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Eye Turn Off

Chapter71 A Picture of a Child

“Sir, I have carefully checked these shoes. There is no problem with the last pair. I…” Eileen was annoyed in her heart but she pretended to be very anxious.

“Eileen, you don’t need to explain. I understand.” Tom waved to Eileen to be calm. When he turned to Vivian, his eyes immediately became sharp.

“You ought to deal with the things that happen to you as a store manager. Now it have such a bad influence in our store. Shouldn’t you reflect on it?”

Vivian was sullen. Tom obviously didn’t give her the chance to explain it and blamed her for it directly. Today, if the matter couldn’t be solved, she would take the blame for the faults of her.

“Then what should we do, Sir?”

“Vivian, I know you have done so much for our store. Go back to rest for a while. I’ll report the situation to the leaders and wait for their decision. And Eileen will take over your work for duties these days.” Tom was so ‘reasonable’.

Eileen looked at Tom at a loss and asked carefully, “This is not good, Tom.”

In fact, she was so happy to hear his words. She didn’t waste her time selling her body to get this opportunity. As long as Vivian went back, she had the right to administrate the affairs.

“You are the Deputy Store manager. The store manager has a rest. There is nothing inappropriate for you to maintain the operation of the store.” Tom looked at Vivian, who was calm, and asked cunningly, “Do you have any problem, manager?”

“No.” Now that things had come to such a pass, even if she argued, they would find a new reason to deal with her.

She had just worried about not having time to spend with Roe. It’s nothing serious to quit her job. Her major is not business administration. It just caused a little influence on her.

“Manager…” Komastu and other employees who got along well with Vivian was reluctant to watch her leaving.

Vivian smiled at them and said, “I’m ok, just let me go back to have a rest and then I’ll come back.”

They knew what her leaving meant, and they were not saying anything.

As for the woman, she seemed to have changed suddenly. Eileen sent her away in several words.

After sending the woman away, Eileen saw Vivian approaching slowly holding a paper box, she deliberately lowered her voice and said in smug satisfaction, “Do you really think that you can win? Dream on!”

“I hope your store manager can be a long-term success.” Vivian didn’t care about it and left a word, and kept walking away.

Eileen looked at the back of Vivian resentfully. Even if she had won, the resentment still cannot be subsided. Why? Why can Vivian be so calm? Won’t she be unwilling even if her work was taken away by her?

What a hypocritical woman!

Vivian looked up at the dazzling sunshine in the sky and slowly accepted the fact that she had been suspended indefinitely.

It was not appropriate to go back so early. Go back and put the things down first.

A familiar figure came up. “Vivi, you get off so early today.”

“John.” Vivian stopped.

“Vivi, you are…” John was going to find Vivian, but he suddenly got busy and managed to finish the business. He wanted to take her off work and apologize. He didn’t expect to see her come out with a box in her hand.

“It’s just suspension. It’s not a big deal.” Vivian said with a relaxed face.

John reached out to take her box. He knew that she was unwilling to say it, so he didn’t ask about that, “It’s OK to suspend. You can relax these days. You didn’t have a good rest yesterday, did you?”

Speaking of yesterday, Vivian’s face was a bit embarrassed. Drinking was really a mistake. She couldn’t trust Selina anymore, Vivian thought.

“I went out with my friends late yesterday, so I didn’t have a good rest.” Vivian looked at John, who knew nothing about yesterday, and felt guilty.

William and I have not completely broken off, while I agree to stay with John. I’m a bad woman, right?

“What are you thinking? Why don’t you speak suddenly?” John looked at Vivian and asked.

Vivian suddenly came to her mind and said smilingly, “No. Nothing. Maybe it’s too hot. I’m in a trance.”

“Vivi, let’s celebrate the ‘liberation’.” John pointed to the box in her hand.

It is liberation! Vivian nodded, “Well, it’s better to be obedient than to be polite.”

Vivian’s phone suddenly rang, and she said apologetically, “Just wait a minute.”

“Ok.” John nodded.

Vivian looked at the caller ID and answered the phone directly, “Angie, what’s up?”

“Vivi, where have you been these days? I can’t find you. Come out quickly. I have something to do with you.” Angie’s soft complaint came from the phone.

Vivian glanced at the man beside her, who was as warm as jade, and said to the person on the phone, “I’m sorry, Angie, I’m afraid I can’t go out with you now. I’ll call you back later, OK?”

Angie said pitifully, “Oh no! Am I still your best friend? I’m so sad.”

John saw Vivian was in a quandary. He had heard Angie’s voice just after she got on the phone. He knew that Angie was looking for Vivi again.

“Vivi, you go first. Call me later and I’ll pick you up.”

Vivian knew that John said it on purpose. Angie was urging her all the time, so she had no choice but to promise, “I know. I’ll go to you now.”

“Vivi, I know you’re the best. I’ll wait for you in the cafe.”

“Ok.” Vivian hung up and didn’t know how to explain to John.

“You don’t have to explain. It’s OK. Go quickly. Don’t let her wait, or she will urge you again.” John still understood Angie’s temper.

If she went there too late, Angie would not be happy. “I’ll go first.”

“Shall I take you there?” John didn’t want to miss any chance to get along with her.

“No need, it’s very close. I’ll take a taxi.” Vivian was embarrassed to let John give her a ride.

“Vivi, your box.” John was about to remind her when the car had left, and he shook his head in a spoiled way. It’s the same when he gave it to her later.

When John put the box in the back case, one of the photos in the box came out accidentally. After hesitating for a few seconds, he reached for it.

What fell out was a picture of a full moon child, with a pair of curious big eyes on his tender face and bubbles in his mouth. He looked very cute.

How could Vivi have a picture of a child…