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Eye Turn Off

Chapter67 Go Crazy

William raised his pretty eyebrow and said lightly, “Vivian, you’ve changed.”

“What?” Vivian was stunned for a moment and looked at him in wonder.

William took a meaningful look at her, and he took off the quilt in front of her and got out of bed.

Vivian screamed again, and covered her eyes with two hands quickly. Oh! Why didn’t she know that William has a habit of exposure?

And what has she changed? How does she change? Isn’t she the same?

Why did William say these inexplicable words? He is more and more elusive.

The sound of wearing clothes came in to her ears, and Vivian unconsciously expanded the slit of her hand a little.

In any case, William’s figure was perfect. He was more than 1.8-meter tall and wore a suit. He exuded the charm of a successful man.

This was an impeccable, yet cold and offish side face.

“It’s enough.” William suddenly turned around and said.

“I didn’t see anything.” Vivian held the quilt and turned around, but the blush on her face betrayed her.

“I have a meeting at 10 o’clock. Can you go back by yourself?”

“No problem. You can go.” Vivian waved to him constantly, hoping that William would disappear immediately.

If Vivian looked back at the moment, she would find that there was a glimmer of smile on the corner of his mouth.

The bedroom door was closed with a click.

The house was quiet again.

Vivian faintly slept on the bed, and the man’s clear smell encircled her from all directions. She also had no intention to think aimlessly.

How could this happen? She really slept with William all night.

And it was so “fierce” that she felt shameless.

She’s going crazy.

All of a sudden, her phone rang on the ground. Vivian closed her eyes and wanted to ignored it, but the sound on the ground seemed to stick to it.

So, she had to stretch out to pick up the bag on the ground with her tired body, and turned out her mobile phone, “Hello…”

Hearing her weak voice, the person over the phone paused for a second, saying in a sly voice, “Vivi, did you sleep with William yesterday? Well, how do you feel? ”

“Selina, what have you promised yesterday?” Asked Vivian, almost roared.

Selina coughed a few times, “Hey! Don’t slander me like that! You are willing. I can’t help it.”

“How could it be? Didn’t you promise that you won’t let me get drunk? William almost knew about it.” She still had a lingering fear. William didn’t go into it, which was a lucky thing for her.

Otherwise, it would be over.

“I knew you’d blame me. I’ll show you a video later.” Selina was still gloating. She was really prescient, or she would not have been able to right the wrong for herself.

“What video?” Asked Vivian.

“You’ll know when you get here. By the way, you’ve forgotten something important.” Selina reminded her kindly.

“I’m going to pick up Roe today!” How could she almost forget such an important thing? It’s William’s fault! That scheming fox! There was only paste in her brain.

Selina snorted, “Just remember, go to your house.”

Vivian glanced at the rags on the ground, and after a few seconds of silence, she hesitated and said, “Selina, can you bring me a dress…”

“What? I didn’t hear you clearly. Speak up.”

“I said bring me a dress, and I will send the address to your mobile phone.” After that, Vivian directly pressed the hang up key.

However, before hanging up, she could hear the woman’s laughter faintly.

What a shame!

Selina got there in half an hour and knocked several times.

Vivian, wearing William’s shirt, ran out to open the door, reached out and pulled her in directly, and quickly closed the door.

“What about the clothes? Have you brought them?”

“Of course.” Selina shook the bag in her hand, looked up at Vivian’s appearance at the moment. She said, “You look different.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Vivian’s face turned red. She grabbed the bag and ran back to the bedroom to change clothes.

Ten minutes later, Vivian walked out of the bedroom and saw Selina sitting on the sofa and looking at the furnishings.

“Although William is an asshole, he has a good taste and chooses a good house.” she commented.

“Let’s go. Let’s go back first. I’ll pay you for your clothes later.” When Vivian came out, she cleaned the bedroom by the way.

Selina gave Vivian a sly look, “You were so fervent yesterday that even your clothes were broken.”

“Don’t talk about it. It was hooked. Don’t you have a video to show me?” Vivian changed the subject without changing her countenance.

Selina smiled more mysteriously, “Well, since you say so.”

When Vivian heard the voice in the video, she was about to kill herself, and she would even be coquettish against William.

Why would she hold William and sit on his leg and wriggle around? She’s dying.

It was just her voice.

“Give it to me.” Vivian rushed to grab Selina’s mobile phone. She must destroy it.

“Ha-ha, this is the thing that proves my innocence. I won’t give it to you.” When Vivian reached out to get the phone, Selina dodged nimbly and shook the evidence in her hand proudly.

Now if there was thundering down, Vivian was sure to head over, “Selina, our friendship is so shallow.”

“Yeah, the ship of friendship sinks easily.”


“If you want to destroy it, promise me one thing.” She’s also reasonable and fair.

Vivian saw hope, and asked, “What is it?”

“Remember and I’ll let you know next time.” Selina thought for a moment and said.

“No problem.” Vivian agreed with her, and after watching the video deleted by Selina, she was relieved. It’s really careless of her to make friends like her.

They were sitting in the car. Vivian thought of an important detail that she had almost forgotten, “Selina, how can we meet William when we are drunk?”

Selina’s face suddenly turned bad, and her tone became gloomy, “William and Grace are together.”

“Is Grace back? How could he know William? ” Vivian asked.

Selina didn’t know what she thought of. She said angrily, “I don’t know, but he’s done.”

“Selina, did you leave yesterday with Grace? And then you left me to William.” If it was so, it’s no wonder that she would be left behind by Selina.

“No. He’s so shameless and he dare to… Forget it! Forget that annoying guy. ” She stopped in the middle of her sentence, she felt that it was not appropriate to say it again.

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