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Eye Turn Off

Chapter85 the second Challenge

Vivian jumped up from the sofa and her voice changed a little, “Are you kidding, William? What if Angie knows?”

This man is crazy.

“That’s her advice.”

William answered naturally. His tall and straight figure stood at the floor window, his cold eyes were with a light smile.

Secretary Alexander felt that he must be not awake. Otherwise, how could he see William smiling with dazzling eyes?

Instead, Alexander felt extremely normal. He put the documents in his hands on his desk at a very fast speed, and walked out quickly.

You feel nervous if someone treats you well suddenly. While you feel comfortable if he treats you bad all the time.

Vivian was walking in the living room fretfully. Although William was right, Angie may not be happy with that.

Will she be able to stay in the office then? Or will she be condemned by the public?

She didn’t want to be like this, even if she left, she wanted to leave without any guilt.

“No, I already promised Selina to work at Brother Robert.”

Brother Robert.

The smile in William’s eyes grew cold and heavy because of Robert’s name, and his voice also lowered, “Don’t forget what you owe me.”

“So going to work with you can offset a condition.” Vivian had grasped the key points. She had been sleeping uneasily these days.

William didn’t mention it, and she was almost depressed in advance, but she didn’t dare to ask.

Now it’s all right. William mentioned it by himself.

“Yes.” William answered.

“Wait a minute. I’ll think about it.” Vivian told herself not to be impulsive. She must think about it carefully. There’s time before Roe had surgery.

She also had to find a job in a short time. William’s check couldn’t be cashed. Roe needed money for the imported medicine to maintain his heart every month.

She had to ask, “What’s the pay to be your assistant secretary?”

“…” There was a row of black lines fall on his head, “It’s only a lot more than the salary of a store manager.”

“How can that be?” Vivian thought it was incredible. There’s no reason why the salary of a secretary assistant is higher than that of the store manager of her brand store.

“You will understand when you come.” Working as a secretary assistant is also not so easy. William swallowed the rest words.

She believed that no one could refuse the temptation of money. Her reason was telling her that there must be something else she didn’t notice.

She carefully said to the man at the other side of the phone, “Why do you want me to go to work there?”

That’s what she couldn’t understand. There’s no reason that his office would want an unprofessional assistant.

William seemed to have been a little impatient, “If you ask another question, the agreement will be cancelled, and you can continue to wait.”

“Well, I won’t ask again. I’ll go there tomorrow.” Before William hung up, Vivian proposed the last request.

“I can work with you but can you pretend that you do not know me?”

She didn’t want others to think she was going in by nepotism.

William snorted and hung up.

So did he agree?

Vivian held the phone and felt that she was stepping on cotton, which was so unreal. She sold herself to William.

Every day in the future, after thinking that she may see his cold and handsome face, her heart couldn’t help beating.

“Vivian, how can you have such an idea? You must calm down.” Vivian pinched out the little flame in her heart and grabbed a handful of her hair in a flurry.

She was in urgent need of someone to analyze the feasibility of this matter for her.

Vivian made a phone call to Selina without hesitation.

“What’s the matter?” Selina’s words had a strong smell of gunpowder.

“Selina, are you busy?” Vivian felt that this call was not the right time.

When Selina heard the voice of Vivian, her tone slowed down a lot, but she still said bluntly, “Hurry up, what can I do for you?”

“Nothing…” When her words came to her mouth, she began to hesitate again.

“Say it. I have time.” Listening to Vivian’s hesitating tone, Selina immediately became serious and interested.

She wanted to praise her unusual acuteness for countless times. Wow, the smell of love.

She the 28-year bachelor felt a deep malicious sense.

“Well, is Grace still there?” Vivian had to ask if someone’s “potential allies” was still there.

“He’s not here. Let’s talk about it.” In turn, Selina began to urge Vivian, her unhappy mood caused by Grace disappeared.

Now she only wanted to use ‘the ten torture of Manchu and Qing Dynasty’ to force her for her hesitation.

“It’s nothing. William just called me and asked me to go to work with him tomorrow. Isn’t that funny?”

Vivian said that and forced a smile.

“Did William really tell you that?” Selina was leaning on the sofa lazily, she sat up again because of Vivian’s words.

“Yeah, you think it’s weird too, right?” Vivian seemed to have found an organization.

“Although it’s strange, I can feel that William is jealous.” Selina made an analysis for Vivian.

At lunch, William heard that she was going to work with her elder brother. Although it was not obvious, she could see the twinkling light in his eyes.

Well, she was not sure if she’s wrong, but after Vivian said that, she was sure about it.

“No way. How could he be jealous? I would rather believe that tomorrow’s sun will rise from the West.” Vivian denied this conclusion without hesitation.

“Then how do you explain William wants you to go to work there?” All of a sudden, Selina felt a little sloppy about her one-sided cognition.

She was not sure whether William had feelings for Vivi, but why did he agree to stay with Angie?

Did that bastard want to date two girl? Damn it!

“Vivian, you can’t promise that bastard, he was so greedy. I’ll go to him tomorrow to deal with it.” Selina was furious.

William sat on the office chair and sneezed for no reason, he frowned and continued to work on the copywriting.