Chapter89 Big Gold Chain and Small Watch

Selina seemed to say something that was not enough. She patted her on the shoulder and asked, “Did you tell that little bitch that you have come to work here?”

Since yesterday, Selina had called Angie “little bitch”. Vivian also corrected it several times, but she had no choice but to reply, “No, I’m going to say it to her later.”

“Do you think you are a primary school student who needs to report when you want to go to the toilet?”

Selina was holding chopsticks to eat the rice in her bowl. According to her meaning, it was best to draw a clear line with that little bitch directly.

“Eat first.” Vivian didn’t want to continue this topic. She should made an explanation for Angie.

Selina shrugged and looked at the meal.

Vivian couldn’t eat so much, so when they were full, the food was still there as it was.

“It’s a waste…”

“Let’s go. Don’t waste it next time.”

The two people separated when they got to the second floor.

When Vivian returned to the office, she saw that many people were lying on the table or leaning against the chair to rest, and those who didn’t rest quietly turned over their books and looked at the computer.

Vivian took her mobile phone and went to the quiet vent to make a phone call.

It took more than ten seconds for the phone to get through, “Hello, Vivi?”

“Well, Angie, what are you doing?”

She didn’t know what William said to Angie yesterday, and Angie hadn’t asked what William said to her yesterday, but in this way, it better. Otherwise she still needed countless lies to complete a lie because of one lie.

“I’m on the sofa and applying a mask on my face. Why do you have time to call me?” There was a mask on her face, so she spoke very carefully, for fear that her face would be deformed.

“I have one thing to tell you.” Vivian paused and said.

“Vivi, are you for yesterday’s matter? Don’t care about it, I’m not angry anymore.” Angie said generously.

Was it really her fault? She didn’t know why her heart was not very comfortable listening to Angie’s gifted tone.

“Angie, I’m not talking about yesterday.”

“Then what do you want to say?” Angie asked in doubt.

Finally, she had to say that. She unconsciously tightened her hands and tried to calm down, “I went to work in William’s office.”

“Really? You said that you went to work with Robert. Why did you go to William?” Hearing that things had something to do with William, Angie also became restless.

What’s the matter? She was not the kind of person who changed her mind at will.

“Selina works in the Dawn&Dusk Magazine. Her work place is close mine, so I agreed.” This was the strategy that Vivian and Selina had discussed in advance, and she took her friend as the shield.

“So it is.” Angie’s lifted heart was relaxed again, though she didn’t know why she was so nervous to hear that Vivian went to work with William.

But Vivi was in the office, which meant that she had many excuses to go to William.

Angie had imagined the scene in her mind and she asked in a hurry, “Vivi, in order to celebrate you have found a job, I will go to you this evening.”

“Angie…” Before Vivian finished, the phone had been hung up.

Vivian had no choice but to take back her mobile phone. If Angie wanted to come here, came here. Anyway, sooner or later, they would meet here.

The noon break passed quickly. Alexander also introduced Vivian to the people in his office.

Vivian also became busy.

Generally, she helped to copy documents, ran for other people, sorted out forms and typesetting.

However, not seeing William’s face, it was acceptable to work hard here.

Busy time always passed quickly. Vivian looked at the time and was about to leave. She remembered Melanie telling her that William’s office should be cleaned up before she left.

William didn’t appeared all day today. He probably didn’t come to the office. It was OK for her to go now.

To be on the safe side, Vivian asked Alexander, “Alex, is William still in there?”

“He left in the morning. Are you going to clean up the office?” Alexander remembered that the assistant seemed to be in charge of this part.

“Well, yes, can I go in?” Hearing the exact answer, Vivian smiled.

Alexander said jokingly, “Vivi, why you are afraid of our boss? Have you known him for a long time?”

“No, how can I? I just heard a lot of comments from my colleagues at lunch. William is serious.” Vivian’s heart thumped, pretending to be peaceful.

“It’s also true that girls are afraid when they see our boss.” But it’s more of a narcissism. He didn’t want to see it happened on Vivian. He hoped she was not the same as those women.

“It’s almost time to get off work. You can simply clean up. Generally, our boss’s office is very clean.”

“Well, I see.” As long as William was not there, she could be very confident.

It’s a pity that Angie may have to go for nothing today.

Because Alexander said that William was not here, Vivian didn’t knock on the door and came in. Although she came to his office for the second time, she was still a little nervous.

She secretly spitted at herself. William was not there. There was nothing to afraid of.

After making some construction in her heart, Vivian had also straightened up her waist, her head was no longer low, and she went inside at will.

“You seem to have adapted well.”

A low, cold voice sounded in the quiet office.

Vivian jumped up in fear and looked at the man who should not have appeared. He was looking at herself with a smile on his lips.

“Why are you here?” After asking this question, Vivian almost bit off her tongue. She was just talking nonsense.

He was the boss of the office. He could go anywhere he wanted.

She said in another way, “Alex said you are not in the office.”

William’s dark eyes became deeper, “I’m not here at ordinary times, but I’ll be here in the near future.”

“Why?” asked Vivian.

William’s deep and elusive eyes were like thick ink. He looked straight into Vivian’s eyes and said in a low voice, “Because of work, of course.”

After a pause, he gave her a meaningful look, “Otherwise, what do you think it is?”