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In the laughter, the three children of the Qin family led the red envelopes of the elders.

Jianran also gave the gifts that she had prepared before to everyone. The elders and Qin Xiaobao all said they liked them very much.

Grandpa Qin is old after all. It’s not easy to survive until this time. After receiving the gift, he asked Qin Yue to send him back to his room first.

Qin’s mother took Jane’s advice again and went back to the room to have a rest with Qin’s father.

As soon as the elders left, Qin Xiaobao’s face suddenly darkened, and he sat in the sofa, looking at a certain place.

“Xiaobao, what’s the matter?” Jane wanted to go upstairs and see that Qin Xiaobao’s situation was wrong. She couldn’t help caring.

“Sister in law…” Qin Xiaobao raised his head, sighed a long time, and said, “do you think you like a person? Do you want to wait for him to like you, or do you want to take the initiative?”

Jian ran sat down beside Qin Xiaobao, thought about it carefully, and said: “in my opinion, if you like it, you should chase it boldly. If you don’t go after them, in case they are the same as you think. That’s not about to be missed. “

In a simple view, Qin Yue’s personality will never take the initiative to pursue girls.

In life, if she doesn’t take the initiative and waits for him to take the initiative, they don’t think she can be a real husband and wife yet.

“Do you want to take the initiative?” Qin Xiaobao mumbled.

“Is Xiaobao someone you like?” Simply ask again.

Qin Xiaobao blinked, blinked back the tears in his eyes, and then said, “yes. I fell in love with a disgusting man

A man who doesn’t want to answer her phone, let alone see her, is really annoying. She has never hated a person so much.

Tonight, she called him again. It was clearly his personal cell phone, but it was his men who answered the phone.

She asked the man to ask him to answer the phone. The man obviously paused for a while, and then said to her: “the commander is busy with official business and has no time. He also told you not to call him all the time. “

She knew that he must be nearby and even could hear her voice, but he just didn’t want to talk to her.

Qin Xiaobao couldn’t understand. Before she was 18 years old, he would answer every phone call and tell her many interesting things in the army.

Last year, he spent the Spring Festival in Kyoto. He went to Kyoto from Jiangbei and sent her a big gift.

When he saw her, he also pulled her to compare with her on the chest: “Xiaobao seems to grow tall again. It’s all to the chin of my uncle. If it continues to grow, is it going to grow taller than my uncle? “

She nestled in his arms and said: “Zhan Nianbei, I’m going to be an adult soon. It’s impossible to grow taller, so you don’t have to worry.”

He smiled and rubbed her head: “it’s not good for a girl to grow too tall. No man will marry you then.”

“Zhan Nianbei, you know, my dream from childhood is to marry you.” She has a simple mind and says whatever she thinks.

“Silly child.” He pinched her face again, as he did when he was a child. “I’m your little uncle. You are all big children. You are not allowed to talk such nonsense in the future. “

He said she was talking nonsense, but her heart was very clear. In this life, he was the only one she wanted to marry.

She is young, but the idea is very firm.

Last year, after the Spring Festival, when he returned to Jiangbei, he said to her: “Xiaobao, come on and study. As long as you are admitted to a good university, my uncle will come to see you early next spring festival. “

After that, she worked hard, never before, and put all her energy into her study.

Just because he said that as long as she got good grades and could go to a good university, she could meet him in advance.

Her academic performance is not bad, and her academic performance is rising in a straight line. During the summer vacation, she gets good grades to report to him.

He was very happy after listening. On the phone, she could hear his hearty laughter. He also agreed that she could come to Jiangbei to play with him.

So she flew from America to Jiangbei alone and met him.

That day, he came to the airport to meet her. She was so handsome in military uniform that she couldn’t move her eyes at all.

“Zhan Nianbei -” she ran to him, threw herself into his arms and held him tightly. “Do you miss me very much?”

“Yes. Of course I do. ” Zhan Nianbei said with a smile. The hearty laughter seemed to shake the whole airport.

She was with him all summer vacation.

After work, he will personally drive her to play in fun places and eat local snacks.

At that time, she felt very happy, very happy, and even thought it would be very easy to marry her when she grew up.

At the end of the summer vacation, she will go back to the United States to report to the University. Before leaving, he also told her that this Spring Festival must come to see her in advance.

Everything was fine between them, but something strange happened when she turned eighteen.

That day, she waited 24 hours from zero to zero the next day without receiving a call from him to wish her a happy birthday.

She had thought a lot of things to say to him, to tell him, today she turned eighteen, is a real adult.

But I prepared a lot of words, but I didn’t have a chance to tell him.

Not only did he not take the initiative to call her, she took the initiative to call him, and he did not answer.

Even after that day, she never heard his voice, let alone saw him, as if he was deliberately avoiding her.

“Your brother is annoying sometimes.” Then she rubbed Qin Xiaobao’s head and said, “some men’s mouths may be dull, but as long as he has you in his heart.”

“But…” Qin Xiaobao can’t say.

Because she didn’t know if he had her in his heart, or even if he had her in his heart, it was only my uncle’s love for my niece, not for men and women.

“But what?” Simply ask again.

Qin Xiaobao took out his mobile phone, opened the mobile phone album, turned to a photo in his private album, and handed it to Jane ran: “sister in law, do you think our two are suitable?”

The picture is a handsome man. Jane saw this picture on the Internet, the legendary leader of Shengtian, leoqin.

It’s said that the man killed decisively and vigorously in the market, and it’s also said that he was good at women.

However, these are all news from the Internet. I haven’t seen him in person, so it’s not easy to comment at will.

“Sister in law, if you don’t speak, do you think we are not a good match?” Qin Xiaobao said sadly.

“Xiaobao, it’s not only about looking at the appearance, but also from all aspects.” “No matter what decision you make, your family will support you,” she said

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