Chapter77 Threatening but not Dangerous

“Nonsense! It has to make a big bet.” Selina looked open, but in fact, she was a little shy.

Vivian nodded, “It’s OK. But I also need to add a condition.”

“Say it.” Selina said casually.

“You can’t fool me.” She naturally didn’t believe that Selina would find a man casually.

Judging from the fact that she hadn’t been in love for eight years, Vivian knew that she hadn’t forgotten Grace.

Selina pondered for a few seconds, and nodded, “No problem.”

Words had been said, but she still felt a little regret. A bow wouldn’t turn back. After all it was just a hymen, she thought.

They had enough rest and started shopping again.

Roe saw a reading corner. There were many adults and children sitting outside. He couldn’t help but stop at the same place.

Vivian also saw the reading corner. She knew Roe well and took him to the place immediately. “What book do you like to read? We can buy it.”

“Really?” Roe asked happily.

“Well, what do you like? Go and see for yourself.” Vivian let Roe choose by himself. There were several rows of low bookshelves in the reading corner, all of which were children’s favorite books.

“Awesome.” Roe rushed to the bookshelf.

Vivian sat in the chair with Selina and waited. She took a look at Roe from time to time to ensure that he was within the range of vision she could see.

A tall figure appeared next to Selina. And he smiled at them with a charming smile, “Honey! And Vivi! It’s a coincidence to meet you here.” They subconsciously wanted to have a look at Roe, but they held back.

Vivian was the most nervous. She didn’t expect that they could meet Grace here. She secretly looked around to see if there were any others.

Fortunately, William was not here.

“Vivi, what are you looking for?” Grace raised his eyebrows and asked. They were acting strangely. They seemed to be afraid of something. His keen eyes were ready to look around.

Selina yelled at the man beside her, “Why are you here? And do not call me Honey.”

As expected, Grace was stunned for a while and then showed a handsome smile, “Honey, It must be fate. I meet you as soon as I come here.”

Selina glanced at him, “Get out of here.”

Vivian was sitting uneasily. She wanted to find Roe and was worried that it would be discovered by Grace. She was also afraid that Roe will select a book and came to her.

Either were not the situation she wanted to see.

“Vivi, you are so nervous. What can I do for you?” Grace’s eyes were extraordinarily attentive and keen.

Vivian’s eyes went deep, “I don’t need your help, but I think you need help.”

She pointed at Selina, who was already on the edge of anger.

According to Vivian, Selina stood up and blocked Grace’s exploration by the way, “How dare you to appear here again?”

“Honey…” Before Grace had finished his words, her fist was coming to him. If he hadn’t reacted quickly, he would have gone out with ‘a panda’s eye’.

“Say it again, huh?” Selina punched very fast.

Actually, it was easy for Grace to block it without making any effort.

“Honey, it’s not your style. I’m just curious about what makes you so nervous.” Grace caught Selina’s fist, held it, looked at her with a smile, and said, “could you tell me, Vivi?”

Vivian’s heart was thumping for a while. Unexpectedly, Grace would be so difficult to deal with. He was so sensitive.

“I guess you get a beating and she’ll tell you.” She could only pretend that she knew nothing, only hoped that Selina could get him away as soon as possible.

Selina suddenly took her hand out of Grace’s palm. She glared at him fiercely, said to Vivian, and walked away.

“Selina, I’m not in the mood today. Let’s go shopping next time.”

Vivian looked at the man who was still sitting in the original place and asked, “Don’t you go after her? She had been waiting for eight years. You should understand, Grace.”

Grace sighed and said, “Vivi, see you next time.”

And then he got up and chased after her.

When Vivian saw that both of them had gone and breathed heavily, she was so scared that Roe was almost discovered.

“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” Roe held two books in her arms and looked at Vivian, who was breathing heavily.

Vivian took a breath and said with a smile, “I’m OK. Have you finished choosing the book?”

“Yes.” Roe replied with a smile but soon was puzzled, “where’s auntie?”

“Auntie has gone back in advance. I’ll take you to pay for it, and we will go to buy some food. How about eating your favorite braised prawns tonight?” Vivian intentionally changed the subject.

Hearing ‘braised prawns’, Roe didn’t care about why auntie left anymore.

Vivian took Roe back to Selina’s apartment threateningly but without any danger. Her key was also given by Selina when Roe comes back. It was convenient for her to go in and out.

When she made a table of dishes, Selina hadn’t coming back. She wanted to make a phone call and ask. Then she thought that Grace was still there and gave up the plan.

“Roe, wash your hands before having dinner.”

“Ok.” Roe ran to the bathroom, stepped on a small stool to wash his hands, and did not forget to wipe his hands with his little towel.

Vivian also unbuttoned her apron and wanted to hold Roe in the chair.

Roe shook his head and said, “Mom, I can sit on my own.”

Vivian was stunned for a moment and nodded with a smile. Unexpectedly, Roe had such good hands-on ability.

But looking at Roe twisting his little ass to climb the stool, she thought it was still difficult for him to do that.

In the end, Vivian still held up his little butts to help him sit on.

Roe’s face was blushing. His face was like a pink peach.

Looking at it, she just want to rub it. It was just that Vivian was peeling the shrimp on her hand, which dispelled the idea of destroying his face with her spicy hands.