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Eye Turn Off

Chapter95 It was Discovered Finally

“No, it’s impossible, isn’t it? Tell me that it’s all fake.” With the last hope in her eyes, Angie hoped to hear the negative answer from Vivian.

But looking at Vivian, who was silent and guilty, the last string in Angie’s mind also broke.

Angie suddenly clenched her hand and walked straight towards Vivian. She did not hesitate to wave her hand and slap her face.

A snap.

Vivian turned her head, and her long hair blocked the blood on the corner of her mouth. In fact, she could avoid it, but she couldn’t face her guilt.

Every night, she woke up countless times from her dream. Even when she woke up in the daytime, her mind was always in a tense state. She was in a state of panic.

After all, it was discovered finally.

It inexplicably let her felt happy, oh, she finally did not have to live in fear day by day.

Everyone was shocked too. Someone started to shout, and everyone’s eyes followed.

“Look, blood. There’s blood on the ground.”

“God, it’s really a sin. Why does a good girl want to be a mistress?”

Some people deliberately said, “Someone looks like a good girl but she did things that are degrading. It’s disgusting.”

Maggie was happy to see this scene, and even thought it was not enough. She continued.

“Angie, don’t be too angry. The bitch must be able to disguise. Maybe the reason why you were separated from William was the existence of her.”

When Angie heard Maggie’s words, her eyes were full of cruelty. She said in a gloomy tone, “No wonder you’re always indecisive when I ask you something about William.”

“Every time I ask you some classmates’ phone number, you always put it off. Vivian, I really did not expect that you are such an unscrupulous woman.”

Angie was angrier with Vivian, who was silent and unresponsive. She wanted to tear up her hypocritical face directly.

Her footsteps were approaching, and her vicious words were constant, “Vivian, are you secretly laughing at me behind my back, laughing that I regard you as my best friend, but you turn around and go to my man.”

At last, Angie suddenly rose and roared, “Vivian, why are you so mean? If you really want a man, you can go to a nightclub.”

“Why do you have to take my man? A man of your best friend?”

Vivian looked at Angie’s merciless insult, and her eyes were filled with mist. She was eager to explain, but what’s the use of explanation?

The fact was that she was stay with William. The fact was that when Angie came back, she still tangled with William.

Even if she was forced, even if she had thousands of unavoidable reasons, it was her own responsibility.

She couldn’t expose Roe, absolutely not.

Angie approached step by step and kept pushing Vivian. “Vivian, why do you sleep with my man and feel aggrieved?”

Vivian bit her lips and kept retreating. She spoke with difficulty, “Angie, I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry? You make me feel sick. Why do you want to do this to me? You said you wouldn’t take my boyfriend. Why?”

Angie couldn’t help crying. She hated it. She really hated it. If Vivian told her at the beginning, she might be very angry, but it was not like this now.

From the beginning to the end, she was treated as a fool. She also told her about all the thing about William.

Embarrassment, betrayal, humiliation, all kinds of emotions around her heart, this moment she would like to kill the woman in front of her.

“Angie…” When Vivian saw Angie’s tears, she was even more upset. She didn’t want to see that happen, but who gave her the chance to choose?

“Shut up, it’s disgusting to hear my name from you.”

Angie angrily grabbed Vivian’s long hair and kicked it on her kneecap. Vivian had a pain. She kneeled down on the ground. The bags on her hands were scattered on the ground. Several expensive skirts fell out.

The whispering around was louder. Most of the people who went shopping were women. They were sensitive to the word “mistress”.

When she saw that Vivian didn’t resist, she thought Vivian acquiesced to her guilty action.

Some people even couldn’t wait to step on her. Vicious and contemptuous words were constant.

“It’s shameful for a girl to take a man when she goes abroad.”

“This kind of woman should go to hell. Death is not a pity.”

“She looked like a good woman but she turned out to be a bitch.”

Vivian’s hands on the ground trembled and she kept shouting in her heart. It was not like this… She was not a mistress, she was not a bitch.

All the explanations and grievances had clearly come to her mouth, but when the young and innocent face appeared in her mind, Vivian swallowed the truth of her mouth with the bloody taste of her mouth.

You can’t say that out, Vivian.

The sound of slap could be heard all the time. It could be seen how much strength the attacker had exerted, but she seemed to think it was not enough.

Angie tore Vivian’s hair madly. She waved her hands to her face. Even though her palm was numb, she didn’t want to stop.

She kept swearing, “Explain it! You bitch, tell me if you are still pestering William.”

Vivian insisted that she should not make any noise. She was sad to think if Angie could forgive her if she had hit enough, if she could get rid of William, if she could take Roe to the surgery.

If so, then, hit me hard.

People who watched the scene saw that Vivian on the ground and could not fight back or scold, they just let women keep bullying her.

Some warm-hearted women couldn’t look at it and kept saying, “Oh, you should have found other man to be your boyfriend.”

Some old people said, “The girl has already known that it’s wrong, so you can let her go.”

“Yes. If you keep fighting, she would be injure.”

Maggie was looking at this, after hearing the people next to say so, she said with a vicious stare, “If your husband is seduced, you can’t be so calm.”

Other people stopped talking after hearing this.