Chapter90 Jeffrey is my brother-in-law

“Aunt Louisa is dead. I’ve come to see.” wanted tried to fight back with “If you little silly can be here, why can’t I be here?” but then she gave up.

“Oh.” Chris hung his eyes, who looked more lonely than usual. “I came to see my brother-in-law.”

Hearing the word “brother-in-law”, Jessica’s face changed, which was extraordinary wonderful. At last she forced a sentence out of her throat. “Aunt Louisa was… was your elder sister?”

The little bully changed his schedule to see his brother-in-law, so aunt Louisa should be his elder sister.”

According to this position in the family hierarchy, was she going to call the little bully uncle… uncle Chris?

“No.” Chris frowned and looked a bit miserable. “Jeffrey Wagner is my brother-in-law.”

He paused. “Not really. My elder sister was his first girlfriend. They’re not married.”

The bully was actually the brother of Jeffrey’s first girlfriend?

Jessica digested the news with great difficulty. She especially wanted to ask him why he called Jeffrey brother-in-law since they were not married.

And judging by the way he changed his schedule to visit Jeffrey, the relationship between these two people was clearly good.

But Chris rarely spoke so seriously and looked so sad. Jessica tried to suppressed her curiosity so as not to mention the sore spot that his sister was dead.

She didn’t ask, but Chris volunteered, “My parents died a long time ago, and my sister and I lived together. After my sister died, my brother-in-law paid for my tuition and living expenses.”

“Well.” He looked so different from usual, so Jessica even dare not speak loudly. “Bully, it’s been a long time since your elder sister has passed away. Don’t feel so sad.”

He didn’t have friends around, so the matter about his elder sister had been buried in his heart for a long time. Fat brother actually knew this matter, but he didn’t talk about it because he was afraid of mentioning his sore point.

“You know my sister has been dead for a long time?”

“I’ve known your brother-in-law for a long time, and I know something about his first girlfriend.”

In fact, Jessica had met Chris’s elder sister many times and got a good impression of her.

Chris, “Then do you know how she died?”

“… I don’t know.” Anyway, after Jeffrey broke up with his elder sister, she became a taboo of Jeffrey. They didn’t even dare to mention her. How did they know how the girl died?

Chris clenched his fist, then unclenched it, repeated it several times, and then said in a casual manner, “A male teacher forcibly molested her. She reported to the principal, but the principal advised her to make concessions to avoid trouble.”

“She didn’t agree. Later, the teacher wronged her by saying she had seduced him. Others also committed perjury for the male teacher. Everyone cursed her. She couldn’t accept it, so a few months after breaking up with my brother-in-law, she suffered from depression and… committed suicide.”

Forcibly molested…

She was surprised. No wonder the bully had reacted so violently on the set.

That was the reason.

And also suicide…By the way, the two most important women in Jeffrey’s life had committed suicide, so it was understandable that he wasn’t in his right state.

“I really can’t figure it out. It was just a little matter. And we could move. It’s not a big deal, is it?” Chris smiled and asked Jessica, but his eyes were bloodshot and watery.

Jessica knew him for a short time, but he was always obstinate and unruly, rarely so fragile. Not rarely, but she had never seen him like this.

Her feminine softness was awakened. She took a light breath and wanted to comfort the poor child.


“You don’t have to answer. Your little silly advice isn’t worth accepting.” Chris put his hands into the pocket, whose eyes were no longer bloodshot and watery, as if that scene was an illusion.

Her little sympathy vanished in a moment. “Chris, what do you mean by that?”

Damn it! How blind she had been to feel sorry for him!

“You can’t understand a word, really stupid!” Chris bent over her, raised his eyebrows and said, “It means that we are human beings and you are pigs. Opinions of different kinds do not need to be… Hey!”

He looked at his white shoe which was trampled by Jessica with an angry face.

There was a clear black footprint on it. How on earth did this woman get her shoes so dirty? !

“Sorry, I can’t understand the pig because I’m a human.” Jessica snorted and sat back down on the sofa.

Chris gave a sniff, asked the assistant for a piece of tissue to wipe his shoes, and sneered, “With your intelligence quotient, you can only use my method to deal with me again!”

Jessica put her other foot in front of him. “Shall I step on your other shoe for symmetry?”


After Chris wiped his shoe, he patted her calf which was in front of him and was about to go upstairs to find his brother-in-law, which was his business.

Seeing this, Jessica swished up and stood in front of him. “What are you going to do?”

“Are you a fish with a memory of seven seconds? Didn’t I tell you I am going to see my brother-in-law?” Chris put his arm around her waist, threw her aside and continued to go upstairs.

He looked as usual, but he could not help thinking.

That waist was fucking thin.

Jessica didn’t know his thought at all. Hearing this, she took his arm directly from behind. “You can’t go!”

Her brother and Jeffrey might fight upstairs. By then, the bully was certain to help Jeffrey.

Her brother was already injured, and it would be a great disadvantage if he lost in numbers.

No, she couldn’t let the bully go upstairs!

Meanwhile, on the second floor.

For more than ten minutes they did not say a word.

Finally, Ryan broke the silence. “Why did you aim at me?”

“You’ve been lingering on the matter about Jessica for so long that I thought you wouldn’t ask me directly.” Jeffrey laughed.

“You’re different.” Ryan was never a person who liked to beat around the bush, except for feelings.

“Jessica’s not here. Come to the point.”

The smile vanished from Jeffrey’s lips. After a moment, he gave a mocking snort.

He took out a piece of folded paper from his trouser pocket with a slight tremor in his fingers, opened it and displayed it in front of Ryan. “Did you already know it?”

It was an ordinary piece of paper, but it was what Mrs. Wagner had written before she died.

“These years, I am really very tired, sorry, I can’t hold on. Darling or Jeffrey, no matter who you see this paper, please say sorry to Lucy for me.

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

I’m sorry to Lucy. I’m sorry to you… Jeffrey, you have to believe that mother is really love you, but I’m sorry, I can’t hold on.

I’m sorry, darling…


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