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Eye Turn Off

Chapter65 Unbutton Your Shirt

“Yes, I do.”

Vivian was nodding fiercely at William, “I’m…”

“Behave yourself, Vivian.” The man’s low voice seemed to squeeze out from his throat.

He reached out to hold her body, and touched her smooth skin accidently. He suddenly became serious.

Damn it, she came to such a place in such exposed clothes.

Vivian’s big wet eyes, as if they were washed by rain, looked at him and felt wronged, “You are mean to me.”

“Vivian, do you know what you are doing?” At the moment, his low voice became charming and hoarse.

“I know. If you bully me, I’ll bully you.” Vivian leant on William’s ear and said in an intoxicating voice.

William’s arm tightened, his deep dark eyes lit up a dark red, he never knew the woman would be so hot.

Is it because of drinking?

It seemed that she was really drunk.

“Vivian, do you know who I am?”

Vivian was not happy with the man’s question. She reached out her index finger and pointed it on the man’s soft lip. She said unhappily, “Don’t ask me. Do you get rocks in your head?”

The woman who was complacent one second ago had been controlled by the man the next second, and the distance between the two people had gotten the closest.

“When did you become so bold?”

Vivian’s hands were still on William’s shoulders. She looked at the man in front of her with her big and hazy eyes and suddenly smiled, “You are as handsome as my son.”

“Vivian, how dare you say that I am your son?” William asked, gritting his teeth. There was a glimmer of dangerous light in his dark eyes.

Vivian heard the man’s angry voice and touched his head. It was like pacifying an awkward child, “Baby should be obedient and not angry at will.”

William’s face clouded at that time. She thought he was a kindergarten kid, he reached out and carried her up. His low voice seemed to squeeze out from his teeth, “Go back.”

He didn’t want to ‘handle’ the audacious woman here.

“I don’t wanna go back, you will bully me again.” Her soft hands were patting his chest, “I don’t want to see you. Go away…”

William ignored her nonsense, and took her straight out of the box and to the underground parking lot, put her on the seat, and reached out to fasten seat belt for her.

Vivian leaned on the back of the chair faintly, her head seemed to explode, her whole body was hot and uncomfortable as if she had been baked on the fire.

“It’s so hot. Why do you bake me? I’m not delicious.”

William, who had been driving intently, heard her murmur in a low voice. He thought that something was wrong with her. He took a glance at her. Suddenly, the stable car skidded and almost hit the guardrail beside the road.

The drivers behind were unhappy and honked the horn.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Can you drive?”

“What makes you so hurry?”

William couldn’t care anymore, because the woman beside him was pulling his own clothes at random, and he said seriously, “Don’t move.”


William turned on the air conditioning, but he felt hotter and pressed the accelerator more heavily.

The car with excellent performance drove out like greased lightning.

William drove fast enough to reduce the car ride to 15 minutes.

He stopped the car, got out of the car and opened the door for Vivian, and held her up and walked to the elevator.

After getting out of the air-conditioned car, she became hot again, but she was wrapped in her own clothes, which could not be torn down. She stared at the man and said, “The heat is killing me. Asshole.”

“Vivian, do you want to betray me?” William’s deep dark eyes had already boiled like raging sea.

Even William was afraid of the drunk Vivian. She kept pretending that she couldn’t understand.

William snorted and the woman in his arms shook.

The door of the apartment opened and closed, and the air inside the apartment became too hot and dry because of Vivian. She twisted her body and wanted to come down, “Put me down…”

William took a look at her and put her down. His eyes were always her action.

Vivian turned around and crossed over William and wanted to go out, shouting, “This is not my home. I want to go home! Someone abducts children here!”

William pulled her back, “Come back.”

“I don’t want it.” Vivian stubbornly wanted to leave and constantly pushed the man beside her.

“You can’t flirt with me and then go away.” There are no simple things in the world.

Vivian turned back along William’s arm as if she changed her idea, she attached to him and asked coquettishly, “What do you want, baby?”

The name “baby” really shocked William, but he still held her in his arms quietly, “Vivian, don’t pretend to be crazy anymore.”

Suddenly he was unsteady and subconsciously reached out to hold her. There was a glimmer of rare consternation in his cold dark eyes, the cold eyes that had not changed for thousands of years.

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