Chapter88 You’ll see what happens to her

“You don’t believe me?” Ryan frowned.

Jessica snorted.

“No more than one month, you’ll see what happens to her.” Ryan said.

Her brother didn’t speak up for Carol again, so her depression disappeared. She grumbled, “I’ll believe you one more time. If you cheat me, I’ll tell big brother.”

When Ryan suddenly heard the words “big brother”, his eyes flashed, but soon returned to normal. “Okay.”

Then he started the car and went to the Wagners’ house.

In fact, he gave Carol those resources because he wanted to let her take the blame for him, and not spill the beans in front of Jessica.

But those resources only looked useful to Carol.

For example, that endorsement, its own level was very high. And they also had high standards for spokeswoman. He just gave her a chance, and there were two other actresses competing with her. She lied about her information in order to get the endorsement.

When she was exposed, the big brand that asked her to endorse wouldn’t let her off.

On weekdays, there was not much traffic on the road. Less than half an hour, they arrived at the Wagners’ house.

The two families originally lived in the same villa community. But Jeffrey’s mother liked to take care of flowers and plants, then they moved to another villa community where the courtyard area was relatively large .

When they arrived, a few cars were parked in the courtyard of the Wagner family. They were supposed to be some friends of the Wagner family.

Ryan took Jessica to greet Mr. Wagner, saw Mrs. Wagner’s body, and then went to Jeffrey’s room.

He was a playboy, seldom at home, and very image-conscious. But this time he was at home for days at a time, and he didn’t look like him with a beard.

“A dead man cannot be restored to life. Please restrain your grief.” Jessica had always been on good terms with him, but now she did not know how to comfort him.

Jeffrey put out the cigarette in his hand. Apart from looking a little messy, he didn’t show any changes of mood and even smiled at her.

“I know.” He said.

His voice was very calm. His eyes which were always shining looked a little dim now.

The last time Jessica saw him like this was when his first girlfriend died. No, he was more emotional that time. He drank all night and was even taken to hospital.

He was so calm now, but she couldn’t feel reassured. Somehow, she felt that it was more like the calm before the storm.

“Anyway, you don’t have anything to do. Maybe after aunt Louisa’s funeral, you can take a trip and relax.” Jessica suggested.

Jeffrey flicked on her head and smiled. “Even if I don’t take a trip, what day am I not playing?”

“…” That was true.

But Jessica looked at the smile on his face and felt something was wrong with him.

However, he was in no mood to talk to her, but turned to Ryan who had been silent, and said, “Did you know how my mother died?”

“Yes.” After a pause, Ryan answered.

Jeffrey’s lips curved a little wider. He stretched, narrowed his eyes and asked, “Then do you know why she committed suicide?”

He used a rising tone towards the end with some indefinable meaning.

Ryan had hung his head, wondering how to comfort him. When he heard Jeffrey’s words, he raised his head and stared at him with deep eyes. The uncomfortable feeling returned…

At that time, when Jeffrey asked him in the bar, “Do you also know she is dead?”, he had the same feeling.

They didn’t say anything, and they didn’t have many movements, but Jessica felt the atmosphere between them was tense.

She looked at Ryan on the left and Jeffrey on the right, and got goose bumps because of nervousness.

What was going on when everything was all right?

However, the fact showed that she seemed to think too much. Jeffrey was the first to look away, and said wryly, “Ryan is so smart but there’s something you don’t know, either.”

Ryan pressed his thin lips into a line, reached out his hand and patted Jeffrey on the shoulder. He said in a low voice, “Jeffrey…”

“Don’t be like everyone else, and say words of comfort. It’s rather tiresome, to be honest.” Jeffrey ruffled his hair.

“I’m not that sad, it’s just…”

There was a pause before he said, “She didn’t leave anything. I don’t even know why she committed suicide.”

She didn’t not know if it was an illusion, but she felt that there was hatred in his voice when he was saying the second half of the sentence.

She looked round at her brother. Whether he did not perceive it or did not show it, there was not much change in his face.

“Anyway, it was aunt Louisa’s choice, and you don’t have to blame yourself for her choice.” Ryan said.

Hearing the words, Jeffrey smiled and said slowly, “What if someone killed her? If I take my revenge on that man, will you think I am blaming him?”

Without waiting for Ryan’s answer, Jessica frowned and said anxiously, “Well… Aunt Louisa didn’t commit suicide? Was she killed and made to look like a suicide?”

Jeffrey pushed her face away. “When adults talk, little girl don’t interrupt.”

He looked at Ryan and asked, “What does Ryan think?”

“Talk straight.” His handsome face fell.

“Nothing, I’m just asking. Forget it if you don’t want to answer.” Jeffrey stopped smiling and said casually, “I’m a bit tired. You can leave now. I want to have a rest.”

He was clearly not in the right state. Jessica was in a loss and turned to look at her brother.

They grew up together. They had been in conflict, but every time when something happened, they just fought directly. Jeffrey was seldom so surly.

She was now stuck in between them and did not know what to do. In fact, she did not even know what was wrong with them.

Ryan looked at her and frowned. “Go to the living room and wait for me.”

“There… There are a lot of strangers in the living room now. And how embarrassed I’ll be to go down there! I won’t go!” According to their looks, maybe they would fight when she went down.

If it was a normal day, they could have a fight. But her brother’s wound had dehisced yesterday, and it was on the point of aunt Louisa’s death, so it was inappropriate for them to fight.

“I say, go down and wait for me.” Ryan’s voice was colder a bit.

Jessica was a little afraid of him, but she still bit her lip, walked up to him by taking small steps, and whispered, “Then you must promise not to fight with him.”

Ryan said nothing but nodded his head.

Jessica stood still because she did not believe his promise.

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