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Eye Turn Off

Chapter77 Do as I say

She spoke in great detail, but the point was that the truth was quite different!

Jessica explained as kindly as possible, “You may have read the script too quickly and not read it carefully. I haven’t been with your husband at this time. Now, the point is that your marital conflict is getting hotter…”

“No, no, no, I’m absolutely right!” Stella shook her head impatiently. “Just do as I say!”

After years of acting, was she no better than a young first-time actress? Did she need someone who had only done one play to teach her how to act? It was hilarious!

Alan frowned and said gently, “Stella, you just read the script for a short time. You may have misread a certain paragraph. You can read the script again now.”

Jessica smiled gratefully at him.

“No, just do as you say.” Stella rolled her eyes upwards, who didn’t want to argue with them about such obvious things.

She said so, but when she played opposite Jessica again, she added two lines which basically meant she had evidence that Jessica seduced her husband but he still liked her.

Jessica was disgusted by her behavior, but she was here because of Ryan and it was not good to contradict an senior actress again and again, so she kept silent.

But Alan, known for his dedication to work, could not tolerate such mistakes. “Stop now. Stella, if you add these two lines, the whole script will go in the wrong direction.”

In the script, the wife was the first wife, but her suspicion and stubbornness drove her husband away. The husband couldn’t express his suffering, so he cheated on her, but volunteered to leave the house with nothing. The young woman was told that he had concealed the fact of marriage after she fell in love with her husband. She was ready to leave, but the husband had already decided to divorce.

Each of them had right and wrong, which made the audience think.

But after Stella changed the lines, Jessica directly became the mistress who seduced other people’s husband and the husband had also become a two-timing philanderer. Only she, the first wife, was the real victim.

When the play was performed, the audience could only scold Jessica and Alan and sympathize with her as a wife. But it was difficult to arouse the audience to think, which lost the scriptwriter’s original intention.

Jessica thought Alan was right and nodded in agreement.

Jessica thought even if Stella was not satisfied, she would restrain her temper because of Alan. However, she just slammed the script on the table and stood up.

“The script is illogical. I added two lines just to make it more natural. How could it change the direction of the whole script?”

She stamped her foot at each word when she said the last few words, who looked very emotional.

She felt very unkindly that when Stella was stamping her foot now, she was especially like a donkey kicking on the ground. And if who shouted “Go!”, it could run out of sight.

Alan sat on the sofa looking very bad, but he managed to restrain his anger. “Stella, you are an experienced actress. You should know that sometimes a word or two can change a story.”

“Just because I am an experienced actress, so I can conclude that there is something wrong with Jessica’s performance! My character is better with those two lines!!” Stella’s voice was a little shrill because of excessive raising.

Anyway, this was because Jessica, and she was afraid that it would get worse, so she stood up hurriedly and persuaded her. “Please don’t argue. Maybe there’s something wrong with my performance. Mrs. Stella, please sit down first, and we will discuss it.”

Smiling, she lifted the chair and put it behind Stella.

But Stella did not sit down and kicked the chair away. “Don’t say maybe, it was definitely something wrong with your performance. How can you play the role when you can’t even read the script?”

She was so mean. Clara couldn’t stand it and wanted to come over. Jessica stopped her hurriedly with her eyes and told her not to come.

Jessica could imagine how those netizens would scold her if Clara who was her assistant scolded Stella.

She didn’t want to be in disfavour before she became popular.

“Sorry Stella, it’s my fault. I didn’t read the script carefully. Please cool down.” Jessica said.

The three of them were both competitors and partners. If the play was not good, all of them would be scolded together.

Stella gave a snort but didn’t answer. She just looked at Alan who was sitting on the sofa.

“I’m sorry. I used hard words. I apologize.” The veins appeared on Alan’s forehead, but he still said softly, “Stella, please cool down and let’s discuss the script carefully again.”

Jessica admired him for being so gentle. If she were in the same position as him in the circle, she would never compromise with Stella.

“Sorry, Stella, I apologize.” Alan said again.

Stella gave a snort, “It’s no use for you to apologize now. I’m in a bad mood. I can’t act now. There are two more days, so we can rehearse again tomorrow.”

Then she led a group of assistants to leave.

“Alan, why don’t we have a rest today?” She could tell that Alan was angry, so Jessica suggested.

But he shook his head and refused. He went through their parts several times and patiently gave her a lot of advice. He didn’t leave until seven o’clock in the evening.

Jessica’s acting was ok among the new actors, but she wasn’t good enough comparing with the veteran actors, so she stayed to study the script.

“Jessica, you have a visitor.” The staff member said with an ambiguous face.

“Who?” Was it her brother or Jeffrey?

Jessica stood up with the script. When she turned her head, she saw Alex holding a big bunch of red roses. Red rose, handsome boy, it looked beautiful and romantic, but she felt like she had eaten a green fly.

“Flowers go with beauty.” Alex walked up to her with a smile and handed the roses to her hand. She did not know whether the flowers were sent by other woman, or he took them back after he sent to other woman…

She really didn’t want it!

Jessica resisted in mind, but when she looked at the cameras aiming at them, she gritted her teeth and took them. “… thank you.”

If she had known, she would have left earlier!

“We have such a close relationship that you don’t need to say thank you.” He knew that she did not dare to refuse in front of the camera. Alex was complacent. He said very ambiguous, stretched his arms and wanted to embrace her.

With a deft bow, Jessica slipped under his arm.

“We just shot a few scenes together, and you came to visit me, which really surprised me.” Hell, who had a close relationship with him? Ah bah!

Alex didn’t embrace her, so his face became gloomy.