Chapter82 Being attentive to others

“Who gets along well with such silly? We just met by chance.” He pressed the brim of his hat and went away with a defiant face, hand in the pocket.

Meanwhile, Stella had gone on stage.

Jessica and Alan were ready to appear.

“It’s rare to see Chris is so attentive to others.” Alan spoke with surprise, and with some well-disguised curiosity.

Her mind was full of acting, and she said disapprovingly, “Seriously? He just saw me and talk to me by the way. You thought better of him.”

According to the bully’s personality, could he be attentive to others? Funny!

At first, Alan thought there was something between them, but when he saw her attitude, he thought he was thinking too much. He smiled and said, “Actually Chris is pretty good.”

“It’s my turn to play, Alan. I’ll go first!” Jessica nodded her head ambiguously and said hurriedly. And then went on the stage quickly.

Before she went on stage, Stella had promised not to change her words, but after she went on stage, she still added a few lines that she had wanted to add.

Fortunately, she had a precedent, so Jessica was well prepared and went on her lines smoothly. And Stella’s character was bad, but her acting was barely good and could bring people into the scene.

It went very well later.

After the scene, Jessica relaxed and waited with Stella and Alan for the judges’ comments and scores.

She glanced at the audience and saw a man in front of her, who looked very like her brother.

She opened her eyes wide and was about to make a careful identification when the judge called her name, “As for Jessica …”

“Yes!” Jessica was startled, so she shouted subconsciously, and also put up her arm, like a idiot.

There was a roar of laughter from the audience and even the two judges couldn’t help laughing.

The kid kept telling me she was nervous before she came on stage.” Alan said with a smile.

Jessica scratched her head embarrassedly, whose face was burning. She should have listened to the judges and not let her mind wander.

Jessica as a new actress, your acting is commendable compared with your peers. But in front of the two seniors, your acting is still a little bit awkward. You need to pay more attention to the details.

“Thank you, teacher.”

She answered sweetly. After making sure that she was free, she looked at the audience to see if it was her brother.

But just after a while, the seat was empty.

She was a little upset, but her brother was so busy. Every minute of his time was precious. So she didn’t think he had time to watch her performance.

After the judges finished their comments on them, they were graded. Not surprisingly, the one who qualified for the second round was Alan. But Jessica just did not expect that the person to be determined was actually her, and Stella was directly eliminated.

Jessica was surprised, she she she wasn’t the one that was eliminated directly? !

“Are you mistaken?” Stella couldn’t help saying, “You should calculate average score again. That person must be the one who is eliminated directly.”

It had happened before.

Jessica quickly forced herself to calm down, in case she rejoiced too soon! But her heart was racing uncontrollably, and she swallowed, looked at the judges, and waited.

“Three days together, you didn’t even remember your partner’s name. Stella, is this your manners?” One of the judges was about to speak when a judge who was known for sharp comments grabbed the microphone from her.

Stella was stunned. Before she could speak, the judge stood up and said emotionally, “Presuming on your seniority, you changed the script at random. How you have the nerve to ask whether we were mistaken!”

“You’re playing a middle aged woman who was lost in marriage and was a a control freak. She drove her husband away because she was too paranoid. She wasn’t the first wife who was hurt by her husband and mistress! You changed the whole play …”

Members of the director team were sitting in the first row of the auditorium. Seeing that the scene was out of control, they quickly had the microphone turned off.

The judge’s voice was inaudible, only her lips were still moving.

“Please wait a moment and be quiet.” The staff said to the turbulent audience hurriedly and then invited Jessica and other two people to backstage.

Stella didn’t even dare to say a word in front of the judges. Once she went backstage, she regained her original temper.

“Did I do something wrong? What did I do wrong when I rehearsed so diligently to make this scene better?” ‘she said, her eyes red.

“All the things you did were wrong”, Jessica complained in mind.

The staff member said, “The judge only makes the comment regarding this performance, so please don’t get so agitated.”

“It’s not whether I’m agitated or not, it’s your attitude. Respect is mutual. If you don’t respect me, I don’t have to respect you. I won’t continue.”

Stella waved at her assistants and went out together. Then the staff rushed to explain.

But the distance was too far, Jessica couldn’t hear clearly what they said.

“Being too gossipy in the entertainment industry is not a good habit.” Alan patted her on the shoulder with a wry face. The little girl was stretching her neck like a giraffe.

Jessica stuck her tongue out at him.

A staff member came to inform her that she could go back. The next shooting time would be set again, and she would be informed tonight.

She said thank you and was ready to leave, when she saw the fat brother coming like a fat penguin. “Jessie, please wait. Chris has something to tell you.”

With that, he turned around and greeted Alan.

“Do what you have to do, and I’ll go home. You must go home and have a good rest when you are old.” Alan looked at Jessica meaningfully, held the cup, and left with the assistant.

Jessica was also very tired, so she just wanted to go home to rest quickly. “We have cell phone. Why didn’t he call and tell me?”

“He likes to talk to people face to face.”

“Video chat is also face-to-face.”

“…” Chris, it was not that I was unwilling to help you!

Jessica thought the cute gentleman had agreed. She nodded with satisfaction and was about to leave.

However, when she just took a step, her hood was pull up to cover her head from behind.

Then a loud, arrogant voice followed. “Don’t go! It’s strange to go to a western restaurant alone. You’ll come with me later!”

He had watched her terrible performance, so she had to watch his!

The fat brother, “…”

He was not human?

Jessica put her hood down. Her hair was all in a mess, and she puffed out her cheeks and said, “I…”

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