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Eye Turn Off

Chapter64 Out of Trouble

No one restrained Vivian so she fell back and straight into a broad and strong embrace, “If you are not good at drinking, don’t drink.”

“Who are you? You look like that annoying bastard.” Vivian was looking at his clear and highly recognizable side face on the top of her head with a pair of confused big eyes.

It’s handsome, and cold.

The man looked down at the woman whose face was crimson and naughty in his arms, and he pursed his cold thin lips without reply.

Selina was also surprised to see the man who was holding Vivian. What the fuck? Why William appears here?

“Honey, you are still such a trouble maker.” A hoarse and intoxicating voice, like a gust of wind blowing over the ears of Selina.

Selina was shocked as if she was attacked by lightning, her stiff body could not turn back. Suddenly, there was a mist in her eyes. No, no way.

As if to confirm Selina’s words in her heart, the man opened his mouth again and said slowly with the meaning of doting, “I’m back, Selina.”

–Grace, he’s back.

After a short shock, Selina became cold. She remembered telling Vivi that she would kill and feed the dog when she saw him again.

It fell into a strange atmosphere.

“Boss, they look down on us.”

“Shut up. I know.” The boss looked at the two men in front of him vigilantly. His intuition told him that the two men could not be bothered.

“Boss, what do you think we should do? If we escape, we can’t go on any longer in this area.” A man asked in a low voice.

The boss who wanted to run suddenly stopped. He was also annoyed that he had such a stupid man, but he was right. If he ran, he would lose face.

“Go! The man who can catch these two women today will get 1000 dollars.”

At the sound of money, the timid men began to get excited.

It was just that the enemy was too powerful. They were so useless that all of them were cleaned up.

“You are still so violent, honey.” Grace cleaned up the mess without making any effort.

Selina pretended that she didn’t hear it, and said in a cold voice, “Don’t call me honey.”

He didn’t deserve it.

“To the room,” said William, frowning at the surrounding crowd with Vivian in his arms.

Grace nodded and agreed, turning his head to Selina and said smilingly, “Honey, let’s talk about the old days.”

Selina snorted coldly and ignored the man beside her, and followed William. She couldn’t rest assured to trust that bastard. As for another bastard behind, she would sort him soon or later.

Ordinary people were welcome on the first floor in City Without Night. It was the real sales cave after getting on the upper floor.

The elevator stopped directly on the eighth floor. As soon as the door opened, there was only a corridor covered with red carpet, and there were magnificent boxes on both sides. There was no sound around.

Four people went straight into a box.

Except for Vivian, three of them had their own thoughts. Selina came in and realized that William and Grace actually knew each other. As expected, drinking was a mistake, and her brain was slow.

“Oh, why don’t you answer me? Are you very proud? Hum, I won’t let you get your way.”

Vivian climbed up William like a sloth. Her white tender hands forced William to look at herself and said angrily, “Do you admit your mistake?”

William looked at the flushed woman without expression. He let her put her hands on his face. He said lightly, “You drink too much.”

Looking at the strange scene, Selina didn’t know what to say. She wanted to cover her face and pretend that she didn’t know Vivi, which was really embarrassing.

But looking at William, Selina thought he seemed to care about Vivian.

“Honey, I…” Grace just spoke.

Selina said coldly, “Shut up, I don’t want to hear your voice.”

“You are still angry with me.” Grace chuckled.

“Go away…” This was the voice from Selina’s back teeth.

“Are you coming to show off your engagement at noon? You asshole. Engagement… So what? I’ll get married right away.”

Vivian didn’t know what she was talking about, but she just wanted to say that, and she smiled proudly, “Ha-ha, you don’t know what to do with me.”

The woman in his arms not only talked nonsense, but also put her hands on her waist. When she said she wanted to get married, his deep dark eyes were like thick ink that couldn’t be changed, and he looked straight at her.

“What do you want?” he asked in a low voice.

“I, uh… ” Although Vivian was drunk, she could still feel the danger. Her intuition told her that she couldn’t say that, absolutely, it would be a tragedy if she said it out.

So, she leaned mysteriously against his ear and said, “I won’t tell you.”

Her hot breath was sprayed on his ears, and the soft and charming voice was like a feather which fell into his heart with the crisp and numb feeling.

William’s big hand, which was holding her slender waist, tightened suddenly.

“Hum, you make me angry, and I’ll also make you angry too.” Vivian seemed very happy.

Selina, next to Vivian, who couldn’t watch this anymore, silently took out her mobile phone and started to record. How can she let go of this kind of thing that can make fun of her?

“Honey, it’s not good of you to do that.” Grace said that but his eyes were full of indulgence.

“If you call me honey again, I will kill you and feed the dog.” Selina gave a warning look at the man beside her.

She had to admit that, for eight years, that immature boy had already grown into a towering tree, with unchangeably aggressive eyes. But the more she looked at him the more annoyed she felt.

He’s handsome? This is nothing to speak of. Go to hell!

“Honey.” Grace seemed to be able to step on the pain point of her.

She put down her mobile phone without expression, and moved her fists, and hit Grace’s face without hesitation, “Damn it, I’ll kill you.”

Grace easily avoided Selina’s attack and pulled her into his arms. He said, “You are strong but you missed it.”

“Asshole, let go!” Selina looked at him with an angry glare.

Grace didn’t let her go and said to William, “William, let’s talk about it next time.” William nodded and agreed.

Grace grinned at Selina, who was still in a daze, and carried her directly on his shoulder.

Selina’s reaction was slow, but no matter how she beat Grace, he wouldn’t let her down.

“You asshole! Stop it! I’m gonna kill you!!”

Vivian was still twisting in William’s arms. She didn’t know what kind of a terrible lion she was facing.

“You’re going to be engaged, aren’t you?”

William frowned at the woman in front of him. He never knew that the woman would be so bold when she was drunk. Yesterday, she still stubbornly distinguished herself from him.

Now she asked him why he was engaged.

“Do you know what you are doing, Vivian?”