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Eye Turn Off

Chapter74 Each Word a Gem

“I’ve told you to stay away from that man.”

In the dark and closed room, William’s low and deep voice seemed to be a chill that spread from Vivian’s back to her whole body.

Every cell in her body was frozen.

“I just promised you to turn down his proposal.”

“Is there a difference?” William’s hot breath sprayed on her face. He had said it clearly.

Vivian turned her head and didn’t want to look at him. In fact, she couldn’t see anything except the moonlight outside the window. But the more she couldn’t see clearly, the more she felt nervous.

“That’s all? You can go.”

She couldn’t understand why, for three years, he had been very indifferent to her communication with others, and suddenly began to care about it when she wanted to leave him.

Of course, she didn’t feel that he cared about her. Maybe just that money made him angry.

“Vivian, you fall in love with him.” William didn’t let go, but his voice was very low.

Vivian clenched her hand and answered, “There’s nothing wrong with him.”

She also asked herself in her heart, what’s wrong with a man as soft and soft as jade?

He never put pressure on her. No matter what she did wrong, he never got angry and even found an excuse for her.

But why does that still beating heart still have to struggle for the man in front of him?

Vivian, you are a useless fellow.

“Vulgar.” He said out a word.

He was worried about her body and waited for her until now. When did he become so indecisive?

Slowly, William released his grip on Vivian and stepped back. The tall figure stood upright and became colder in the moonlight.

Vivian suddenly felt pain in her heart, but each word she uttered was like a gem.

“I’m vulgar, so what about you? It’s just a matter of making love. Did you feel that you still want to do it again? Unfortunately, I’m not in the mood today.”

Vivian could feel the air around her became cold in a moment.

She told herself not to flinch, not to be afraid, but her hands unconsciously touched the wall behind her.

William’s tight handsome face was covered with a layer of cold ice, and the fierce anger rolled in his dark eyes, as if he would like to devour the woman in front of him. “Vivian, do you dare to say it again.”

“Are you deaf, lawyer?” Vivian said to William word by word with all her strength, “I say, I, am, not, interested, in, you.”

The next second, reality told her that not to rile a man on the edge of rage at will.

Vivian was thrown on the soft sofa, and her body bounced twice. She couldn’t help raising the volume, “What are you doing, William?”

“Huh, didn’t you call me ‘lawyer’?” The man had walked towards her and pushed her weak body to the edge.

Vivian hung in the air and looked at him.

This time, she could see how terrible the storm was in the men’s eyes with the dim moonlight.

“William, stay away from me.”

Vivian suddenly found herself stupid to provoke him.

“Vivian, you are afraid.” The angry man was more and more elusive, even his voice was damned pleasant and provocative.

Her two hands held the armrest of the sofa and didn’t let herself fall down. She stared at him stubbornly.

“I’m afraid of nothing. And it’s against the law for you to break into someone’s room.”

William casually pulled the tie on his chest, revealing his explosive wheat skin. If his eyes were not cold and deep, who would think he was a lawyer.

He said slowly, “Yeah, you also know the law, keep going.”

Vivian unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at him warily, “It’s not good for a lawyer to violate the law if he knows the law. According to the law you shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of no more than three years.”

“Go on.” William pulled the tie down, he thought the suit was in the way, so he took it off and threw it aside.

Vivian watched William take off his clothes one by one, and the only white shirt left showed his perfect body shape.

Her eyes couldn’t help but enlarge. Why does this guy take off his clothes?

Does he think he’s showing uniform temptation??

“I want to say nothing. William, you need to understand that if you leave now, I can let go.” Vivian just took her eyes away from him, but her white face blushed uncontrollably.

William seemed to notice the unnaturalness on Vivian’s face. There was a glimmer of smile on his face, which lasted just a few seconds and made people think it’s just an illusion.

At the moment, Vivian was too nervous to pay attention to him.

“Now that you’ve said that and we can take some actual action or I’ll sorry for your kindness.”

“What do you mean, William?” His word made her very jumpy.

This time, William didn’t answer again, but told her what he was going to do with action.

Vivian was looking at her hands tied with William’s tie to her chest. His actions were accomplished with one breath without any drag.

She couldn’t move when she realized.

“William, let go of me!” She was so careless.

Vivian would never admit that she had fallen into his ‘sex-trap’ because she was slow to react.

Now she felt like a lamb to be slaughtered, and William was the butcher with a butcher’s knife.

William said in a calm voice, “Aren’t you unbending, huh?”

“You’re kidnapping. Do you want to go to jail? You’ll lose your job.” Vivian kept searching for words that could persuade William, but the more anxious she was, the less she could calm down.

That was the only thing she could thought of.

Vivian could no longer keep calm, “William, you bastard, what do you want?”

William’s tall figure came over, and his deep and melodious voice lingered against her ear. He said clearly and slowly, “Fuck you.”

Vivian was going crazy.

The ascetic man, who had always been so cold and inviolable, even uttered these lustful words. Her shock was as unacceptable as a comet hitting the earth.

No, no, William must have been robbed. It’s all an illusion.

Yeah, it’s all hallucinations.

Vivian closed her eyes and told herself to wake up from the nightmare.

Just a few seconds after she closed her eyes, her body suddenly cooled.

“William, you are crazy.” Vivian felt that she was trembling.

William showed a very puzzling look. His obsidian pupils seemed to swallow her.