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Eye Turn Off

Chapter83 Force a Donkey to Dance

Angie had been making eyes at Vivian frequently, indicating her to ask quickly.

Vivian hesitated and didn’t know how to open her mouth. The only taste in her mouth was bitter, and even the food in her stomach was bitter to the bottom of her heart.

“Angie, do you have eye disease? Your eyes are blinking.” Selina could see clearly that the woman wanted to force Vivi to do something.

Angie was choked, her face was a little bad, but she just took the chance and pretended to say casually, “No, I thought there was something Vivi wants to say, right, Vivi?”

Vivian, knowing that she couldn’t avoid it, simply put down her chopsticks, smiled at the crowd and said, “Yes, I’m curious about something, so I want to ask William.”

When Angie heard Vivian, she smiled with satisfaction and took a look at Selina with pride. See, it’s not her problem, it’s just that she really has something to say.

Selina knew it must be Angie, a woman who was making trouble out of nothing. She must have gone to the toilet and say something to Vivi.

She tugged at the corner of Vivian’s clothes to show that she didn’t have to do that for the woman.

Vivian’s heart was sour, and she still looked at the man beside her with a calm smile.

William gently put down his chopsticks, took out the tissue, and wiped his mouth. Simple movements made him elegant and dignified.

His dark black eyes looked towards her, and his cold thin lips opened slightly, “I don’t know what you want to know, Miss.”

Vivian’s fingertips on her thighs quivered unconsciously, and suddenly tightened up, as if to cheer herself up again.

“Well, I heard that you’re going to be engaged to Angie last time. I don’t know when we will have the honor to attend your wedding.” she looked up at him.

She told herself not to care, not to be timid in front of him.

William’s smile became deeper. “As you care so much, people would think you’re jealous about it, Miss.”

“Please don’t make fun of me.” There was a flash of panic on Vivian’s face, but she soon calmed down. He must have deliberately disturbed her mood.

“Isn’t that? You are so concerned about our affairs.” William asked.

Son of a bitch! He knew what she asked clearly. Vivian took a deep breath to calm down.

“Why don’t you answer this question head to head? Do you really have other close friends?”

If it’s not for the strong breath, Vivian couldn’t stand, and Angie was forcing her step by step, she couldn’t refuse.

As expected, as Selina said, “Stew in your own juice.”

The atmosphere suddenly became subtle. John, who was separated by several seats, looked at Vivian with some worries. His intuition was telling him that Vivian was very unusual today.

But he didn’t realize what was unusual concretely.

Selina even didn’t want to listen to her words anymore. She scolded Angie constantly in her heart. She was so shameless!

It’s really hard to end up the thing now.

Angie was also holding the palm of her hand, waiting nervously for William’s answer.

William suddenly got up, his long fingers lifted the chair, and his tall figure shortened the distance between them step by step.

In the dazed eyes of Vivian, they paused for a few seconds. His dark eyes that could destroy everything looked straight ahead, just like the lone wolf in the dark night, sending out a faint cold light. The words he said were in a low voice, and only the two of them could hear clearly.

“Do I have any other women? Don’t you understand best, Vivian?”

Finish saying, he ignored the reaction of the crowd, opened the door of the room, walked straight out.

“What are you doing? Why he suddenly gets angry and leaves?” On the one hand, Angie was eager to chase William; On the other hand, she wanted to know what William said to Vivian.

“I…” Vivian opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say. Her hands and feet were getting cold. He was angry with her. It’s so obvious that he didn’t even want to disguise.

Selina was holding Vivian, who was wooden. She asked, “Angie, I also want to ask you what you said to Vivi to let her get into the trouble. If you can’t catch your man’s heart, don’t grab what doesn’t belong to you.”

“You are too much!” Angie also knew that she had to ask for her help, but what did Selina mean?

What’s the meaning of not grabbing something that doesn’t belong to her? William is her boyfriend, he belongs to her.

“See what you’ve done.” Vivian had a soft heart, but she was not so easy to fool.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll see you next time, Vivi. I’ll see what happened to William first.” And then she crossed the two of them to pursue William.

Selina did not let her go, reached out to block her way, and she was looking at her with her warning eyes.

“Angie, I don’t care about you and William, I only care about Vivian. You should know yourself better and don’t always think that everyone is around you.”

“Sorry, it’s my fault…” Vivian pulled Selina’s hand and shook her head. She didn’t want to mess up the thing because of herself.

The two families still have some business contacts. If they fall out because of her, she would feel guiltier.

Selina looked at Vivian regretfully and saw the loneliness in her eyes. She sighed helplessly and put her hand down.

Angie shivered all over. She couldn’t resist alone. She could only stare at Selina angrily and chase William.

“It seems that this meal is hard to digest.” Grace’s tall figure reclined leisurely on the chair, he was not affected by the farce at all.

“Can you shut up?” Selina yelled at him.

Grace reached out and made a zipper move. Well, the queen was angry.

“Vivi, are you ok?” John asked with concern.

Vivian said apologetically, “I’m fine. I’m sorry, John.”

“It’s OK. Let me take you back to have a rest.” John could see that Vivian was very tired.

“Well.” Vivian really wanted to go back and have a good rest. She couldn’t think about it anymore.