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Chapter90 Clean the Office

Vivian looked at William’s eyes and almost thought that he would be here was because of herself.

Thinking of this extremely stupid conclusion, Vivian would like to take two shots at herself. She quickly pinched the palm of her hand hidden in her clothes. She couldn’t be led away by the black-hearted man in front of her.

“William, since you are still in the office, I will come back later.”

“No, you can keep busy with your business.” William took back his eyes and no longer looked at Vivian. He looked like he was doing his business.

Vivian started to clean the office, just like what Alex said, William’s office was very clean.

The glass in front of the sofa was spotless. In fact, she had nothing to do with it, but she still needed to do something. She put the ashtray right, and replaced the flowers on the table with clean water.

Flowers? Vivian’s fingertips paused.

She couldn’t remember the last time she came there were flowers, The imported white tulip was with strong fragrance.

She knew only one person who liked this flower and was emotional, her good friend Angie.

Vivian looked at the flowers in her hand, and her eyes were sour and complex. Angie would bring fresh flowers every day and change them for him.

The flowers were really beautiful. Angie was really attentive to William, which made her feel guilty.

Although William was busy with the task at hand, he still paid attention to Vivian’s actions. Seeing that she had been looking at tulips on the table for a long time, he couldn’t help saying.

“Do you like tulips?”

“It’s beautiful.” Actually she didn’t like tulips or roses at all. She preferred Gypsophila paniculata.

William’s tone was as casual as talking about today’s weather, “Take it back if you like.”

Vivian was stunned for a second because of his words. “Isn’t that what someone gave you?”

It was too hurtful to give it to others so easily.

Or there was no difference between important and unimportant in William’s heart, he didn’t pay attention to it at all.

To him it may be just a bunch of flowers, to a woman it represented the whole heart of love.

It was just a bunch of flowers. Why did Vivian show a sense of sorrow? William frowned slightly, “So what?”

“I don’t like it. Keep it for yourself.” Vivian suddenly calmed down and started her own cleaning work again.

William’s face clouded and he stopped talking.

For a time, the quiet space was depressing.

Vivian intentionally stayed at the reception sofa for a long time, but the man sitting in the leather swivel chair still had no intention of leaving.

She took a look at the pointer on the wall, and would be off work in ten minutes. Today, she promised Roe to pick him up from school.

Vivian looked at his neat and tidy table. Why not come here a little earlier tomorrow morning to clean up?

The door of the office was pushed open again. “Vivi, do you finish your work? Do you need my…”

Seeing the figure sitting behind the desk, Alexander unconsciously swallowed his saliva and said, “William, why are you still there?”

“When did my secretary begin to be so idle?”

William’s words almost made Alexander kneel. In the past, he didn’t care about him when he had a little “leisure time”. He felt like he was hit by a gun.

“I, I’ll go out and do my work right away.” Alexander couldn’t care about Vivian anymore. He opened the door in a hurry.

Vivian opened her mouth and finally closed it, wring the cloth expressionlessly, got close to the man who gave out the cold breath.

She must be calm as water, and treat William as an eye-catching stone carving. Yes, he’s a stone carving.

Vivian carefully wiped the corners of the desk, and she could not leave out the position in front of him.

She could just clenched her teeth, and learned from William’s previous tone and said, “Excuse me, William.”

William glanced at her, pushed away the swivel chair, and moved away from the middle position.

Vivian didn’t expect things was going well. She thought that she would be sneered at. She quickly took a rag and wiped it in front of William for two times. She was about to leave.

The man behind, who could not be ignored, said in a cool voice, “Remember to wipe the keyboard and the mouse pad.”

“Ok.” Vivian clenched her teeth. She looked at the keyboard and mouse pad in front of her. It couldn’t be cleaned any more.

But in order to deal with his abnormal cleanliness, she still wiped it.

Several times, Vivian felt that she had rubbed a part of his body against the waist of the man, and her calm expression could hardly be maintained. Didn’t she say to get out of the way? Why did he move a little? It’s only enough for her to stand.

William sat at the back, looking at her attractive hips shaking in front of him, and his eyes were more meaningful.

“William, I’m finished.” Vivian had never felt that time passed so slow, turning around, and bumping into the soft and warm lips of the man without precaution.

When did he stand up? Why didn’t she know it at all?

Vivian jumped off, reached out to point at him, and pointed to her lips again. She was incoherent and didn’t know how to speak.

“William, you, ah, I, why don’t you say a word?”

William restrained the strong emotion in his eyes and said in a flat voice, “Why do I need to report to you?”

Vivian looked at William’s face angrily and his hands started to tremble. She was the one who suffer loss.

Don’t make a face that’s violated.

The door of the office was suddenly knocked open. The person in front of them saw it. The atmosphere seemed strange.

She was in a daze for a moment pretended to be inadvertent, “Vivi, William, what are you doing?”

Hearing the voice of Angie, Vivian’s heart sank. Fortunately, she turned her back to Angie, so only William saw the panic on her face.

She immediately turned around and said, “Angie, have you forgotten? I’m his assistant now. I’m ready to go out after cleaning the office.”

“Oh, no wonder I just went to your desk to find you, but I didn’t see anyone.” There were still some doubts in Angie’s eyes.

“Well, I won’t bother you. I’ll go first.” Vivian was leaving with a basin.

Angie looked at William, who had no expression, and asked kindly, “Vivi, do you want to go to have dinner with us? I don’t think William will mind.”

“There’s no need. I have an appointment with Selina today.” Vivian walked out of the room without stopping and walked all the way to the restroom to relax.

Later, she must keep a distance from William. Not every time was so lucky that she was not found out by her.