Chapter86 You’re worried about me

“Alex left because Chris dishonored him by saying that you are his girlfriend and told Alex not to come again to harass you. ”

Two men fought for one woman! The hero saved the beauty! She could only imagine these things in her novels.

Clara was so excited. She felt that after her friend heard the truth, she would be shy, and suddenly found her feelings for Chris. And then the prince and princes lived happily together ever after.

As a result, she waited for a long time and only heard her friend said “well” calmly.

“Aren’t you excited? Chris looks so handsome, and is a popular young actor, who is much better than that scum in all aspects!” Clara said excitedly.

Jessica glanced at her, grabbed the coat and threw it on her head. “He didn’t say that because he liked me, he said that to help me drive the scum away.”

She just didn’t know why, Chris had a strong hostility to Alex from the very beginning.

“But there are so many people. If he doesn’t like you, why does he say you’re his girlfriend?” Clara put on her coat and went to get her bag.

Jessica had already packed up. She did not answer the question but asked, “Do you think he will call me silly all day if he likes me? For every three words he says, two are against me.”


Clara drove her home, and when she got out of the car, Clara couldn’t help sharing her thoughts. “But I think Chris treats you better than the others. Jessie, you must trust my intuition and analysis!”

“Come on, if your intuition and analysis are right, why have you been single for more than twenty years? At most, you are a young single female network writer who is good at imagination!” Jessica said.

Clara said after a long time, “Why are you making personal attacks? I’ll sever my friendship with you for twelve hours!”

With that, she drove away angrily.

Jessica looked at the time. It was half past ten. She didn’t know if her brother was asleep. She really wanted to talk to him about Carol.

She pressed her lips as she entered the living room, which was dark. She groped around in the dark and wanted to turn on the light, when her brother’s voice suddenly rang. “Why do you come back so late?”

She stopped herself from crying out by covering her mouth, who was still in a state of shock. “You are here in the living room? Why don’t you turn on the light?”

She went to turn on the light, and found her brother sitting on the sofa, his head hanging, his white shirt still stained with blood.

The scarlet blood stung Jessica’s eyes, and her heart beat faster. She threw the bag down quickly and ran to him, saying anxiously, “Are you hurt? Is it serious? How did you get hurt?”

She tried to undo his shirt to look at his wound, but before she could undo the first button, he clutched her wrist. She tried to move, but his strength was so great that she could not move.

“Ryan, let go. Let me see if your wound is severe or not!” As Jessica got closer, she could smell the blood on his body, which made her feel dizzy.

For the first time, she knew she would faint at the sight of blood.

You’re… worried about me?” Ryan looked down at her. Her figure was reflected in his pupils. His heart was thumping in the chest.

“Of course I do!” Jessica was still prising his hand and did not look up at him. Let go quickly, Ryan. I’ll if your wound is severe or not. If it’s, you have to go to the hospital quickly!”

How come he was still like nothing had happened when he was bleeding?

She was so worried!

Ryan raised his lip imperceptibly when he saw that she was worried. He said with an expressionless face, “I’m ok. Just the wound I sustained in that explosion dehisced.”

The blood was actually someone else’s.

“The wound dehisced?” Jessica frowned. “It has been such a long time, but the wound still dehisced. You should go to the hospital!”

She remembered that his wounds were in his arms and legs. Why did he have a wound in the chest?

But surely he would not deceive her in such a matter. She tore herself free from his hand, and dragged him with both hands, trying to lift him up.

Instead of pulling him to his feet as she wished, she slipped and fell into his arms with a push of his hand.

Her right hand was resting on something soft. It felt strange. She grabbed it twice without thinking, and what had been soft suddenly became very hard.

Jessica’s mind went blank for a moment. Then she stood up as if she was on fire, and she only felt as if her face was steaming.

She just… unexpectedly touched her brother’s penis and she even grabbed it twice!!

“I’m …’m sorry, I didn’t, I didn’t mean to! Well, brother, I … I am so tired. I’m going to have a rest! Good night!!”

Jessica didn’t even dare to look at him. She went up two the second floor by ascending three stairs at every step as if a firecracker was lit on his buttocks.

Ryan pulled her into his arms because he didn’t resist the impulse to hug her. He just didn’t expect such an accident.

Ryan looked down at his body and frowned. He endured the heat of his body, went up to the second floor, knocked on the door of Jessica’s room.

Something needed to be explained.

He didn’t want that happened a year ago to happen again.

“What …what’s up? I’m already in bed. ” Ryan heard her voice from the room, which was muffled. He knew she was hiding her head in the quilt again.

Ryan leaned against the wall and knocked on the door several times. “Open the door. ” He commanded.

There was no sound inside for a long time.

His reaction probably scared her.

Ryan stood up straight and frowned. “Jessie?”

“…coming.” There was a rustling sound in the room, and then Jessica came and opened the door, blushing.

Her eyes were wandering. She glanced at the lower part of his body uncontrollably.

She just… just touched her brother’s that part… And she felt like it was big… !!!!!!!!! What was she thinking? !!!!!

She quickly rid herself of those wild thoughts.

Although it was just a quick look, Ryan was aware of her eyes. A stream of heat ran down along his abdomen. It was hard and uncomfortable.

He moved his body quietly so that she would not see these embarrassing reactions

“You’ve been in love, you know what it was.” Referring to her relationship with Alex, Ryan’s thin lips was pressed into a straight line.

In fact, when she was in love with Alex, they just held hands and kissed on the cheek, and there was no further communication.

But it was a disgrace that adult love was still so pure, so she straightened up and said seriously, “Well, I’m sure I know. You just had a normal physiological reaction, like a man’s morning wood. I understand.”

Nowadays, it was normal that people had sex during a relationship. Ryan had guessed it, but her face fell when she confessed.

Looking at his face, Jessica thought he was still embarrassed about what just happened, so she tried to act like nothing had happened and persuaded. “Don’t worry about what happened just now.”