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Eye Turn Off

Chapter62 Seven Color Rainbow

The deafening noise made people’s eardrum numb, and colorful lights flashed over everyone wantonly, reflecting a hazy and degenerate atmosphere.

Men and women exuded the breath of hormones, bringing the atmosphere to the highest point.

A lot of people had paid attention to them frequently, mostly with bad intentions and some unbridled eyes.

Selina and Vivian pushed away the men who were trying to take advantage of them, and walked straight to the bar. Her small white hands knocked on the bar and signaled the bartender to come.

“Miss, what would you like want to drink?” When the bartender saw the eye-catching woman sitting beside the bar, he couldn’t help being enthusiastic.

Selina held out two fingers and shook them in front of the bartender, “Two cups of Blue Butterfly.”

“No problem, wait a moment.” The bartender said and began to mix wine, which dazzled them a lot.

Vivian got close to her, and pressed her waving dress, “Selina, I don’t drink.”

“Vivi, don’t you drink in the bar? Do you want a glass of boiled water?” Selina patted Vivian on the shoulder and said, “it’s OK. I’m familiar with this place. Besides, you can drink a little. I only ordered cocktails like juice.”

“Are you sure?” Selina felt very unreliable.

“Of course, I’m sure. Your incredulous eyes make me hurt.” She answered Vivian but kept searching the crowd for a figure.

“All right.” Vivian was not very happy, but she was relieved to hear her friend’s promise.

Soon the bartender pushed two glasses of wine with blue light, “Miss, your wine.”

“Thank you.” Selina held her glass, pushed another one to Vivian, raised her glass and said, “cheers.”

Vivian glanced at the light blue liquid in front of her, it sent out a light fruity fragrance, which seemed to tempt her taste buds. She hesitated for a second, then took up the glass and said, “Cheers.”

Selina smiled and drank it all with her head raised. She was the one who had experienced a hundred battles, she didn’t even care about it.

Vivian was not so brave as Selina. She just took a sip and carefully swallowed it. Only when she was sure that it was not a strong liquor could she drink it.

“I said, it’s just a cocktail.” Selina looked at Vivian’s careful appearance and wanted to laugh. She made another gesture to the bartender.

“Give me something new.”

The bartender nodded, “Taste my new Rainbow.”

“No problem.” Selina nodded casually because she had drunk many kinds of wine. The cocktail was a piece of cake for her.

Vivian had no objection either. Sitting here, she would like to vent tonight. Moreover, the alcohol concentration was not high. It was OK for her to drink a few cups.

The bartender sent several cups one after another. The color of each cup was different, just like the rainbow.

Because of the wine, Vivian blushed, and put the glass on the bar hard, angrily said, “What’s there for him to show off?”

It’s just about engagement. There’s nothing for him to show off.

Vivian didn’t know how sad and unhappy she was when she pouted.

“I think so, uh, but who are you talking about?” Although Selina didn’t know who Vivian was talking about, she nodded in agreement.

“I don’t care about it, anyway.” Vivian didn’t answer the question of Selina and said to herself.

In this ambiguous light, the two beautiful women had already attracted those men’s eager hearts.

Soon a man couldn’t help coming forward, put his hands on the shoulders of Vivian and Selina, and said, “Hey, why are you drinking alone? Would you like me to accompany you?”

“Go away.” Vivian and Selina answered in almost the same voice, taking away the man’s hand.

The man who accosted them felt humiliated. He just promised his friends that he would bring these two girls to them, “Hey, what do you mean? Don’t you see that I want to invite you to drink?”

“Vivi, do you hear a fly buzzing somewhere?” Selina pushed Vivian with a smile. She didn’t pay attention to the vicious man beside her at all.

“Is that so? Buzz–” Vivian also made the fly’s voice with her, but her expression and action looked lovely.

“Ha-ha, that’s it. You act well, Vivi.” Selina slapped the table and burst into a guffaw.

The man looked bad, and his face looked like an overturned palette. How dare the damned woman say that he is a fly?

“Don’t you know who I am?”

Vivian looked at Selina, and turned to the man blankly, “You are not a fly, are you a bee?”

“Ha-ha, bees, bees are also annoying.” Selina continued to laugh.

The bartender at the bar could not help worrying the two women in front of him. They might not know who the man in front of them was.

But he knew that this vicious man was a rogue in this area. He had a gang of youths and was not a guy to mess with.

And he forgot a very important thing. His newly developed Rainbow didn’t smell like wine, but it had a strong delayed effect.

Looking at the two beauties, he was wondering if they were drunk.

The man who accosted was enraged by the contempt of Vivian and Selina, and said, “Don’t be disrespectful, follow me, or I’ll be impolite.”

“You are so annoying! Go away!”

Selina became a little annoyed. If the accost was a handsome guy, she would have a drink with him reluctantly.

Vivian’s face turned red, and her eyes blurred. She looked at the man in front of her and kept giggling. She was drunk undoubtedly.

Seeing Selina say to him in such a contemptuous tone, the man immediately became angry and reached out to catch Selina, “You have to go with me.”

When Selina saw that the man wanted to snatch, there was a cold light in her hazy eyes. Before the man could reach out, she grabbed the man’s arm, twisted it and kicked him on his knee.

“Ah! My hand hurts.”

The man was lying on the ground like a turtle, so embarrassed.

Selina also gloated and shouted to Vivian, who was next to her, “See! A big turtle was climbing!”

“Turtle? Where is it? ” Vivian also stretched her neck to see the man lying on the ground, frowned and said, “it’s an old turtle.”

“No, no, it’s a son of a bitch.” Selina corrected her words.

The bartender’s mouth was twitching. The two girls didn’t know they had got into trouble. He’d better contact the security guards.