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Dinner table, dishes are very rich, there are silver sprouted chicken, clam pimple soup, fruit eight treasure porridge, Chinese chestnut braised vegetable heart, home style small tofu and so on, are all pregnant women nutrition meals.

Qin Xiaobao ate one mouthful at a time. From time to time, she looked at each other’s two people. Her wooden brother was so happy with her sister-in-law.

From time to time, they help each other with the dishes. What’s most incredible is that her brother, who has a habit of cleanliness, even eats the rest from his sister-in-law.

In the past, when her wooden brother was eating, someone prepared food for him alone. He had to have public chopsticks to eat a dish with others.

But now, he can eat the rest of Jane’s food with relish, and enjoy it on his face. It’s really cheap to the bone.

Seeing how happy and loving their husband and wife are, and then thinking about themselves and Zhan Nianbei, Qin Xiaobao stabs the rice in the bowl sadly. Can they understand her as a single dog without pain?

All of a sudden, she missed her elders very much. If they were there, at least they hurt her. She would not be so pitiful as she is now.

“Brother, sister-in-law, Grandpa and parents are worried after hearing about the kidnapping of their sister-in-law. They will come back in two days.” Qin Xiaobao said.

Yesterday, Grandpa Qin called Qin Xiaobao and asked her how was her performance?

Qin Xiaobao didn’t pay attention to his words for a while, so the kidnapping of Jane spread to Grandpa Qin’s ears.

In particular, when he learned that the kidnapper wanted to kidnap Qin Xiaobao, Grandpa Qin got angry on the spot and decided to return home.

“I’ll get people prepared in advance.” Hearing that the Qin family’s parents would come back, Qin Yue thought it was right.

Jane’s stomach is bigger and bigger every day. She will be born in less than two months. It’s better for many people at home to take care of her.

Suddenly, hearing that Grandpa Qin would come, Jane felt flustered and took chopsticks to pick up the vegetables.

On the day when she just confirmed that she was pregnant, Grandpa Qin asked her to leave Qinyue, but she refused.

After that, Grandpa Qin didn’t look for her again and didn’t send any news. I don’t know whether he gave up or had other ideas?

Thinking of this, Jane subconsciously touched her round stomach. When the child was not born in a day, her heart would not be stable. She was very worried about any accidents.

However, the fetus in her womb is the child of Qin Yue. If Grandpa Qin is not satisfied with her, he will not touch their blood.

But on second thought, the fetus in her abdomen is not only the blood of the Qin family, but also her blood.

According to Grandpa Qin’s idea, half of the blood of the baby in the abdomen is humble. What if Grandpa Qin wants to get rid of the blood that is not clean for him?

“Jane, what’s the matter?” Qin Yue’s deep magnetic voice pulled back her simple thoughts, and she turned to his caring eyes.

She smiled. “I’m full.”

Qin Yue put down his chopsticks, picked up the tissue and wiped his mouth gracefully: “let’s go. I’ll go out with you for a while.”

“OK,” she nodded

Because it is a coastal area, Jiangbei City is very hot in the daytime, with sea breeze blowing in the evening, and the weather is cool.

After dinner, the couple took a walk on the lawn of the villa, not to mention how pleasant it was.

Qin Yue is holding Jianran’s hand. She moves very slowly. It’s totally in line with her rhythm. She is so patient and attentive.

All the thoughts of Qin and Yue are on Jianran, but Jianran’s thoughts don’t know where to go.

She thought of Jane Zhengtian, her mother who had not had a good day, and the mysterious man.

Who is that man?

Does he know that she exists?

Jane really wants to know. She even wants to find a private detective to find out who the man is. But what if she finds out?

From childhood, my mother never mentioned that to her. She wanted her to grow up as healthy as a normal child.

“What are you thinking, Jane?” Qin Yue’s low voice once again interrupted the simple thought.

She smiled at him and said, “I wonder why you like gray clothes so much.”

Can’t he change the color of a grey suit in cold weather and a grey shirt in summer?

Qin Yue: “habits.”

I don’t know when he started wearing only this color suit, and never changed.

Like it, not to say, may be a habit, a sign of his.

Jane looked at him for a long time and thought to herself, “I think you should look better in a white shirt. Do you want to try?”

“Good.” He didn’t think much, so he nodded, because she would change his habit for many years.

He followed her like that, and she had many things hidden in her heart, and could not speak to him clearly.

After thinking about it again, Jane said, “Qin Yue, you know my father was not Jane Zhengtian’s father.”

“Well.” Although some surprised Jane would suddenly ask this question, Qin Yue still nodded honestly, at the same time, she also held her hand tighter and said in a deep voice, “I said, I only care about your future.”

Of course, she knew that he would not care about her past. If she cared, she would not check her life experience at the beginning, but still insisted on signing up for marriage with her.

Then she asked, “do you know who he is?”

“Well.” Qin Yue stood still, holding Jianran’s shoulder in his hands, and said seriously, “Jianran, your biological father is a very responsible man, but he died unexpectedly many years ago, otherwise he would not let your mother and daughter go.”

“Passed away by accident many years ago?” Jane took a breath and smiled helplessly, “so am I still alone?”

Suddenly heard her say or a person, Qin Yue’s sword eyebrows slightly a Cu, dissatisfied way: “you have me and baby.”

“Of course I know I have you and my baby, but I think there are people in my family. If you dare to bully me, someone will clean you up for me. ” Qin Yue’s jealous expression was awkward and lovely. She couldn’t help laughing. “Stupid man!”

Qin Yue gently pulled her into his arms and asked seriously, “if your biological father has children, would you like to recognize them?”

“I’m afraid they don’t want to know me.” Jane smiled and said.

It is estimated that no one’s child is willing to admit that his father has children with other women outside, and in that case.

“Don’t think about it. Let’s go.” Qin Yue rubbed her head and took her for a walk.

How Jane hoped that he could hold her hand like now and keep going till the end of the world. Never part.

But she was inexplicably flustered, always felt that such a beautiful day would one day leave her, and she would eventually lose him forever.

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