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Eye Turn Off

Chapter99 Shift the Blame

“For me? Ha-ha, it’s so funny. What do you know? Do you know what I’ve experienced alone in foreign countries?” Angie suddenly burst into a loud laugh, which could not be stopped, just like the hysterical madman.

“Angie, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me.”

Vanessa began to panic. She looked back at Alan nervously. Her usual tone of humility changed.

“Alan, Angie is your daughter, not your enemy. How can you do it? Let Angie stay with whoever she wants. No matter how excellent William is, we can still put pressure on him.”

Angie also thought that her father would agree with her mother.

But she didn’t know why her father was like a cold-blooded animal. He didn’t want her to be with William. There’s no wiggle room in his words, “No, you’d better understand your situation.”

Angie’s eyes were half drooping, and there was a sense of determination. She stood up from the ground without any hesitation, and she clenched her red lips. Her eyes were full of tears and she was about to collapse.

She said bitterly, “Dad, I will really die if you don’t let me stay with William. Do you know what happened to me abroad because of your actions in those years?”

When Alan saw the sadness that in Angie’s eyes, he felt uneasy, “Angie…”

“That’s right, Dad. I was raped abroad and had a daughter. Now I accept a man, my favorite man in my life. Are you really going to force me to death?”

Angie shouted at Alan.

Yes, in order to be with William, she couldn’t care a lot. Anyway, she did give birth to a daughter, just to change the way of saying it, and the result was the same.

That man would never come to China, and she had no worries.

Vanessa couldn’t accept this and fell on the ground softly. She said to herself, “How could it be like this…”

“I’ll kill that man.” Alan was also furious, and wished to kill the “perpetrator” immediately.

“I don’t want to talk about past. I don’t want to think about it. I just want you to accept William.”

Angie started to grasp Alan’s hand again, and said pitifully, “Dad, aren’t you worried about William’s intention of revenge? As long as you give me time, I will prove to you that William will never have such an idea.”

She looked at her father and said nothing, and continued, “Dad, in fact, William proposed to me a few days ago. I didn’t say that.”

Alan’s face was visibly moved, “Angie, is it real?”

“Yes.” Angie was a little bit shy and sad and she nodded, “As long as you gave me a chance to talk with William.”

If he didn’t know that Angie had experienced that, Alan would never agree with her. He had been immersed in the officialdom for more than 30 years, and had already known everything. Although he was only 80% sure that William had a purpose.

But it was enough for him to wipe out a potential enemy. If it wasn’t for his daughter, he would completely eliminate this danger before William took a foothold in this city.

Now for his only daughter, he had to give in, “Angie, if William really says that, then you can bring him home for a meal.”

“Really? That’s great.” Angie immediately smiled through tears.

“Since you’ve said that, how can I disagree?” Alan turned back to the gentle and talkative father.

“Dad, you are very kind to me.”

“Angie, my daughter, you have suffered a lot. Mom will never let anyone bully you again.” Vanessa knew that Angie had suffered so much, and kept wiping tears.

“Mom, I’m fine now, as long as we’re together.” Angie pretended to be calm.

“Angie has been sensible since she was a child. She doesn’t tell us what happened. Tell me who bullied you today.”

“No, nothing, mom.”

When Vanessa saw Angie’s expression, she thought that she didn’t want them to worry, and Vanessa didn’t want her to be aggrieved.

“Don’t be afraid, Angie. No one here can bully you. Tell mom who did this to you.”

“No, maybe Vivian was in a bad mood today. It is just an accident.”

Angie was very smart and very clear that if she said it was Selina who did that, her parents would be angry, but they couldn’t do anything.

So she purposely be ambiguous and did not directly point out the name of Vivian, only letting her mother understand it.

“Vivian? It’s the girl who you always say is very nice to you. Why does she do this to you?” Vanessa still had some impression on Vivian. She couldn’t believe that a quiet and clever girl can do such a thing.

Angie bit her index finger and said in a forbearing voice, “I don’t know. It seems that after she went to work in William’s office, Vivi has become like this.”

As a passer-by, Vanessa could understand the meaning of her daughter’s words. She clapped her hand and said, “Angie, you are so kind that you will be bullied by those women who are not good at anything. Remember that you are the daughter of our family.”

“You’re different from her. We still don’t want those friends who have an evil mind.”

“Mom, Vivi shouldn’t be that kind of person.” Angie pretended to be kind enough to speak for Vivian.

“That woman is with a bad mind at first sight. You can rest assured that I know how to deal with it.”

Angie listened to her mother’s decision, and showed a successful smile where no one could see it.

Vivian, if you dare to take my man from me, I will make your life worse than death.

“Angie, I will take you to change clean clothes. Have a good rest at home today and prepare dinner with me tomorrow.” Vanessa helped Angie to stand up from the ground.

“Mom, I can do it myself, and William doesn’t have to come tomorrow.” There was a trace of coyness on her face when she mentioned William.

“You’re so shy. OK, hurry up.” Vanessa happened to have something to say to Alan.

Angie said to the silent Alan, “Dad, I’ll go upstairs first.”

Alan nodded, with great dignity and loving attention. “Listen to your mother, and have a good rest at home today.”

“I know, dad.” Angie achieved her intent and left happily.