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It’s only a few days since she came to Jiangbei. She thinks that there are more people she knows in these days than in the last two or three years.

And everyone I met was so warm to her, as if they were familiar with her, as if they had been friends for many years.

Take lingfeiyu, who met this morning, for example. She cried a lot in her arms. She cried for a long time before she stopped. People who don’t know think she bullied her.

Although it’s not clear, look at Ling Feiyu’s worried look Jane also feel, inexplicable warm heart.

Qin Yue, lingfeiyu, Qin Xiaobao, xiaoranran, said these names several times in her mind. After thinking about them again and again, she could not remember that such a group of people had appeared in her memory.

Jane shook her head, feeling helpless and funny. Besides, there were some hidden worries about the lost memories.

My father would never talk about her past, but if it’s irrelevant, why hide those memories?

buzz –

just think about it, the phone on the desk is buzzing. She takes it up and looks at it. The screen of the phone shows the three words “little ran”.

Looking at Xiaoran, the corner of Xiaoran’s mouth rose slightly, smiling to answer the phone: “is Xiaoran?”

“yes, it is! Xiaoran is here.” There is a small but soft voice coming from the handset. Just listening to her voice, I can imagine how lovely she is talking. “Sister, I want to invite you to dinner.”

“Little ran, my sister is at work. Would you like to have dinner with you some other day?” Jane can’t bear to refuse such a lovely little Lori, but she still has to go to work. How can she do without refusing.

“But I’m waiting downstairs for my sister.” Little Ran’s soft, waxy voice was tinged with anxiety, as if Jane could cry as soon as she refused.

“Which downstairs are you?”

“downstairs, sister.”

Jane looked at the time. It was almost 12 o’clock. When lunch time came, she said, “Xiao ran, wait for your sister for a while, and she will come down to find you.”

When she came downstairs, she saw xiaoranan at a glance. She was running around outside the company’s gate. She looked like a fairy here and there. She looked lovely.

There was no father beside her, just a woman, ran a step, and the woman ran a step with her, worried that she would fall and knock.

“Elder sister -” Xiaoran also saw Jianran, smiled and threw herself into her arms. With a tender mouth, she kissed her face. “Xiaoran didn’t want money.”

Jane ran picked up little ran and kissed her tender face: “big ran kissed little ran without money.”

Xiaoran holds Jianran’s face and suddenly asks solemnly, “how much does Daran charge for his father?”

Jianran: “”

Little Ran Ran: “sister, you have to charge a lot of money.”

Small ran thinks that he is the most lovely, big ran kisses her so that he won’t ask her for money. If he kisses his father, he must collect a lot of money, but it doesn’t matter. Father has money.

Jane smiled and didn’t answer. If she was a child, who would be serious with her.

Xiaoranran invited Jianran to have lunch in a hotel called Baihe restaurant not far from the company, and also opened a private room 1808, the 1808 that had many memories.

Pushing open the door, jane knew that Xiao Ran’s father was there.

He was on the phone. When he saw them coming, he smiled apologetically and hung up after another two words.

Qin Yue opened the stool, asked Jane to sit down, and then put xiaoranan into her special BB stool, which said: “xiaoranan has been arguing to have lunch with you, I really can’t take her, so I have to ask someone to take her to you. Miss Jane, do you mind if I disturb you? “” No. ” Jianran immediately shook her head. In fact, she liked to be with Xiaoran, but she didn’t expect that Xiaoran’s father was also there, which made her feel awkward.

Jian Ran’s embarrassment fell into Qin Yue’s eyes, some dazzling, but he still kept a smile and said softly: “Xiao Ran’s mother has not been around her since she was a child, I always think of being better to her, unconsciously, she became so willful.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the father and daughter. Besides, I think Xiao Ranran is very cute and not willful at all. ” Jane touched the head of little ran. “Little Ran is the most lovely and sensible.”

Jane didn’t realize how distressed her voice was when she heard Qin Yue say Xiao ran was willful.

She doesn’t have a mother either. Although her father has helped her in these three years, sometimes she still hopes to have a mother by her side She’s such a big person, not to mention such a child as xiaoranan?

listen to Qin Yue, xiaoranan’s mother should still be alive, just don’t know where I don’t know what she thinks. How can such a good husband and daughter run around.

“Well, but it’s the cutest. Dad’s not good.” Naturally, Xiaoran didn’t know what Jianran was thinking, but heard that Jianran praised her and was very proud of her. She smiled and cooperated with Jianran as if Jianran and her were one family, and Qinyue was someone else.

“Yes, our family is the most lovely, but dad is not good at all.” Qin Yue gets up and kisses on Xiao Ran’s face. “But ran is the best, so Dad can’t cry anymore when he’s on a business trip.”

Xiao ran hears the words, and looks at Qin Yue in shock – ah! She is not happy because her father has made a pit for her.

What should I do? I want to change my magic and let dad disappear from her eyes for a while.

Qin Yue shaved the small nose of Ranran, looked at Jianran again, and said softly, “the company is still busy. I have to go on business for a few days. You have to eat slowly.”

“Dishes…” The dishes are all on the table. Why don’t you eat them before you leave.

Jane wanted to say this, but thought that she and he were just strangers, she swallowed them back, smiled and nodded.

Qin Yue looked at her smiling face, and her breathing was slightly stagnant. She hurriedly turned away and fell over to kiss Xiao Ran’s face, which was regarded as farewell.

“When my father kissed little ran, he wanted to kiss big ran…” Little ran blinked and said softly.

As soon as Xiao Ran’s words were out, Qin Yue and Jian ran looked at each other almost at the same time.

In the eyes of Qin and Yue, Jane saw the light that she shouldn’t have. It was so sharp that people couldn’t stand it. She stopped at once, blinked quickly, pretending to see nothing.

See Jane don’t start, Qin Yue some lonely.

The same Baihe restaurant, the same 1808, she was still sitting in the same position, but she would not blush at him as she had.

But it doesn’t matter. Everything will go back to the beginning.

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