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Chapter83 Keep her distance

Her arms were stuffed with something soft. She looked down at the rabbit eating grass in her arms. She didn’t continue to say “I didn’t let you watch.”

She had no resistance to this kind of wool ball.

“I’ve got a seat for you. I’ll look up and have to see you while I’m performing.” Chris told her and then said to the staff who was urging him constantly, “I will go now. What is the hurry?”

Anyway, she just wanted to sit down. Jessica was led by fat brother to the seat in the middle of the first row.

Actually, the guy she just saw who looked like her brother was sitting next to her, but… She looked round, but there was still no one.

She bit her lip and wanted to send her brother a message.

“Ryan, did you just come to watch my performance?”

When she finished typing, her grandmother sent her a message.

“When you finish your performance, call grandmother when you are free, and we can discuss the time to meet Mrs. Jones and her grandson. And, send your brother away with an excuse. Don’t let him come because Mrs. Jones minds.”

Jessica lowered her eyes. There was a flash of gloom in her eyes. She replied her grandmother with a yes and deleted the sentence that she wanted to ask her brother.

In fact, whether she had a relationship with her brother or not was not important. The important thing was that she should keep her distance from him, in case others misunderstood.

The singing has begun on the stage. In between each play, there was a song and dance performance.

There were excited shouts all around her now, but she was not excited at all. She didn’t even hear what the people around her were shouting.

Suddenly, something hit Jessica on the head.

She let out a cry of surprise, reached for it, and found it was a rose. Then she looked up and saw that it was the bully who was singing and dancing on the stage. Now he was making a gesture of shooting at her coolly.

A shot rang and the crowd erupted

“Ahhhhh , Chris shot my heart!”

“My husband is so handsome!”

“Chris !! Ahhhhhh, look at me!”

Chris had a handsome face and good figure, and he was a good dancer. He was more attractive on stage than usual.

She made her hands into a trumpet shape and shouted loudly together with those fans, “Chris is so handsome!”

The man on stage raised his eyebrows at her arrogantly and jumped back into the center of the stage.

“It’s so hard to take care of children now…” Jessica sighed sincerely and pinched her throat which was sore because she shouted too hard. Then she continued to stroke the rabbit.

After the performance, Jessica carried the rabbit back to the stage.

The audience was so noisy that she thought she would go deaf if she stayed any longer.

Only after she returned to the backstage, she found Clara had sent her a message seven minutes ago, saying that Alex came with a bunch of flowers, and let her do not come back.

“Excuse me. Do you see Jessie?”

When she heard Alex’s voice from not far away, her heart missed a beat. She stood against the wall hurriedly. Until he had gone somewhere else, Jessica hurried back into the auditorium with the rabbit in her arms.

Fortunately, she didn’t meet Alex face to face. She was so lucky!

“I went backstage, and almost finished because I didn’t see your message just now. Fortunately I missed him! I went back to the auditorium. Let me know when he’s gone.”

Jessica sent Clara a message and saw Chris was calling him.

She hung up and replied with a message.

“Alex is in backstage. I don’t want to go there. Bully, or you and fat brother, invite the others to go to dinner. I will return the rabbit to you when I meet you next time.”

After the message was sent, the bully did not reply, but he did not call again. He should have seen it.

After that, Jessica put away the phone, and was ready to watch the show. But thinking that she almost had an accident because she had missed Clara’s message, she grabbed her phone again.

Watching a live show was totally different from watching it on TV. The emotion of the veteran actors was very contagious when they were acting. When she saw the veteran actor crying, she couldn’t help crying, just like many people did now.

When Jessica was wiping the tears, the bully sent her a message.

“He’s gone. Come here in five minutes!”

Jessica put away her phone. She couldn’t help watching the performance on the stage for a few more times, and then holding the rabbit, reluctantly went back to the backstage.

She didn’t know what was going on, but the people she met along the way looked at her strangely, or more specifically, weirdly.

She held the rabbit tighter in silence, getting goose bumps all over her.

Alex did something again?

Jessica was swearing at Alex in mind while walking. However, when she walked up to Clara, she found that the latter’s eyes were just as weird as those people, which scared her.

“What did Alex do again?” She whispered, with a headache.

It seemed that she couldn’t let Alex hang around in front of her. She had to talk to her brother and see if he had any ideas.

Clara did not answer immediately, but looked her up and down.

“What, what’s wrong?” Jessica was scared under her gaze and couldn’t help putting the rabbit in front of her body.

Oh my god. Did Alex do something astounding?

“Nothing, I just want to feel the charm of you.” There was still the same weird expression on Clara’s face which was vaguely tinged with excitement. “Jessica, you didn’t know just…”

Jessica was paying attention to what Clara was going to say when Chris suddenly came, and put his arm around her neck. “Go!”

“Are you trying to strangle me?” Jessica struggled free and fixed her messy hair. “Here you are. Hold your rabbit!”

She put the rabbit into Chris’s arms and then eagerly said to Clara, “He is on our side. Don’t mind him. Go on!”

“Who’s on your silly’s side?” Chris stroked the rabbit and retorted. But judging from his facial expression, he did not resist.

Jessica ignored him and went to put her arm around Clara’s arm. “Honey, go on.”

Behind her, Chris took a look at his bare arms, sniffed, and messed the rabbit’s fur.

The rabbit, “…”

Clara gave a little cough and winked at Jessica. “I will tell you when we’re home.”

With that, she glanced at Chris. The latter perceived her eyes and glared at her, so she looked away with a chuckle.

Clara didn’t tell her, so she felt like a feather was tickling her heart. She fawned on Clara. “Good girl. Our Clara is the most beautiful. Please tell me what that scum did!”

Her voice is as sweet as honey which made Chris feel agitated. And even Clara wasn’t pleasing to his eyes.

“Come here, and I’ll tell you!” Holding the rabbit in one hand, he waved at her.

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