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Mr. Xu promised quickly and thought about all kinds of possibilities.

He can be sure that Jane Xin, the woman who asked him to marry her, would never want to be his wife.

The reason why he agreed was that he wanted to listen to her. What was her real purpose?

“Who rarely wants to be your wife.” Jianxin smiled, not looking at people, and said, “I want 20% of the shares, and I want to be Gu’s grandmother.”

It’s her wish for many years to be Gu’s master mother. Now Gu Nanjing can’t rely on it, she will try other ways.

She went to a famous school in China, and went to Harvard University in the United States to study. She needs to look good and learn.

Without Jane Zhengtian and Gu Nanjing, she can do better than the one who lives with them.

“It turns out that Miss Jane still wants to take care of the young master.” Mr. Xu narrowed his eyes slightly, and with a deep smile on his lips, said, “once our plan starts to be implemented, Gu’s name will not be Gu’s at that time.”

“So what?” Asked Jane in a cold voice.

In her opinion, no matter who Gu changed to be the master, Gu was the one who had been brilliant for a while.

Mr. Xu hooked his lips slightly and said with a smile, “since Miss Jane doesn’t care, I wish you a happy cooperation.”

Jianxin is not in the mood to talk and laugh with him like this. She takes out a small box from her bag at any time, throws it to Mr. Xu from the window, and says, “these things in the box are enough to bring down the person you want to bring down.”

With Gu Nanjing for so many years, she didn’t just follow him. In these years, the Jane family and Gu family worked together to do those dirty things, and she left evidence for everything.

The evidence is what she used to defend herself. As long as they don’t do something sorry to her, the evidence will never appear.

So, no matter how badly Gu’s family lost, Gu Nanjing’s family asked for it. It had nothing to do with her.

“Miss Jane, it’s going to change again. Go back earlier before the snow falls.” Left the words, Mr. Xu waved to her, started the car and left.

Jane Xin watched his car go further and further, the corner of her mouth raised a smile of sarcasm, silently said: “28 points, 28 points, I want to let you all points.”


According to the weather report, there will be a heavy snow from 11 o’clock tonight, and the next two days will be heavy snow.

The airport will be temporarily closed in snowy weather, which will directly affect the flights in and out of Kyoto.

If they return to Jiangbei as scheduled, their flight will be delayed because of the heavy snow.

Jian Ran is eager to go back to Jiangbei. Qin Yue asks Xu Huiyi to change her flight to 7 o’clock this evening and go back to Jiangbei overnight.

I don’t know how it is. I can go back to the north of the river at the thought of it. I can’t express my joy in Jane’s heart.

Maybe it’s because Kyoto always brings her bad luck. She doesn’t want to stay here for a moment.

She wanted to leave Kyoto as soon as possible, far away from her family, and let the man take action earlier to overthrow Gu.

When she returns to Jiangbei, she can work hard and everything will be better.

Jian ran looks sideways at Qin Yue, who is sitting next to him. He is still busy, looking at the data table, looking at the work, making a phone call. He has been waiting for about half an hour in the VIP lounge. He hasn’t stopped for a minute.

He’s always so busy. She can’t imagine how busy he is –

“what are you thinking?” Qin Yue’s attention finally fell to her.

“I wonder if your boss will be busy counting money in a day when you are so busy.”

Listen to her some block gas words, Qin Yue feel funny, low deep smile: “the bank staff will be busy counting money every day.”

She squashed her lips at him: “I won’t give you time off on Sunday. How much will your boss pay you?”

“There’s no problem raising you anyway,” he said

“I can make money on my own if you want it.” Although Jane doesn’t need him to support her, it’s hard to hear him say a word of love. Her heart is still full of sweetness.

She asked again, “it’s almost boarding. Are you finished?”

“I’m done.” Qin Yue shut down the computer and handed it to Xu Huiyi. He put his hand around Jianran and sniffed at her hair. “Why are you so happy?”

“Because it’s going home.” She snuggled into his arms and rubbed twice. “Today is the 10th day of the first lunar month. There are more than ten days to celebrate the new year. I want to go home and prepare well.”

Qin Yue pinched her chin, raised her face, and said, “Jane, let’s go to see my parents together in Spring Festival.”

Suddenly heard Qin Yue say to take her to see her parents, Jane’s heart some excitement, but there are some worries, in case his family do not like her, then what should she do?

According to Qin Yue’s behavior, dress and eating habits, his family should not be an ordinary family.

When you think about your own family –

when you think about your own family, you will feel sad again.

If Qin Yue’s parents ask her parents, what should she say?

“Jianran -” Qin Yue saw her worry, kissed her forehead, and said, “you are my wife, and my family will like you.”

“Really?” It’s not that she’s not confident, it’s that she has too many stains.

Some things, Qin Yue will believe her, but his family may not believe it.

Some things, Qin Yue will not care, but his family may not.

Some people will say that marriage is a matter of two people, as long as Qin Yue believes in her.

But she didn’t think so. She wanted to have a good life with Qin Yue. Of course, it was better to get the blessings of her elders.

“Of course it is.” Qin Yue rubbed her head again.

He believed that his family would like a kind, strong and beautiful girl like her.

“Flight UK 3817 to Jiangbei has started boarding…”

Listening to the boarding news from the radio, Qin Yue picked up Jianran and was shocked by him again. He raised his hand and beat him: “so many people, you’d better let me down.” Reading the latest chapters of the novel, you can search on Baidu: (my)’s $book (city (net)

“what’s wrong with the large number of people?” He was holding his wife, but he didn’t hold others. What’s the matter with others?

There are many people, so many eyes, she will be embarrassed.

But Qin Yue didn’t have this self-consciousness, holding her hand as strong as an iron wrist, she couldn’t move at all.

This is her husband. He is a kind of bully, slow in EQ, but very considerate man.

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