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Eye Turn Off

Chapter88 Eat in the Canteen

Vivian looked at the desk in front of her and sighed. It seemed that she really worked under William’s nose.

She hoped that William was not in the office all day as Alex said.

From morning to now, she had been visited by several groups of people as monkeys. Vivian felt that her face was stiff. Fortunately, it was the lunch time.

She met with Selina in the staff canteen.

“Vivi, it’s lunch time. Do you want to go to the canteen together?” Alexander came with a smile.

Vivian refused, “I’m afraid that I can’t go to have lunch with you. I have an appointment with my friend.”

“Your friend? You’ve made new friends so soon.” Someone had begun to get close to her in a morning. He wanted to see who he was.

“Ah, it’s a friend upstairs. She worked in magazine.” Vivian looked at Alexander in bewilderment. Why did she feel that Alex was resentful?

“Well, we can meet again in the afternoon. Everyone is busy today. I will introduce other colleagues to you after the noon break.”

“OK.” Vivian nodded.

Vivian tidied up her desk and took the elevator to the canteen on the second floor. No matter which company, the canteen of all employees was on the second floor.

In order to facilitate people’s communication and even have their own intranet and communication platform, each person’s computer can register a system account, or change a name according to their own preferences.

Generally speaking, it was more humanized.

Especially the unmarried men and women.

After all, the biological chain was like this, first reproduction, and then life.

Selina had hung “a dog tag” on her neck. She said in a lazy voice, “Vivi, you are slow.”

“Here I am.” Vivian went there with some laughs.

Two outstanding women walked together, attracted the attention of many people. They were surprised, jealous, wait-and-see, and eager to have a try.

Vivian felt very unaccustomed.

“Shit, is this the zoo, or are we two watching pets?” Selina’s voice was heard in the busy canteen, and all the voices disappeared in an instant.

Looking straight at the two of them was like seeing a new species.

“Selina, it’s normal that we just came here. They’ll get used to it after a long time.” Vivian had pulled the corner of Selina’s clothes.

Selina snorted and pulled Vivian to line up for lunch.

Beauty’s treatment is not the same as others. The uncle in the dining hall gave them two dozen meals, which were very enough.

“Thank you.” Selina thanked him frankly.

“You are too thin. Eat more.” The uncle said with a red face.

Vivian also gave a polite nod of thanks.

The people behind began to complain.

“Hey, it’s unfair. Why do they have so much and we have a little?”

“Yeah, I want more, too.”

“Uncle, you can’t show partiality to them.”

“If you are a beautiful woman, I will show partiality to you, too. What’s your opinion?” he shouted.

The man who had been yelled had no words. He would never become a woman in his life.

The rest people of the queue laughed.

Uncle began to ladle like “Parkinson’s disease” again. No one dared to say no.

“Is that really OK?” Wouldn’t he be complained about?

“Don’t worry, I’ve inquired about it. He contracted for the canteen and had some relatives here, so they can only say a few words.”

Selina took Vivian to find a place to sit down and observed the surrounding conditions.

“Selina, I began to suspect that you didn’t come to work, but came to spy on the enemy.” Vivian couldn’t understand why Selina had only come here for a short time and knew everything.

“You just don’t admit that your brain got water.”

Selina looked at her disappointed and continued, “Of course, you need to know a little bit about everything. This is the canteen of ordinary employees. You can see there, on the stairs, the treatment is not the same.”

When Vivian looked in the direction of Selina’s direction, there was a staircase separated by a screen. There were still half a floor above it. There were several people sitting in it.

The style and decoration were very different from here.

“OK, but I want to reiterate that I’m not a fool.”

“Well, you are not. By the way, how do you feel at work today? Is William’s office very shabby and tasteless? Are those lawyers with bad temper and all bald? Is everyone wearing big glasses?”

Selina was searching for words in her mind that she could imagine about the appearance of a lawyer.

Vivian had to admit, “No, everyone was very busy. As for the bald and glasses, there are several people, generally, it is pretty good.”

“Did you see that bastard?” Selina asked in a low voice. After all, there were many employees of William in the canteen.

In case of being heard to speak ill about the leaders, she was afraid that she would not be able to walk out of the canteen.

“No.” Vivian answered, looked up at her dressed, and was not used to it, “Selina, why do you suddenly wear such hip-hop?”

Can you believe that a group of men and women in suits and professional suits mixed into one, with big gold chains and small watches, just like a women holding a small bunch of barbecue in her hands?

It was a woman with a beautiful face, but it was against the ordinary life.

“This one?” Selina fiddled with a few strings of metal on her chest and said with a smile, “I heard that my immediate supervisor had a sharp eye, so I change my style, how cool it is!”

Vivian’s mouth was twitching and forced herself to calm down. “Was your boss shocked at that time?”

Selina sighed and said with some frustration, “I thought so at that time, but they didn’t care about me. They just asked me to go to the personnel department to collect things.

“It seemed that a woman in a magazine agency is well-informed and has the ability to keep calm in an emergency.” Vivian began to wonder what her boss like.

“A women? You must be kidding.” She snorted, “He’s a man. He’s one meter and nine. He doesn’t have any art cells. He looks more like a duck king in a nightclub.”

“…” Vivian felt that she couldn’t continue to ask, and started to eat.