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Eye Turn Off

Chapter81 No Spicy Food

William stared at Vivian’s calm face with his dark eyes. He just didn’t see her for one night, and she looked so pale.

Angie also found something wrong, but she pretended that nothing happened and continued, with a glint in her eyes, “Vivi, you are not enough of a friend that you don’t even call us for the dinner!”

Vivian took a look at the dishes that had been eaten on the table with hesitation. It’s not good to let others eat them.

“Angie, you can see that we’ve almost eaten. Why don’t you go next time? Aren’t you going to have a meal? Go quickly.” Selina put down her chopsticks and said with a smile.

Although she was really smiling, her smile was full of meaning. It was obvious that she didn’t like the three people outside.

Well, they are annoying.

Angie was not feeling very well after hearing her words. Because of William, she could only bear it.

Someone had already said before her, “It doesn’t matter. We don’t mind, right?”

William glanced at Vivian, who kept silent all the time, and saw her nodding.

“William, Grace, it’s not good for us to join them as they’ve eaten half of it.” Angie’s eyes unconsciously focused on John and Vivian.

Her words reminded them that they were dating. It’s not appropriate for them to join in.

Grace didn’t answer. He sat down beside Selina naturally but his eyes were focused on John and asked, “John, I’m sure you don’t mind.”

John took a look at Grace and said slowly, “I don’t mind.”

“Honey…” Angie was holding William’s hand and acting like a spoiled child.

William had already passed her and sat beside Grace, saying to the waiter outside the door in a light tone, “Change these dishes again, please.”

He glanced at Vivian and added, “No spicy food.”

Then there was a bang, followed by the woman’s flustered voice, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

In front of Vivian, there was a mess. To hide up her panic, she hurriedly took out several pieces of paper and wiped randomly, the tea still flowed to the ground.

How could he know that she can’t eat spicy food?

Looking at these hot Sichuan dishes, she didn’t eat much. Selina and John could accept them, so she said nothing.

With his clean and long hand, a stack of paper was placed in front of Vivian. John said neither fast nor slow, “Vivi, are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” Vivian looked up and saw that everyone was looking at her. For a while, she was dumb.

Angie looked at William and said with some envy, “I envy you, Vivi. John is so gentle.”

Vivian thought of those words that William forced her to agree on the sofa the day before yesterday. She forced a laugh and didn’t answer Angie. She glanced at the man who was opposite her and found that the corner of his mouth seemed to hook.

But when she wanted to see it carefully, he was still cold and indifferent.

Sure enough, she was in a delusion.

Selina pouted with disdain. This woman overdid her acting. William’s taste was terrible.

“Let’s change to a bigger box.” John suggested. Vivian could not sit there any longer.

“Well, a bigger place would be better.” Grace agreed.

Selina couldn’t understand whether the man’s face was made of bricks. Yesterday she had said it clearly, he could still act as if it didn’t happen today.

So after changing into a big box, the original three people became six people.

Angie gave Vivian a few glances.

Vivian lightly nodded her head, slowed down and walked behind.

Angie was holding Vivian’s hand and said, “Vivi, would you like to go to the toilet with me?”

“Well.” Vivian nodded along her words.

Selina frowned and wanted to follow them. She shook her head slightly and had to give up. Vivian was really like a “Bun”, which was pinched at will by others.

Angie happily pulled Vivian to the toilet.

When they were in the toilet, Angie asked eagerly, “Vivi, did you help me with what I told you?”

“Not yet.” She had promised Angie just for two or three days, without any preparation, so she didn’t ask.

It was Angie who asked for help, but Angie began to complain, “What’s the matter with you? Is it so difficult to make a phone call? I’ve been waiting for several days.”

“I’m sorry…” Vivian drooped her eyes to cover up the embarrassment.

“Well, you’re not to blame. But you had the chance now. You can ask casually later.” The more Angie said, the more excited she looked.

William would certainly not let Vivian be in disgrace, no matter how, William would not be annoyed with herself, Angie thought.

Although there might be some grievances, Vivian was her good friend, she should not blame her for this matter.

Vivian bit her lips and said, “Angie, please give me some more time.”

She really couldn’t ask him in front of so many people.

“Do you still treat me as a friend, Vivi?” Angie suddenly said very seriously.

“Of course.” But just because she was her friend, can she put forward these difficult requests regardless of her feelings?

“Since you treat me as a friend, you shouldn’t refuse to do that. I know that I’m in a hurry, but I really care about William. I can’t lose him.”

Angie grabbed Vivian’s hand and said sadly, “Vivi, you should understand me, right?”

Yes, she understand, but who can understand her difficulties and sorrows? Vivian looked at Angie again, nodded, and said, “OK, I’ll ask for you.”

“I know you won’t refuse me, thank you so much.” Angie cheered happily and held Vivian’s hand and went to the box.

Vivian forced a smile. Did she really want to ask that man?

Thinking of the answer he might answer, her heart began to tighten.

“We’re back.” Angie opened the door with a smile.

“Vivi, come and sit down.” Selina ignored Angie and reached for Vivian and signal her to come.

“Well.” Vivian released Angie’s hand and sat down at the seat.

Looking up, Vivian found that Selina was on her left, and William was on her right, and John sat next to Grace.

Looking at John’s helpless eyes, Vivian couldn’t help but look at her friend beside her. What’s the matter? Why is William next to her?

Selina ignored Vivian’s inquiry as if she couldn’t understand it. Ha-ha, she did it on purpose.