Chapter73 Mr. Howard doesn’t want you anymore

Knock knock! Knock!

She patiently tapped at the window several times.

Who knew that the window had just been lowered, and before she had no time to speak, the person inside would be the first to complain. “Jessica, please be self-dignified. Or we will sue you for invasion of privacy.”

The speaker’s words were polite, but it was not difficult to feel the contempt and disgust.

Jessica, “???”

She froze for a moment, and then realized that the people inside misunderstood her. She explained hurriedly, “I did not follow you, so please don’t block me in front, thank you.”

The road condition here was not the same as in front of her house. There were so many cars here that it was impossible to keep up with her father after ten minutes.

Jessica was about to leave after she finished, but the rear door suddenly opened, blocking her way. She said impatiently, “I didn’t follow you …”

“Do you think I’ll believe you when you say that?” A familiar, sharp female voice interrupted her.

When Jessica looked inside, she found that it was Amy sitting inside in rich dress. She did not know why, but just glanced around the car subconsciously. And she just relieved when she did not see her brother.

When Amy saw that she looked down on her, she was very dissatisfied. “Jessica, Mr. Howard doesn’t want you anymore, that’s because you have no charm. Even if you had followed me, met Mr. Howard and stuck with him, he wouldn’t have looked at you twice.”

She looked at Jessica, jealous and angry.

Mr. Howard had been with Jessica the whole dinner that evening, and had not spoken a word to her. Those people in the crew perhaps laughed at her this real girlfriend in mind!

Jessica had something to do, and had no intention to entangle with her. “I told you I wasn’t stalking you. Don’t be so narcissistic!”

She turned her head toward Amy and curled her lip. In the latter’s exasperated eyes, she shrugged her shoulders and went back to her car.

Amy’s face looked bad. She wanted to get off and argued with Jessica but she was stopped by the agent. “If we don’t go, the traffic police will come. You are a public figure, watch your influence!”

There were a lot of cars honking behind.

Amy could only sit back and hold back her anger. “So I let her follow me? I never saw a real girlfriend so aggrieved!”

Hearing this, the agent frowned. “Amy, you have to know your place. Mr. Howard just let you play his girlfriend, not let you really be his girlfriend.”

She should now changed the title into substantial material interests as soon as possible in the name of Mr. Howard’s girlfriend. And she should not run the risk of provoking Mr. Howard, meddling and stirring up trouble.

Amy was not satisfied with what he said. “That’s true. But Mr. Howard hasn’t even had a gossip girl for so many years. He suddenly let me be his nominal girlfriend. He must be interested in me. Otherwise, why didn’t he pick someone else?”

She must be a special one to Mr. Howard!

The agent still wanted to continue, but Amy frowned and said first, “Enough said. I have my own way. Don’t mind me.”

Mr. Howard was always so attentive to the little paparazzi, so she had to solve it early!

When the agent heard that, he sighed heavily.

If she wasn’t the only one whose career had improvement among his staff, he really didn’t want to take her with his whole heart. He had to find another promising star as soon as possible.

Jessica tried to find her father for a while, but it was not easy to find a car among the vast cars and intersections.

The neon lights dazzled her.

She patted on the head, turned the car around and headed straight for the headquarters of the Howard Group.

If something went wrong in the business, dad should go to the company.

But when Jessica arrived in the company, she was told that her father was not there. And he just called and said he wouldn’t be there for a week. If there was anything, they should leave it all to Ryan.

“Anything happened in the company?” She asked.

The assistant answered, “No, business as usual.”

It didn’t look like a lie.

After thanking her, Jessica left the office in disbelief and drove home, but her father didn’t come home.

On the contrary, the mother was still sitting in the living room. When she came back, the mother came up to her at once. “Well, Jessie, did you find your father?”

“Yes.” Jessica lied because she was afraid that her mother would worry about it. “Dad, dad said there was something urgent to deal with abroad and he had to go on a business trip for a week.”

The mother said, “What kind of urgent thing needs to be dealt with at midnight?”

“Ryan has gone abroad, too. Maybe they are dealing with the same thing.” Jessica was too ashamed to look at her.

But today she was out of luck. She even had a bad luck.

The mother did not suspect her, but Ryan came in just after she finished. He kept a tight, handsome face. After he came in, he glanced at Jessica and walked upstairs in silence.

Jessica told a lie and was caught red handed. Her face was burning.

Well…how did she explain to mom later?

“Ryan,” The mother stopped Ryan and said in confusion, “Jessie said you and your father went abroad to deal with an urgent matter. Why did you come back?”

Every time she said a word, Jessica ‘s heart thumped.

By the time she finished, her heart was pounding like a drum.

Ryan did not answer immediately, but looked at Jessica.

Jessica forced herself to forget the awkwardness between them and winked at him.

“I didn’t have a good talk with J.K about the cooperation project last time. I was supposed to deal with it, but dad thought I was working too hard. He took over and went instead of me.” Ryan withdrew his eyes and said to his mother.

“I see. You’ve been really tired these past few years. You haven’t had much time off, so if your father says so, you can take advantage of it to have a good rest.”


Finally she muddled through. Jessica wiped the cold sweat which was because of nervousness. However,she just relieved when she heard her brother call her. “Jessie, come with me.”

“…what?” Jessica froze.

One side, the mother said thoughtfully, “Your brother call you. Go quickly.”

Jessica’s heart was in her mouth again. She followed Ryan with trepidation. He had long legs and would slow down to take care of her usually.

But today he didn’t, so she had to trot to keep up with him. She was still guessing in mind.

Why did her brother call her?

He was not going to criticize her because of Amy’s complaint, was he?

Jessica regretted that she shouldn’t be so strong-willed in front of Amy.

Their rooms were on the second floor.

Jessica had something in her mind, so she trotted with her head down, not noticing that he had stopped and almost bumped into him.

“You’re not watching where you’re going?” Ryan looked down at her hairy little head and reached out his hand, but when he almost touched her, he withdrew it.

Jessica covered her head, took a few steps back, and said in a small voice. “I was just thinking. I usually walk and watch…”

“Steps.” Ryan looked behind her, frowned, and pulled her into his arms. “are you stupid?”

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