Chapter66 How much are you for one night, handsome guy?

Vivian chuckled like she had succeeded. She put her hands around his neck, “You know, I hate your mock serious manner.”

She looked straight at him with her charming and watery eyes, which were like ripples of autumn water.

William’s heart rippling slightly. He dragged her arm tightly, and said to her with his hoarse voice, “Then how do you like me to treat you?”

“Like this?” The man touched her sensitive back with his hands, and went to the bedroom.

She groaned slightly and leaned on him softly. Her face was red and her eyes were shining. She looked straight at William, and stretched out her hand to stroke his clear face. She groaned again, “How much are you for one night, handsome guy?”

She absolutely had the ability to make him mad. William shoved her against the wall of the bedroom and he gritted, “Do you know who is holding you, Vivian?”

If she dared to say another person’s name, he would definitely make her regret.

“I know, you are Will…” Vivian hadn’t said “William” yet, and her breath had been taken away by him.

William no longer repressed the desire in his heart

Vivian passively bore William’s love like a rabbit without resistance.

The whole night she was turned around by him. What’s worse was that the man seemed to get interested in her and asked her to make several shy postures.

No matter how she begged for mercy, the man wouldn’t let her go. When the endless night was getting a little bright, it was the end of the love-making.

William looked at Vivian, who had already slept. A glimmer of amusement showed on his mouth. He reached out with his long arm and pulled her into his arms, then closed his eyes.

The result of a hangover was a splitting headache.

Vivian’s head was about to explode at the moment. She looked around with confused eyes and blinked.

She hadn’t focused, but she was familiar with the place, she felt like she had been here.

Vivian moved her body and felt a sharp pain. What? Why she feels like being run over by a car? Especially the pain in the lower body was more obvious.

Soon, she seemed to realize what she had gone through and couldn’t help crying out, “Ah–”

But the scream did not come out, she was interrupted by a lazy and low voice of a man beside her directly, “What are you shouting?”

Vivian opened her mouth and pointed at the man beside her. She shivered and asked, “William, why are you here!!!”

What happened? What happened to her last night? Why is this man in her bed?

Selina? Where is Selina? She felt her head was blowing off.

“Vivian, see clearly where you are.” William said in a displeased voice.

Uh? Vivian took a careful look at the surrounding. No wonder she felt familiar. It was the bedroom where she had lived for three years. However, she was still confused, “Why am I here? You… I, uh…”

“Do you have amnesia? Yesterday you were drunk and pestered me till dawn.”

Vivian was so angry.

It was clear that she suffered a lot. Why did he seem embarrassed?

She was just looking at the skirt like rags on the ground and the clothes and pants that had been thrown all over the place, she couldn’t say out “I don’t believe it”.

She began to rethink. Is it true that she was drunk and begged for his love? But she was really drunk.

Didn’t Selina tell her that she won’t get drunk? How she ends it now?

William’s words were just a test. She really forgot what happened yesterday, “Now you know what you have done.”

Vivian turned her eyes to the handsome face of the man, grabbed the quilt and put it on her chest. She still thought that things were not like this.

But she couldn’t remember what happened yesterday. She shouldn’t drink! The next day she would not remember what happened as long as she was drunk.

“Anyway, I fulfill one request.”

“It’s impossible,” he said with a glimmer of expression, “it was you who pestered me yesterday.”

Looking at Vivian’s increasingly curious expression, he paused and said, “Besides, you…”

“What?” Vivian didn’t know how nervous her expression was.

“And you told me you gave me a son.” William deliberately changed what she said yesterday.

“Impossible.” Her face was pale and negated loudly.

William looked at the overreacting woman and said suspiciously, “Vivian, you are so nervous. Do you really have a son?”

“No! Anyway, you will be engaged to Angie.” Vivian didn’t know how jealous her tone was.

It could be determined that William lied to her. So, she had nothing to say. She couldn’t drink any longer.

If William really noticed something, she would collapse.

Vivian didn’t notice that she had pulled his quilts. There was a little left on William’s body. When she realized, her eyes almost popped out.

Although it was not the first time to see his body, every time she saw it, it was a big shock to her. What a great figure!

Eight pack ABS, mermaid line, and thin waist.

And long…long legs?

“William, you are an exhibitionist!!!” The scream of Vivian finally broke through the boundary.

It’s over. She’s going to get a “stye eye”.