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Jane was worried that it was just a play jointly performed by Qinyue and Xiaoqinghe. They just wanted to fulfill her wish and make her happy.

Jane didn’t respond for a long time. Qin Yue was in a bit of a hurry. Did it come so suddenly that she couldn’t accept it?

Qin Yue patted Jianran’s face and worried, “Jianran –“

“I’m ok.” Jane shook her head and looked at them again. After a long time, she asked carefully, “are you sure?”

Are you sure Xiao Qinghe is her brother?

They must not give her hope and let her down, so she would rather not hear today’s news.

“Absolutely.” Xiaoqinghe handed a document to Jianran and said, “we found this document when we moved to clean up our father’s relics two years ago, and then we knew that you were my sister. I also read this document to know that my father wanted to take your mother and daughter back to live a new life, but before I could do it, I was killed in a car accident. So the matter was delayed for more than 20 years. “

With trembling hands, Jane opened the document. The first thing she saw was a picture of her mother and a man.

The mother in the picture is still very young, with a sweet and happy smile on her face. She looks so happy.

And the man next to her, is looking at his smile, his eyes are thoughtful, but it is not difficult to find the tenderness in his eyes. I’m afraid that only when a man falls in love with a woman can he have such a look.

If you open the document again, it will be a handwritten letter signed by Xiao Yuanfeng.

After reading these documents, Jane’s heart was shocked. Her mother had such beautiful love, but those beautiful things were all destroyed by Jane Zhengtian.

Because her mother felt that she could no longer match her childhood sweetheart, she swallowed up her bitterness alone, broke up with her sweetheart and married Jane Zhengtian under the pressure of her family.

Jane took a deep breath, looked up at Xiao Qinghe, opened her mouth, and wanted to say something, but she didn’t say a word.

“Jane, whether you recognize my brother or not, but I recognize your sister.” Xiao Qinghe said it very seriously.

“But don’t you blame my mother and me?” Said Jane, with great care.

Even if the mother and Xiao Yuanfeng were lovers in the past, but they broke up, after the break-up, the two married separately, then there was no relationship.

A few years later, Xiao Yuanfeng and his predecessor had children again. Under normal circumstances, his wife would not forgive him.

Why does Xiao Qinghe recognize her sister for her father?

Jane couldn’t understand, but Xiao Qinghe understood what she wanted to say very well. He sighed and said, “my parents are married because of family interests. After marriage, they respect each other and have a good life. Later, because his mother died early because of illness, his father did not marry another until this happened. “

Qin Yue hugged Jianran and said, “Jianran, your mother and your biological father are all very good people. They have never done anything to destroy other people’s families.”

“Well, I see.” Jane nodded, raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Qinyue thank you! Xiao – “Jane took a deep breath, as if it took a lot of effort, and then said,” brother, thank you too. “

Thank them for bringing her such good news, so that she can understand that her birth is not so dirty, her mother and her father are very good people.

“Then can I hold you, Mrs. Qin?” Xiao Qinghe gets up and recovers his old expression.

“Of course, Mr. Xiao.” Jane also stood up and smiled at him.

Xiao Qinghe walked around the coffee table to Jianran’s side, hugged her under Qin Yue’s gaze, patted her on the back, and said, “now you are also a backer. If Mozhi dares to bully you in the future, you call me and I promise to clean him up for you.”

“Well, I have a backer, too.” This kind of feeling of suddenly having her elder brother is really good and happy, and Jane laughs brilliantly.

She believed that if her mother had a soul in the sky, she would be happy to see her and her brother recognize each other.

Xiaoqinghe holds Jianran and doesn’t let it go, and Jianran doesn’t leave his arms. Qin Yue is not happy.

He snatched Jane back and put his arms around her waist possessively: “Jane is hungry. Let’s go to lunch first. “

“Mu Zhi, I am her brother. You are jealous when I hold her. You are too mean.” Xiaoqinghe shook his head and sighed.

“So what?” Qin Yue said coldly.

How about his brother? Now Jane is his wife. He will protect her well and never let Xiao Qinghe, his brother, have a chance to show off.

“Mr. Qin, my brother is right. You are too mean.” Jianran also stands on the side of Xiaoqinghe. She has a brother who can occasionally be willful and bully Qin Yue.

Qin Yue has a cold face and is extremely dissatisfied.

Looking at Qin Yue’s shriveled expression, Xiao Qinghe burst out laughing: “Mozhi, you also have today, and finally meet the conqueror.”

When I was at school, Qin Yue didn’t bully them less. Now someone can clean him up. It’s really **ing cool.

Qin Yue put his hand on Xiao Qinghe’s shoulder, and with a little effort, he heard the sound of bone jamming. Then he heard Xiao Qinghe Scream: “Mozhi, I’m wrong, I’m really wrong. You have a large number of adults, so please forgive me. I won’t laugh at you, and I won’t laugh at you any more. “

How can he forget that Qin Yue, a man who is proficient in more than three kinds of fighting skills, annoys him and certainly has no good fruit to eat.

Jane didn’t know what happened. She looked at the two of them with a blank face: “what kind of riddle are you playing?”

Qin Yue took back his hand and rubbed her head: “it’s OK. Please have a big dinner with Mr. Xiao later. “

When talking, Qin Yue’s eyes with a shallow smile, look very happy, Jane also followed him happily, nodded heavily: “OK, let’s invite brother to have a big meal together.”

The two of them walked happily in front of each other, and Xiao Qinghe was so miserable that his face fell to the ground.

He reached out his hand and touched the shoulder just pinched by Qin Yue, which made him bite his teeth.

He finally understood that it’s good to provoke anyone. Don’t provoke Qinyue.

Although Qin Yue always looks like a cold man, but when he is cruel, he is a demon who kills people without blinking.

However, he is also very happy. Qin Yue can be cruel to anyone, only holding Jane in the palm of his hand.

As Jane’s brother, he is happy again.

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