity that has been suppressed for a long time.

Jianran subconsciously wants to resist and get rid of the shackles of Qin and Yue, but his strength is so great and his kiss is so domineering that Jianran can’t escape at all, so she can only make a whine.

Qin and Yue swallowed the little beast’s plaintive voice, but they just asked for it, like to vent all their thoughts and sorrows for three years – with tyranny, with anger, and even with unwillingness.

Why can’t she remember him?

Why should he linger alone in the past, while she can forget all their past?

Qin Yue’s all emotions are poured into the kiss, which is deeper and deeper, more and more vicious, even stained with the smell of blood, and gradually his hands are uneasy, inch by inch from under the simple shirt.

Big palms are hot, but simple skin looks like ice.

She was still whining, whine so weak and harsh.

She is also struggling hard. The strength of small hand rejection is so small for Qin and Yue. But every time, it’s like hammering on the heart of Qin and Yue. It’s hard to bear I can’t stand it anymore. O

all of a sudden, Qin Yue let out a roar like a wild animal, just like the silver bottle suddenly broke and thousands of arrows left the string.

Since I met Qin Yue, Jian Ran has never heard Qin Yue speak so loudly. She is clearly roaring, but there is lingering sadness in her voice To make the struggling Jane suddenly forget the struggle, just scared, confused, sad Looking at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue also looked at her, his eyes were heavy, as if there were thousands of words, but he didn’t say a word.

Missing, wanting, blaming, cherishing So many feelings in his eyes, but there is no sound.

All of a sudden, Jane can’t breathe. She just wants to hold him deeply and care about his past and his fear.

At this time, Qin Yue suddenly lowered her head and gave her a kiss on her forehead. It was as gentle as a breeze.

Jane did not resist, but felt Qin Yue’s kiss slowly across the forehead, the tip of the nose, lips, and finally fell to the ear.

“Jianran, look at me”

his deep and hoarse voice fell in Jianran’s ear, just like the wind in spring and rain in summer.

For a moment, the heart beat like thunder.

Jane couldn’t help but “hum”.

“Ah…” The man in her body seemed to be satisfied with his performance, and even smiled softly in her ear.

It’s really sexy and scarlet. O

Qin Yue’s kisses once again hit

no longer fierce and manic, but kneading the intimate * *, just always bullying.

Jane is no longer rebellious, just with clear eyes, following Qin Yue closely.

Look at me.

Well, I’ll watch you and follow you until I die.

The shirt was torn open, and his white skin was exposed to the cold and thin air, but his hot hands covered it, so it was not cold.

Before coming to Kyoto, she thought a lot about the past and the future. But now I want to come, but I feel ridiculous.

She likes him, past and future, memory or not Even if life comes again, she will still like him –

the fact is so obvious, so natural, like the truth.

Is that enough?

Jane reached out and tightly wrapped her hand around Qin Yue’s neck – the two people’s breath was so anxious and sticky, obviously they were close together, but she didn’t feel enough.

Not enough, but also want to get closer, want to enter his heart, want to pry into his past, want to be like him until the end of time.

It’s so hot in summer that it seems to melt people.

Jian ran holds Qin Yue tightly. He leads her to climb to the clouds. When she is in deep love, she says softly: “Qin Yue, I like you.”

She can’t imagine how she would come without him.

The simple answer is not the voice of Qin Yue, but the more intense action of Qin Yue.


Night is slowly falling, and the movement in the room is just beginning.

I don’t know how long it’s been, as if it’s been several centuries, but it’s short enough to blink.

When Jane felt that her bones were about to fall apart, all the turbulent movements were calm.

She was very tired and sleepy. She could sleep when she closed her eyes, but she didn’t let herself sleep. She also wanted to listen to Qin Yue’s heartbeat, talk to him, and listen to his voice.

Qin Yue holds Jane in her arms, taps her back with big hands, and kisses her forehead with low head: “tired?”

I’m so tired. I’m so tired. I’m so tired. I’ve never felt so tired before.

But how can she answer such a shameful question?

This man is really bad enough. Usually he looks noble and elegant, but when he takes off his clothes, he is a hungry wolf, which makes her helpless.

Qin Yue looked down, gathered her in front of her eyes, and asked, “Jane ran, is it tired not to talk?”

Jane lay on his naked chest, shook her head, and said softly, “No.”

“Not tired?”


simply squeeze him hard, what does this villain man want to do? He just asked, didn’t he know she was shy?

“Simple –“


“It’s OK. Go to sleep.” He patted her on the back and put her to sleep like a child.

Jane was really tired of his tossing, and soon fell asleep in his arms.

Looking at her sleeping face, Qin Yue is indescribably soft and in a mess. He can still have her like this and hold her like this to sleep. It’s really good

he looks forward to her day and night, waiting for more than three years, finally waiting for Jane to come back, and finally waiting to rub her into his arms and love her very much.

Finally, I really felt that she was right beside him.

At this moment, he was sure that his Jane had come back.

Just now, he heard her say that she liked him.

At that time, he didn’t respond to her.

Because her words made his blood boil, he did not know how to respond to her, what he could do was to practice.

“Jane, if you say you like me, I am not.”

He didn’t know how much she liked him, but he knew his world could not be without her.

“Qinyue, I will work hard, I will work hard…”

In her sleep, Jane murmurs. Qin Yue can’t help but hold her tighter. She gently scolds: “silly girl”

clearly can rely on him, but she doesn’t say anything to him. She depends on herself.

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