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Eye Turn Off


Most of the month seemed to pass in a blink of an eye.

These days, the temperature of Jiangbei has picked up. It’s sunny every day, which makes people feel comfortable.

After lunch, Qin’s mother took Jane and Qin Xiaobao to sit in the garden with her and have a chat.

Qin’s mother clapped Jianran’s hand and said, “but tomorrow we are going back to America. In the future, you and Mu Zhi will be in Jiangbei. You must get along well. “

“Mom, you should say these words to my brother. If they quarrel, it must be my wooden brother who doesn’t know how to make his sister-in-law happy. ” Qin Xiaobao said in a twitter.

“I want to talk to him, but do you think I can find the time to talk to him? As soon as the seventh day of the lunar new year passed, he began to work. Every day he left early and came back late. I couldn’t even see his figure. I couldn’t find a chance to tell him. ” When it comes to her son, mother Qin is full of complaints.

She has always known that her son is a workaholic. All he knows is to work hard all year round. Now he married a wife, it seems that he has not changed a bit.

But she knows better that Qin Yue is not to blame for these things. The real source lies in her. But for her poor health, Qin’s father would not have given all the work to Qin Yue so early.

“Then you can’t put pressure on your sister-in-law.” Nunuzui, Qin Xiaobao, looked aside at the silent Jane with her head down. “Sister in law, do you think so?”

“Ah? What? ” Asked Jane in a daze.

“Sister in law, is brother really making you unhappy?” Seeing Jane’s absent-minded appearance, Qin Xiaobao’s intuition was that her wooden brother made her sister-in-law angry.

“We’re fine.” Replied Jane weakly.

She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. She’s always sleepy in recent days.

In the morning, Qin Yue went to work for a long time, but she got up. In the evening, when he didn’t come back, she went to bed early, but she slept so much every day, so sleepy.

“However, are you uncomfortable? Or do you get upset by the admiration? ” Qin’s mother also noticed that Jane was different from the past and was listless.

“I’m not sick.” However, in order not to let Qin’s mother worry, she added, “it may be that she didn’t sleep well last night, but today she is a little sleepy.”

She didn’t want to worry about Qin’s mother when she spoke like this, but it was a different meaning when she heard Qin’s mother and Qin Xiaobao.

Qin’s mother smiled and said softly, “since I’m tired, I’ll go back to my room and sleep for a while. I’ll get up when I’m full.”

Jane was so sleepy that she couldn’t open her eyes. She didn’t pay attention to another meaning in mother Qin’s words. She nodded: “I’ll go then.”

I’m really sleepy, but Jane doesn’t want to hold on. I have to sleep enough to chat with Qin Xiaobao and her mother.

After nearly a month together, Jane deeply felt the Qin’s parents’ care and love for her.

In particular, mother Qin, like her own mother, always smiles kindly at her, so gentle that people want to pounce on her arms.

A woman can meet such a mother-in-law, I’m afraid it’s also a blessing that has been cultivated for several lifetimes.

The news of Gu’s being investigated and several key leaders being taken into custody quickly spread all over the country, and the headlines of all major websites were these news.

During the Spring Festival, Jane didn’t care about her family at all, and naturally didn’t pay attention to their news.

However, the news was too shocking. As soon as Jane returned to the room, the mobile news jumped out of the news of Gu’s search.

After seeing this news, Jane’s heart was speechless. After revenge, she did not have the expected pleasure, but had an unspeakable emotion.

Life is so uncertain, minutes can push a person to the peak, minutes can bring a person to the bottom.

I think at the beginning, how beautiful Gu is.

Nanjing, the eldest young master of Gu’s family, is so striking, but it is not reduced to homelessness.

It must be that Mr. Xu is much more powerful than she imagined to be able to overthrow Gu in such a short time. Such a character, she still left some later, do not have any relationship with him.

As for Jian Zhengtian, it’s said that he has run. How can he let something like that run away?

Just thinking about it, Qin Yue called in.

When she was connected, she heard the magnetic voice of Qin and Yue saying, “what are you doing?”

“Thinking about you.” Jane smiled and said.

After hearing the answer, the man on the other end of the phone was silent again.

She added, “don’t you want me to miss you?”

Qin Yue: “No.”

Jane ran: “what is that?”

Qin Yue: “…”

Jane ran: “OK. You don’t want to say it. I’m just going to bed and I won’t talk to you. “

In fact, she would like to chat with him and listen to his voice, but this annoying sleepiness is too annoying.

Qin Yue: “Jianran…”

“I’m not angry with you.” Listening to his helpless voice, Jane couldn’t help but smile and say, “the elders are going back to the United States tomorrow, what else do I need to prepare?”

Qin Yue: “no need.”

Jane sighed: “we have lived together for nearly a month, they want to go back, suddenly feel the same empty heart, good reluctant.”

“You and me.”

“You are you, they are them, it’s different.”

“How different?”

Jane put her head on the pillow and said softly, “because you are my husband, unique to me, and definitely different.”

“Well. I see. “

He is such a short and undeniable answer again. If he was by her side, Jane would rush over and bite him hard.

“Then I’ll hang up.” Before he could answer, she hung up her cell phone, tucked in the bed, closed her eyes and was about to go to bed. The cell phone beside her rang again.

Jane slipped and answered, “is there anything else?”

“However, did you see the news of Gu’s downfall? It’s a great pleasure.” Lingfei’s voice came from the mobile phone.

“Oh -” Jane replied weakly.

“It’s a good thing that Gu collapsed. How can I hear your tone a little sad?” Lingfei roared discontentedly.

“as soon as I was going to sleep, I was woken up by you, I didn’t scold you, how would you like me to be happy?” When I want to go to bed, I always get noisy, and my anger comes up.

“Well, it’s not the right time for me to call. But tell me, when can you come to work? “

“Tomorrow afternoon.” She will go to work after seeing off the elder of Qin’s family tomorrow. She will not be so sleepy if she is busy one day.

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