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Xiao Qinghe first came to nuoyuan three years ago, when Jane had a big stomach. At that time, Jane was very prepared for him.

Later, after Jianran disappeared, he came here several times, every time to see xiaoranan.

Although little Ran is small, now he is only a little over three years old, but many children can’t match that smart energy. Just in accordance with the saying that people often say, little man is big.

However, there is no end to Xiao Ran’s cleverness.

Xiao Ran’s father, who was the leader of Shengtian, the man who used to jump several steps in school, but now no one has broken his record.

Look at xiaoranran’s mother. When she went to school, she dared to take the second place in the exam. No one dared to take the first place in the exam and was sent to the best university in Kyoto.

Most of all, Xiao Qinghe thought Xiao ran would be so smart. He had such an uncle with a very flexible brain.

It’s said that nephew is like uncle. He thinks Xiao Ran’s cleverness is the most similar to him. He can see a person’s accuracy.

I haven’t stepped into this place for several months. It’s the same as in my memory and a little different from my memory. It seems that it’s a little warmer than when I came last time.

Maybe it’s not the place that has changed, but the real hostess who has been sitting in the room for three years has come back.

Xiao Qinghe is a regular visitor of the Qin family. He didn’t let his servant lead the way. Before he came to the living room, he heard Xiaoran’s soft and waxy voice: “sister, apart from dad’s favorite sister, does sister like Ranran best except dad?”

“yes, my sister’s favorite is Dad, and we like xiaoranran best.” It’s his father, of course.

Another voice came to Xiao Qinghe’s ear. He didn’t hear it for three years, but he immediately heard it. There was no one but Jane.

Xiao Qinghe enters the room and sees that Jane is squatting on the ground with Xiao ran. He doesn’t know what they are playing. Anyway, they are playing very seriously and nobody notices him.

Jane said that when she heard xiaoranan’s ears changed, xiaoranan thought that her sister’s favorite was her father, who later liked her.

But she thinks that she is more lovely than her father and more likable than her father. Shouldn’t her sister like her first?

is it because my father said that she would cry when he left today and was heard by my sister, so my sister is hating her?

however, even when she cries, she is also very good-looking.

Seeing that the little guy put on another look that you bullied me, I’m going to cry to show you. She thought it was funny and painful. She couldn’t help but point to the tip of the little guy’s nose: “little ran, why are you not happy?”

“sister, why don’t you like it the most? Dad is not cute.” Small ran blinks, tears of grievance in the orbit.

Knowing that xiaoranan is misunderstood, she wants to explain, but if she does, xiaoranan may not understand.

She holds little ran in her arms and rubs little Ran’s pink face: “what big ran likes most is little ran, and she won’t like others any more.”

Hearing the answer, Xiao ran smiled contentedly: “mm-hmm, Xiao ran also likes Da ran best, and then he likes dad.”

“But don’t you like my uncle?”

they are chatting vigorously. A male voice suddenly comes, and Jane and Xiao ran turn back at the same time.

Small ran immediately ran up, opened two small arms and shouted: “Uncle hug.”

Xiao Qinghe came over and hugged Xiao ran, pinching her face: “ran, don’t you want uncle at all?”

Jane didn’t know this person, and when she heard Xiao ran calling uncle, she naturally knew that this man was Xiao Ran’s mother’s family, so she couldn’t help looking at him more.

Xiao Qinghe noticed her inquiry and gave her a polite smile: “Hello, Miss Jane!”

“Hello!” Jane nodded, thinking that she had just met this person for the first time, how could he know her surname was Jane?

“before I came, I talked to Xiao Ran’s father, and he said that Xiao ran invited a very important guest home, so I know your surname is Jane. “Xiao Qinghe saw through the simple mind at a glance.

Jane ran: “…”

“My name is Xiao. My name is Xiao Qinghe.” Xiao Qinghe said, “it’s Xiao Ran’s mother’s half brother.”

She nodded her head and didn’t answer again. She just thought it was strange. Everyone they met recently, they all said something to her for the first time.

To be honest, Xiao Qinghe doesn’t care about Xiao Ran’s mother at all. When she comes to the Qin family, she just likes Xiao ran and has no other purpose.

“Don’t think too much, Miss Jane. I don’t mean anything to you. And Xiao Ran is very good at seeing people. Whoever she likes must be very good people. ” After a few simple exchanges with Jianran, based on Xiaoqinghe’s many years of experience, he can be sure that Jianran really lost the memory of the past, not the disguise.

“My sister is a good man, but I like her.” Little ran opens his arms and hugs Jane. “Ran likes sister hugs.”

“Xiaoran, you and your sister haven’t had a meal yet, is it OK for your uncle to have a meal with you?” Xiaoqinghe shoved Xiaoran to Jianran and walked to the restaurant. “Qian Yi, please prepare more meals for two people.”

Jianran catches xiaoranan and is stunned for a long time. When they saw Qin Xiaobao the other day, they all gave her xiaoranan as if she was the closest person to xiaoranan.

At the dinner table, Xiao Qinghe didn’t ask Jane any special questions, so he chatted casually, but these words were enough for him.

After dinner, Xiao Qinghe left. He said he would go out to play with his friends. In fact, he went to report the situation to Qin Yue.

After having a big ran, the servant in the family doesn’t want anyone anymore. After eating, he takes Jane upstairs and says he wants to let big ran sleep with her.

The servant originally prepared room for Jianran, but now she is pulled away by Xiaoran. Jianran can’t bear to refuse. She thinks Xiaoran should have her own room, so it doesn’t matter if she accompanies Xiaoran.

Who knows that xiaoranran took her into the main bedroom –

at a glance, she saw the desk near the balcony in the hall. There were several books on the bookshelf and an easel beside the desk.

— familiar decorations.

“Xiao ran, this is my father’s room, would you like to go to your room with my sister?”

“ran and dad sleep, big ran and small ran sleep, we sleep together.” Xiao Ran has a separate room, but she has never slept. For her, father’s room is her room.

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