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Eye Turn Off

Chapter96 In rage

“What the hell is going on?” Selina, with milk tea in one hand and mineral water that Vivian wanted in the other, looked for Vivian everywhere. Suddenly, she saw a group of people gathered there and squeezed in.

She saw clearly who was beaten, and the next second the bottle in her hand was directly pinched and deformed.

Selina’s eyes were red. Her face was taut, and her sexy red lips were tightly pressed into a line. She went to the woman who was still kicking and beating step by step

She called out softly, “Angie…”

Angie turned to see, “Who it is?”

A cup of Iced Milk Tea was poured to her face, and she was drenched. The water fell to her feet, and the sweet smell of milk tea wafted around her.

Then came a scream, “Oh, you bitch dare to pour milk tea on me!”

Everyone couldn’t respond to the sudden situation in front of them. Who is that red haired woman? She’s so powerful.

Selina did not take a look at Angie. She helped her to stand up and leaned against her ear and said, “Vivian, you are a fool.”

Vivian relied on Selina weakly and forced a smile. Selina still found her.

“You’re still in the mood to laugh at this time. It’s really annoying.” Selina said that and her eyes were sore.

Vivian, you silly woman.

“What are you doing, Selina? You even helped Vivian, that bitch?” Angie felt that she had been insulted as never before, and she was almost mad.

Selina looked at Angie and said coldly, “you should be glad that I didn’t take hot milk tea, or you will definitely experience the feeling of hot.”

If it wasn’t for holding Vivian, she wouldn’t let her go. She should have brought a cup of hot tea and let the bad woman disfigure herself.

Angie shouted at the two of them, “Why you treat me like this? Did you know that Vivian seduced William long ago?”

“You’re still a society lady. But you said those rude words in public. What’s the difference between the bitch on the market and you?”

Selina always liked to hit the enemy with the least cost.

Because Selina’s kindness “reminds”, the people around also seemed to reflect on the identity of the woman in front of them.

“Isn’t she the daughter of the director of the city hall?”

“No way. It’s always said in the news report that his daughter is kind-hearted and knowledgeable. How could she be the ruthless woman?”

“But it really seems a bit like her.”

Maggie, who had been watching it nearby, saw that the person who helped Vivian was Selina. She had known her background. She was afraid to appear in the crowd and dared not appear.

Listening to the comments of others, Angie quickly yelled, “Selina, don’t talk nonsense. Now it’s Vivian who take my boyfriend.”

The voice of the discussion also stopped. It was true. Now it was the woman named Vivian who was a mistress. She couldn’t calm down.

Selina sneered, “Angie, now it’s you who talk nonsense, OK?”

“Vivian has admitted it herself.”

“Listen to me, bitch,” Selina didn’t want to shout the name that made her sick, and said directly, “it was you who broke up with that bastard and ran abroad and you didn’t let William have a new relationship. Shame on you.”

“Which law says they can’t be together? How dare you say that Vivian is mistress?”

“You are talking nonsense. I just have a quarrel with William.” Angie’s eyes flickered, and she said, “And William is my ex-boyfriend.”

With a scornful smile, Selina said scornfully, “Ha-ha, you also know he’s your ex-boyfriend. So it’s none of your business. Do you want your ex-boyfriend be a bachelor? I really feel sorry for William.”

“You’re trying to be reasonable. Now I’m back with William. What does Vivian mean?” Angie thought about why she was here all the time.

Things seemed to change.

“Please, can you take care of your man and ask him not to disturb my friend? It seems that you don’t know anything about William.” Selina took a pitiful look at Angie.

Angie couldn’t refute and didn’t want to let her go so easily. She turned her eyes directly to the other side.

“Vivian, do you feel guilty when you ask others to speak for you? Didn’t you promise me if you take my man, there would be a thunderclap?”

“Why haven’t you been killed by thunder now?”

Selina felt that Vivian had shivered again and she was angry with her. She really shouldn’t have let the little bitch go.

“Your parents are the ones who should be killed by thunder. If not your parents, do you think William will be like that now?”

“What? What you’re talking about?” Angie subconsciously looked up at Selina’s angry eyes and took a step back.

What was the woman talking about? What dose William have to do with her parents?

Vivian seemed to have known what Selina said, and she said weakly, “Selina, stop talking.”

“Don’t stop me, she’s the woman who insults herself.”

Selina stared at Angie and approached to her inch by inch, with a clear voice.

“If it wasn’t for your father to think that William was too poor and he got in the way when he started his business, William’s office can be started three years ago.”

“If it wasn’t for your father’s pressure, William would be more excellent. Moreover, when William was in the most difficult situation, it was Vivian who accompanied him, and you still went abroad.”

“No, it’s impossible. You’re talking nonsense. You made it up.” Angie couldn’t believe the fact that. Aren’t his parents always appreciating William? How could they do that?

It must be a fake. It must be Selina who deliberately misled her.

She didn’t believe it…