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In recent days, due to physical reasons, Jane always gets up late, generally arriving at the studio at about 10 a.m.

Seeing her coming, Ling Feiyu quickly poured her a cup of boiled water and watched her open her mouth, but at last nothing was said.

“Feiyu, do you want to play a riddle with me?” Their friends of so many years can’t see that Ling Feiyu has something to say to her.

Ling Feiyu thinks about it again. Even if she doesn’t tell Jianran, but it’s such a big deal, Jianran will soon know that it’s better for her to talk about it and remind Jianran.

She helped Jane to sit down first and said slowly, “but, what’s your attitude towards Gu Nanjing?”

“Why did you suddenly mention that man?” Asked Jane.

To be honest, all her thoughts during this period were on Qin Yue and her children, and she had not thought about those things and people for a long time.

As for Gu Nanjing, she didn’t want to hear any more about the man. Gu collapsed. What would happen to him? She had no interest at all.

Ling Feiyu paid attention to Jane’s expression, and saw that her expression was still calm. She said, “he is dead. As early as a week ago, it was killed by Jane Xin. “

Jane ran: “…”

Although Gu Nanjing had no feelings for her, when she heard such news suddenly, there was still a kind of complex feelings in her heart.

She still remembers that many years ago, Gu Nanjing was so sunny and dazzling, and she was the target of many famous ladies.

Once, he said to her, “however, you can promise to be my fiancee is the happiest and luckiest thing in my life.”

Once, he clapped his chest and said to her, “however, don’t study and work so hard any more. When you graduate, we will get married. I have money to support you. I will make you the happiest woman in the world. “

Once, he also said to her: “however, with Jane Xin, I just did not control for a while, the person I love in my heart has always been you.”

Once, there were many times between her and him.

She knew him when she was a few years old.

When I saw him for the first time, he was only about ten years old. He was childish all over, but he always liked to act like an old man.

That day, after the heavy rain.

Xiaojianran and xiaojianxin go home from school, because the school bus can’t enter the villa area, so they will walk a long way after getting off.

“Sister, do you like the new school?” Little Jane looked up at her and blinked her big eyes.

“The environment of the new school is much better than that of our previous school, of course I like it.” Small Jane Xin rubs small Jane Ran’s head, “does that like it?”

“I don’t like it.” “I miss my old friends. They don’t laugh at my sister, they don’t laugh at me,” she said

“But we have moved here, but we must like it.” Said Jane Xin.

Little Jane was just about to reply that a car was passing by them, and the sewage was splashing all over them.

Jane walked on the side of the road, not only splashed on her body, but also her face was shallow. Her face was full of mud and water.

“Ran –” Jianxin hurriedly takes out the wet paper towel from her schoolbag and wants to help Jianran clean it up.

“Oh, where is this little beggar from?” A young boy’s voice came, and Gu Nanjing, who was wearing the school uniform of the most famous noble school in Kyoto, appeared in front of her and looked at the two sisters proudly.

All of a sudden, he was scolded by someone. However, Jane was angry. She rushed to him and grabbed his hand. He raised his hand to beat her, but he didn’t fall down, but let her bite.

When Jane let go of him, Gu Nanjing bit a small tooth mark on the tiger’s mouth.

Jane stared at him angrily, but saw that he suddenly smiled: “are you the second daughter of the new Jane family?”

She stared at him and said nothing. Jane Xin hurriedly protected her behind her and apologized: “brother Nanjing, however, is still young and ignorant. Please don’t blame her.”

“Ran?” He repeated these two words, and then he looked at Jane, “are you her sister? The eldest daughter of the Jane family? “

Jianxin nodded: “yes. We are Jane’s daughter. My father took us to visit your house yesterday. But you don’t seem to be at home. “

“Your temper is OK, but your sister’s temper is too strong. I’ll let your father discipline her in the future.” Leave the words, Gu Nanjing turns to leave.

“But don’t you remember what my father said?” Seeing Gu Nanjing leave, Jianxin takes out a wet tissue, wipes the sewage on her face, and says, “that’s Gu’s eldest son, we can’t mess with him.”

“Sister, but he called us little beggars.” Said little Jane indignantly.

Jane Xin’s temperament is gentle, but Jane’s temperament is strong. When she encounters something unfair, Jane Xin always wants to bear it and then go, but Jane won’t.

“If he wants to scold, let him scold. He is the master of the family.” Jianxin takes her little hand and pinches her delicate face. “Our family is the most lovely, so I don’t want to make my father unhappy.”

“Well.” Little Jane nodded her little head and smiled at her sister, who was one head taller than her. “Sister, let’s go home.”

Because their family has just moved to this circle, and their parents are not really rich people, their sisters are always bullied by the children in the circle.

One day, when Jianxin came back from school, she was blocked by several children. Those people pointed out to her: “cut, the children of poor people live in the rich circle, and they are still ugly ducklings.”

Jane Xin lowered her head and said nothing. She thought it would be over if she could bear it, as long as she didn’t offend these rich children.

It happened that this scene was later seen by Jane ran, who was not the kind of person who could bear it. As soon as she lost her schoolbag, she rushed to fight with those people painfully.

Just when she was beaten black and blue, Gu Nanjing, the eldest son of Gu’s family, appeared. He said, “stop it all for me.”

He came over, pulled Jane up from the ground, and said to the others, “if anyone dares to bully Jane in the future, it’s just that he doesn’t agree with me.”

The little Jane ran threw off Gu Nanjing’s hand and held her by a head higher than her: “elder sister, don’t always be afraid, but you will be protected in the future.”

Later, because of Gu Nanjing’s support, no one dared to bully their sisters any more, and she became the most untouchable person in their circle.

Those people all know that behind her there is Gu Nanjing, the eldest son of the family, to support her. If anyone dares to find her trouble again, it’s to have a bad time with the eldest son of the family.

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